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Election Register / Vol. 6, No.

1 / Friday, March 1st, 2013 / Notice & Regulation

RRRA ELECTIONS OFFICE [ELXN010320130006, DVSM 2000A] Volunteers AGENCY: RRRA Elections (RE) ACTION: IMPLEMENTATION OF REGULATION. SUMMARY: The elections office is implementing regulations and informing participants in the 2nd RRRA Election of 2013 or potential participants of changes and new regulations applicable to VOLUNTEERS. The OFFICIAL AGENT and CAMPAIGN MANGER of a campaign team are deemed EXEMPT VOLUNTEERS; they are exempt from all regulations contained within, unless otherwise stated in their own regulations [ELXN25022013 0002, DVSM2000] and [ELXN2502 20130003, DVSM2000], the Electoral Code, their contracts, other regulations, or any previous rulings made by the elections office. No member of the association shall be prohibited from being a VOLUNTEER unless; a.) The individual is not a member in good standing of the Rideau River Residence Association; and/or b.) Commits a prima facie electoral offence; and/or c.) Is determined by the elections office to subvert the integrity of the election in any manner. VOLUNTEERS must be credentialed by the elections office before they are able to campaign for a campaign team. The VOLUNTEER list shall only be submitted by the CAMPAIGN MANAGER. The list shall be submitted electronically in a spreadsheet and must contain the following information which shall each occupy its own column; a.) b.) c.) d.) e.) f.) First name Last name Student number Residence Name Floor Room Number individual that campaigns for a team or candidate or against a team or candidate, regardless of whether the individual is credentialed and/or whether the individual meets the eligibility requirements. VOLUNTEERS shall not campaign until their contract has been processed by the elections office. VOLUNTEERS must wear their credentials when actively campaigning. The conduct of VOLUNTEERS will impact the campaign team for whom they campaign. The elections office reserves the right to revoke the credentials of any VOLUNTEER if the VOLUNTEER is found by the elections office to breach the electoral code, regulations issued by the elections office, previous rulings of the elections office, or any policies of Carleton University. VOLUNTEERS shall not in any way damage the materials of any campaign team or the resources of the elections office.

Each VOLUNTEER must sign a VOLUNTEER contract. For the purposed of the RRRA Election a volunteer shall be considered any

Election Register / Vol. 6, No. 1 / Friday, March 1st, 2013 / Notice & Regulation

NOTE: This regulation sets out standards during the RRRA election pertaining to VOLUNTEERS but is not to be considered all inclusive and shall be administered alongside the Electoral Code, other regulations set out by the elections office and the interpretations of the Electoral Code as per the CEO and DEO. EFFECTIVE: February 25th, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST (Retroactive).