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Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e !

Text 1 for no 1 – 10
A ship was going from Singapore to Jakarta. Near Riau there was a bad storm. The
ship hit a rock. It began to sink.
The captain said to his men, “Climb down the rope. Get into our small boat. I don’t
want to leave my ship. I must stay here.”
The men climbed down the rope. They got into the small boat. The next morning a big
ship came. A passenger saw the men in their small boat. The ship took the men to
In the afternoon a helicopter flew from Jakarta. The pilot saw the ship on the rock. It
was nearly under the water. The pilot let down the rope. The captain climbed up it.
He got into the helicopter and went to Jakarta after this his ship sank.

1. a ship hit a rock near ….

a. Jakarta c. Singapore e. Surabaya
b. Riau d. Palembang

2. The men on this ship wanted to go to ......

a. Jakarta c. Singapore e. Surabaya
b. Riau d. Palembang

3. Where did the ship come from ?

a. Jakarta c. Singapore e. Surabaya
b. Riau d. Palembang
4. The ship hit a rock. Then it sank ……..
a. before it hit a rock c. that day e. this day
b. before the storm d. the next day

5. The captain said to the men, ……..

a. I must get into the small boat with you
b. You must stay on the ship with me
c. The ship can’t sink. We can stay here
d. I must stay here but you must go
e. You must stay here but I must go

6. How did the men get into the small boat ?

a. they climbed up the rope
b. they went down the rope
c. the pilot of the helicopter helped them
d. a passenger on a big ship saw them
e. the small boat came

7. Where did the men go ?

a. Jakarta c. Singapore e. Surabaya
b. Riau d. Palembang

8. Why did the pilot let down the rope ?

a. To help the men in the boat
b. To help the captain
c. He wanted to climbed down
d. A passenger on a big ship told him about the men
e. To help the passengers

9. What does bega n means ?

a. Stars c. Starting e. To start
b. Started d. Start

10. A P asse nger is a man who ……….

a. works on a ship
b. pays money to travel on a ship
c. doesn’t like small ships
d. cleans the ship
e. like to travel with small ship
11.Last week a ship …….. near Palembang.
a. to sink c. sinks e. sinking
b. sink d. sank

12. … you … Tom yesterday morning ?

a. do – see c. can – see e. does – see
b. are – seeing d. did – see

13. The ship …….. London last Monday.

a. reach c. to reach e. reaching
b. reached d. reaches

14. My mother …… angry because my room …… untidy this morning.

a. was – did c. were – was e. is – was
b. was – was d. is – is

15. Tommy : Hello, how are you ?

Deny : ….. and you ?
a. I’m glad to meet you c. It’s very kind of you e. I don’t think so
b. I’m fine, thank you d. It’s nice to see you

16. Tina : Hello, where are you going ?

Ratna : I’m going to see a friend. And you ?
Tina : I’m going to see the painting exhibition
Ratna : Well, have good time.
Tina : Thanks. …….. at school tomorrow.
a. thanks c. don’t forget e. yes, I hope
b. see you d. Happy New Year
17. Andi : Is Tono at home ?
Rino : I don’t know….. Tono is at home.
a. why c. if e. where
b. that d. when

18. Lina : Did he want a dictionary ?

Lita : Yes, that’s ………
a. he wants c. what he wanted e. he wanted
b. he wanted what d. what did he want

19. The following the expressions of leave taking, except ….

a. I’d better go now c. I must be off now e. good night
b. I must go now d. it’s time for me to leave

20. … you … Tom yesterday morning ?

a. do – see c. can – see e. does – see
b. are – seeing d. did – see
Text 2 for number 21 – 30
Cooking Noodles
Empty the noodle into 400 cc or 2 glasses of briskly water and simmer for 3 minutes.
Add flavoring which consist of : seasoning, vegetable oil, and stir gently until
The noodle is ready to serve and suggested for you to wait for 3 minutes before
eating it. This noodle retains its good taste event with vegetable, bean sprints,
chicken, beef, fish, prawn etc. budded to suit your taste.
21. If I want to cook two packs of noodle for my children, how much is the water
suggested for cooking two packs of noodle ?
a. 100 cc c. 400 cc e. 600 cc
b. 200 cc d. 800 cc

22. According to the instruction, noodle should be eaten when it is …….

a. cold c. warm e. boiling
b. hot d. hotter

23. What can give the delicious taste to noodle mainly ?

a. water c. bean sprints e. seasoning
b. vegetable oil d. sugar

24. The noodle is ready to serve ande is suggested you to wait for …. Minutes before
a. 1 c. 3 e. 5
b. 2 d. 4

25. …….and stir gently until dissolved.

What does the underlined word means………
a. lembek c. hanyut e. lenyap
b. larut d. hilang

26. Please …….. the magazines.

a. took c. taken e. taking
b. take d. to take

27.Don’t …. Late, please !

a. are c. is e. be
b. am d. was

28. A : Don’t make a noise, please

B :…………
a. thank. c. you’re welcome e. I’ii do it.
b. why ? d. okey. Don’t worry

text for no.29-33

mira is making scrambled eggs. He is using for eggs and a little milk. First she
puts the eggs and the milk into a saucepan with a little salt and pepper. Then he lights
the gas burner and puts the saucepan on the burner. She stirs the eggs and milk with
a spoon while heating it until it becomes thick. The scrambled eggs are ready to eat,
mira end betty put them on the toast. They use a knife and fork to cut the eggs.

29.what is mira doing ? she is….scramble eggs.

a. cooking c. preparing e. having
b. making d. eating

30.what does she need to make scrambled eggs ?

a. coffee c. margarine e. eggs, milk, salt and paper
b. milk d. sugar

31.what does she light ? she light…..

a. fire c. the gas burner e. matches
b. saucepan d. stove
32.where does he put the eggs and the milk ?
a. on the bottle c. on the plate e. on the pan
b. on the glass d. on the saucepan

33.what does she do with the eggs and the milk ?

a. she light them d. she fries them
b. she cleans them e. she stirs them until it becomes thichk
c. she cuts them

Dialogue for no. 34 - 37

Jack : Hi, John, ……(34)……. ?
John : Hi, Jack. I’m fine thank you.
Jack : How is aunt Vina ?
John : My Mother ? Oh, she is ……(35)……
Jack : …….(36)……..
John : By bike. And you ?
Jack : Me too. Okay John, …….(37)……
John : See you Jack.

34.a. how do you do c. What’s your name e. What are you

b. How are you d. Who are you

35. a. fine too c. a nurse e. thank

b. my mother d. Vina
36.a. Let’s go to school c. let’s go home e. go to school !
b. Do you go home by bike ? d. How do you go home ?

37. a. Good morning c. Good bye e. Good evening

b. Good afternoon d. Good night

38.A : Excuse me. Why did you come here ?

B : I came here …. I wanted to buy a ticket.
a. to c. for e. because of
b. because d. in order to

39.Dr. Sutomo is in the hospital …..

a. to return the magazines c. for some socks
b. to see the headmaster d. to visit his patient
e. to borrow the books

40.Hello, Rudy. Pleased to meet you………?

a. How is Ryan c. How is she e. How are you
b. How do you do d. How does she do