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If You Contribute to Certain Charities, You Cede Your Freedom to The Looters
Submitted by Sandi on Sun, 2008-12-14 05:18. I have been researching the global Fabian Society agenda, which appears to be strongly promoted under the guise of charity paid out through NZ taxpayer money. In other words to reward those whom they recruit (which the government has done fourfold) and also to control, vet and police those who join. The NZ Fabian Society is a membership-based think-tank, founded by Labour Party members in 2007. It claims to “shape New Zealand politics in a centre-left direction.” According to New Zealand’s International Aid & Development Agency “NZAID's regional programmes focus on themes of regional concern such as education, health, governance and economic growth.” In other words, taxpayer funds are being redirected into politics. Labour’s politics, and Labour’s agenda. It is equally as bad to consider such indoctrination has also been financed into

education, let alone under the guise of charity. In the NZAID Financial Report June 30 - 2008 pdf "NZAID deliberately targets Maori and Pacific groups in the distribution of publications. Their internal recommendation "Lift the limit of two Partnership for Development grants per potential partner, but with greater scrutiny to applications with respect to rationale" (Rationale, good spin for political agenda). Grants from taxpayer funds are subsequently doubled. "all grants are now on a 4:1 basis, including general projects which were previously on a 2:1 basis. This means that for every dollar provided by the New Zealand NGO, (non-governmental organisation), NZAID will provide four dollars." Moving over to the global socialist think tank DEMOS. (notice the repetitious “think-tank) DEMOS international partners include the French Government, the Open Society Institute, the City of Athens, the Government of Italy, the ESRC, Demos Athens, The Education Foundation in Australia, the Victoria Curriculum and Assessment Authority in Australia, the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, the OECD, The British Council in Belgium and Finland, the Canadian High Commission, The Electoral Commission, the Government of New Zealand When I came across this, the first thing that struck me was the fact that most of these countries have a huge amount in common. Namely major rioting in France, Athens, Australia & The Netherlands. The second thing was the placement of the words Electoral Commission in the same sentence as the government of NZ. DEMOS calls itself a “think-tank” and it is closely associated with what many refer to as “Big Brother” or "Common Purpose" as it calls itself. The founder and head of Common Purpose is Julia Middleton. Her book: "Beyond Authority" According to NZAID "Partnership refers to relationships in “which there is a balance that

empowers the groups concerned; and relationships where the partners gain credibility, legitimacy, autonomy, viability, effectiveness, influence and leverage within their respective societies” According to Julie Middleton & Common Purpose "To be able to lead outside your own circle of authority, you have to learn to lead where you haven’t got authority. Learn to build your own legitimacy, to operate outside the outer circles." Demos ran a **conference, in partnership with The British Council on the future of governance. “Governance Futures: Difference histories, common challenges and next generation governance in Europe:” Common Purpose associations are with the "British Council" a so called charity associated with NZAID through joint sponsorship of "Connected Media – “The Outlook for Someday in 2008” Connected media is a (NZ charitable trust) – “Our mission is to promoting sustainability through The Media” The funding partners of The Outlook for Someday in 2008 are the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Youth Development, Te Puni Kokiri and NZ On Air. The project sponsors are The Church Design, The Bodyshop NZ, The British Council and the Sustainable Business Network. The more one searches, the more appalling the results of Labour’s absolute abuse of power and taxpayer money. The immorality is totally disgusting and probably would have been coined so if the ignorant Joe Blog had any idea of what was really going on behind the smoke screens. Rage dissolved into laughter when I came across this wee gem. “NZAID staff all underwent Leadership Management coaching with a company called “ "Thought Partners Limited". Visit their website and I am sure it will come as no surprise when you click on “REAL OUTCOMES” only to find a message that reads "We are busy working on ,creating the content for this page, and will have it updated as soon as we can." Taking a closer look at NZAID and the charities

it is supporting and the band (levels) of contributions available given that each charity must ride strictly on the same bus as the Labour led Fabian/Communist Society if it is to receive any funding. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are members of the Fabian Society, along with Helen Clark’s husband Peter Davis, who is on the Establishment Board of the NZ Fabian Society, along with Phil Twyford - NZLP Policy Council secretary, former head of policy and campaigns for Oxfam International. Oxfam “Liases with the NZ Government, NZAID (New Zealand Agency for International Development) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oxfam New Zealand is affiliated to the Council for International Development (CID), the NZ umbrella group for development and humanitarian agencies.”

Jihad green and the crescent. Not terribly surprising when you have taken the time to check out which charities are standing in line – cap in hand. But very significant when you see the evidence of jihad and socialism, common purpose hand in hand. “CID administers the Travel Fund at the request of NZAID to assist New Zealand NGOs to participate in significant **international development conferences**, meetings or workshops on development.” I guess that would have meant free travel to NZ for those attending the Ministry of Economic Development’s Sharia Investing Concepts and Opportunities conference at the KPMG Centre in Auckland.

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Thank you Duncan
Submitted by Sandi on Wed, 2008-12-17 10:47. That website is fabulous. There is so much useful material posted and their search engine is a corker.

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Bloody good work Sandi.
Submitted by Duncan Bayne on Tue, 2008-12-16 21:07. Bloody good work Sandi. Have you seen Discover the Networks? I've only taken a cursory look at the site but it seems to be something of a goldmine.
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Submitted by Sandi on Mon, 2008-12-15 07:22. No Greg I didn't. It would be very interesting to read what the man has to say.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

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1770 reads Older polls Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell Economics In One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

Submitted by gregster on Sun, 2008-12-14 23:56. There was an article in yesterday's Sunday Star Times by one head of Oxfam. He spoke a load of bollocks about especially climate change. I can't find it on their site. I'll get it when I'm home tonight Sandi. Did you read it?

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Council for International Development Members
Submitted by Sandi on Sun, 2008-12-14 09:44.

CID Member List * ActionLove * ADRA NZ ~ Adventist Development Relief Agency * Altus Resource Trust * Amnesty International NZ* * AMB ~ Anglican Missions Board * ANCOP ~ NZ Charitable Trust * BANZAID ~ Baptist Aotearoa NZ Aid * Bridgebuilders Trust* * The Cambodia Trust * CALM ~ Campaign Against Land Mines * CARITAS ~ Caritas Aotearoa * CBM ~ Christian Blind Mission * ChildFund New Zealand * Connected Media Trust * NZCTU ~ New Zealand Council of Trade Unions * CWS ~ Christian World Service * Development Resource Centre ~ known as Dev-Zone and the Global Education Centre * ECPAT ~ End Child Prostitution Pornography and Trafficking * Family Centre * Family Planning International Development * Fred Hollows Foundation NZ * Future Global Community Development Trust * Global Opportunities Trust * Greenpeace NZ * Guides New Zealand

* Habitat for Humanity NZ* * HETA Trust ~ Hibiscus Coast East Timor Appeal Trust * HIDANZ ~ HOPE International Development Agency of NZ * International Needs * LAC ~ Latin America Committee * Livelihoods International * Mahitahi ~ Catholic overseas volunteers * MAA NZ ~ Medical Aid Abroad New Zealand * Mission Aviation Fellowship of New Zealand * NI ~ New Internationalist * NIU Development * NZADIE ~ NZ Assoc. for Drama in Education * NZ Children's Health and Education Trust * NZ Somali Women Inc * NZCFS ~ NZ/China Friendship Society * NZIR * ~ NZ/Iraqi Relief Charitable Trust * NZ Tamil Medical Association * One Asia Trust * O Le Lafitaga Trust * OXFAM ~ Oxfam NZ * Pacific Co-operation Foundation * PIRM ~ Pacific Institute of Resource Management * Pacific Leprosy Foundation * Pacific Paramedical Training Centre * Pacific Women's Watch (NZ) Inc. * Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association NZ Inc. (PPSEAWA) * Pasefika Mana Social Work * Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand * Poverty, Inequality and Development Research Cluster * Public Health Association of New Zealand * QPSNZ ~ Quaker Peace and Service Association NZ * RedR NZ ~ Register of Engineers for Disaster Relief * RESPONSE Trust * RMS ~ RMS Refugee Resettlement * Rotary New Zealand World Community Service * Rural Women * Save the Children NZ * Shakti Community Council Inc. * Soroptimist International * Surf Aid ~ Surf Aid International * Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation Trust (New Zealand) * TEAR ~ Tear Fund * Te Korowai Aroha Aotearoa * Te Ora Hou * TLMNZ ~ The Leprosy Mission NZ * Toraja Rural Development Society * The Peace Foundation*

* The Salvation Army * The Somali Peoples Trust * The Sudanese Community of Wellington * UMMA Trust * Trade Aid * Transparency International New Zealand Transparency Trust Integrity Awards * UNICEF ~ NZ National Committee * UNIFEM ~ United Nations Development Fund for Women: NZ Committee * UNANZ ~ United Nations Association of NZ * VCLSN ~ Vietnam Cambodia Laos Support Network * Vietnam Health Trust * Vision Pacific Charitable Trust * VSA ~ Volunteer Service Abroad * Wellington Palestine Group * WWF ~ Worldwide Fund for Nature * WVNZ ~ World Vision of NZ * YMCA ~ Young Men’s Christian Associations of NZ * YWCA ~ Young Women’s Christian Association of NZ * ZONTA ~ International District 16

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The Sustainable Business Network. Sponsors
Submitted by Sandi on Sun, 2008-12-14 09:22. The Sustainable Business Network Awards are supported by: Sustainable Business of the Year, sponsored by NZI Trailblazer – Large (and Corporate), sponsored by Toyota Trailblazer – Small and Medium, sponsored by Ministry of Economic Development (the same governmental department which promotes Sharia Law in New Zealand). Trailblazer – Not for Profit, sponsored by Kyocera Emerging – Large (and Corporate), sponsored by Corporate Express Emerging – Small and Medium, sponsored by the Waikato Management School

Sustainable Design and Innovation, sponsored by Beacon Pathway In addition the Ministry for the Environment provided support for sustainable catering; and Wright Communications assisted with pro bono public relations support.

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