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28 Bad words that you

must avoid to say in


TASK 1: If you want you can download this VIDEO for better understanding: or this one with SPONGE BOB saying bad words

Today we will talk about a very complicated and not so usual subject in this activity, but in my opinion this
subject must be discussed and presented to the students (high school) - The Bad Words in English. Those ones
that don´t like to talk about this, my sincere APOLOGISES. However, this subject is very important and relevant
in this globalized world we live in where movies and songs with obscene language use to invade our homes and
consequentely our schools and our classrooms, (unfortunately).

All and any language of the world has its forbiden or bad words, and they are censured when they are spoken on
the streets or in public places. For more and detailed informations about BAD WORDS, You can visit the site
“The Alternative Dictionaries”. This site is na Online Dictionary that have “Bad words, vulgar expressions,
obscenities, etc in several languages around the world. There are four groups of words that are considered “taboo
words” (words that must be avoided in any circunstances):

1. Words related to Christianism (Christ, God, Jesus) or any other religion;

2. Words related to the sexual act (fuck, jerk off, coocksucking) or to the intimacy parts of
the body (dick, cunt, balls, ass, tits);
3. Words related to the physical necessities (shit, piss, crap, fart); and,
4. Words related to etnia, race, nationality of somebody (nigger, jew, polack).

As we can see the worse words are in the three first categories, where we can find the origin of the bad words and
expressions more unacceptable of the English language. It is commom we find them in movies and songs. The
dangerous thing is that you as a student of the English language can find them <cute> , <funny> or so on. Or still
you might believe in the translation of them reading the subtitles and starting to use them as they were “natural”,
commom and normal between the americans and other people.

Remember that it is not because you listen to them or read them in movies and songs that you will start to say
them everywhere you are or repeating them all the time like they were the most normal and commom thing to do
with those words in the world. We give you below a list of the most offensive bad words for every country or for
every native speaker of the English language, have a look:

Bad Words Ranking Bad Words Ranking

1. cunt (o pior de todos; em português equivale a b*c*ta);
2. motherfucker (apesar de ser traduzido por 'filho da p*t*', seu significado vai muito além disto);
3. fuck (acho que este todos devem conhecer);
4. jerk [American English], wanker (usados como xingamentos, em termos mais leves equivale a idiota, embora não seja bem
[British English] isto [acho que kbça de p*k reflete bem o significado de ambos, literalmente significam
5. bitch, whore (ambos significam p*ta, vagabunda, vadia, cadela e seus inúmeros sinônimos);
6. dick, prick, cock (termos usados para o órgão sexual masculino, em português serão os piores palavrões
imáginaveis nesta categoria: p*k, kct, pau, r*la, etc);
7. piss (significa nada mais nada menos do que 'mijar', porém para um educado falante nativo da
língua inglesa, isto é um palavrão e tanto, cuidado! - há uma expressão muito comum em
filmes, piss off, traduzida geralmente por 'saia daqui', 'desapareça', mas pelo fato do termo
'piss' estar aí, ela se torna uma expressão extremamente ofensiva.
8. shit, crap (equivalem a 'm*rda', 'b*sta', 'c*ralh*', em português; já deu pra ver que não é boa idéia
usá-las; evite também o termo 'bullshit' muito comum em filmes)
9. Oh my God, Jesus Christ (apesar de serem bastante comuns, não é uma boa idéia usá-los... Lembre-se que você não
é falante nativo da língua, logo pode meter os pés pelas mãos e se dar muito mal...
Acredite, eu já me vi numa situação terrível por causa do 'Oh, my God'. No lugar destes
use 'Oh, my gosh', 'oh, goodness', 'gee'... Ninguém fará cara feia se você falar esta 3
últimas aí...)
10. fart (refere-se ao pum ou ao ato de soltar puns [rsrsrsrs]; evite-a a todo custo...)

Rank of the worst “bad words” of the English Language

Accordingly with the search made by BBC - British Broadcasting Television - principal Broadcasting TV in
the UK (and why not to say of the world!?) the “Bad words” below are the worse of the English language (at
least for the britains).

This list start with the less offensive and goes to the more offensive ones. Check the words “Jesus Christ” and
God“ are in the list, the position of each one respectively, is the 25ª and the 28ª. Have fun!!

Bad Words BBC Ranking Bad Words BBC Ranking

1. Cunt 17. Shit
2. Motherfucker 18. Dickhead
3. Fuck 19. Pissed off
4. Wanker 20. Arse
5. Nigger 21. Bugger
6. Bastard 22. Balls
7. Prick 23. Jew
8. Bollocks 24. Sodding
9. Arsehole 25. Jesus Christ
10. Paki 26. Crap
11. Shag 27. Bloody
12. Whore 28. God
13. Twat
14. Piss off
15. Spastic
16. Slag