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IT’S JUST MY OPINION by Courtney Hodge

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Prologue I am a liberal democrat. I am a left winger, who is eco friendly, and a tree hugger that believes in pro choice and is anti war (with the wrong countries). I am a self absorbed whiner who bitches about things that do not make sense. Okay, now that the name calling is out of the way, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am a twenty six year old single mother of one very precocious boy. I am a daughter, a friend, and a lover. I believe in the greater good of mankind, yes I believe there still is a greater good. I know about love and hate, war and peace, famine and fulfillment, truth and lies. I should not know half of this, I am twenty six. I know the difference between unconditional love and unadulterated hate. I have seen soldiers coming home with missing limbs or not coming home at all. I have witnessed Mother Nature at her best and at her worst. The only presidents I know are a Bush and a Clinton. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because it is important to know where I am coming from before you read this book that is full of knowledgeand insight. (Told you I was self absorbed.) I have so many things I am passionate about that I feel everyone should be so lucky to read what I think. I have been told by many I should be a politician, but my response is that I am way to honest and straight forward. I want to talk about this country and how we as a human race managed to screw it up. I want to talk about religion and why it is a crock of potatoes. (I am trying to refrain from using some choice words, so just laugh at the analogies.) I figure, if Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olberman can get paid thousands to sit and talk about their ideas and opinions, I should do the same. I am just one small town girl with a lot to talk about. I have been in many arguments over this stupid thing called democracy it makes me sick. I love Obama; not in that way – sick minded. I love everything he stands for and everything he

Hodge / Just Opinion / 3 represents. That has gotten me into some hot water with my friends and family who are mostly republicans and the rest are Clinton supporters. The arguments, which I like to refer to as “debates” have been so heated and so one sided, I sat down one day and decided to write a book based on my opinions. That way, you can disagree, but everything I have to say is written, so if you want to argue, go ahead I have stated my peace. I think that is the one great freedom that no one can take away, not even George Bush. Freedom of speech has new meaning to me anymore. I see these other countries fighting and killing each other over things that were said, it makes me proud to be an American. Yes, oh my God, a democrat who is proud, wow. I hate having things defined like democrat and republican. Why can’t we be justpeople? We were just people after September 11th, there was no color, no religion, no party affiliates, just – people. It was nice for a moment. Then we went to war and the entire country was in an uproar; for good reason mind you. Okay, enough boring you, let’s get into the good stuff. Let’s talk about the real issues now that we are over the pleasantries. This is just the prologue, it was meant to draw you into this book. I know I hate it when these things go on forever and you wonder what the darn book could be about because everything was covered in the prologue. So here it goes, I hope you enjoy!

Iraq Yep, I am digging right into this one. Let me start off by saying I fully support and thank the troops who have given their lives, limbs, and comforts. With that being said, I am completely

Hodge / Just Opinion / 4 against this war that was waged. It was waged against a country that did have a bastard for a dictator but was no concern to us. And before you start saying, WMD’s and Saddam this Saddam that, it has been proven we were lied to. The intelligence was collected was from 1994 and since then, the UN had confiscated those WMD’s. This war was about avenging daddy Bush. This war was about oil. This war was a waste. We have lost 4,080 men and women of the military, hundreds of thousands are wounded beyond repair. Millions of innocent Iraqi’s have been killed and displaced. All over what oil, revenge? It disgusts me to think that we sent out military into a country that was not even a part of September 11th. The Taliban was responsible for that, not Iraq. We say we do not want to leave until we win; win what? What is there to gain in this war? According to our commander in chief, mission accomplished happened 4 years ago! Then there is the argument of our soldiers fighting for our freedom. HA, it is not called Operation American Freedom it is called Operation IraqiFreedom. So the Iraqi citizens should be thanking us. I understand that Saddam was a terrible tyrant and he needed to be dealt with but that could have waited. Now because of us, their borders have been broken, militants have invaded, and terrorists are using Iraq as a safe haven. That is because of us. When this war started we were all misled about why we were going and now we can’t get out. It is this vicious cycle of unfortunate events that our president has caused. It is also unfortunate that people actually believe we should be there, for a hundred years even! What purpose would that serve? We have lost so much respect throughout the world because of this war it is going to take a long time to get that back. The war has ruined everything we stand for as a nation. We do not fight for freedom of our people we fight for the freedom of the oil fields. We do not fight for the prosperity we fight because our president has a bone to pick. Fighting should be our absolute last resort yet in this case it was our first. Our proud men and women of the military have been sent

Hodge / Just Opinion / 5 to their deaths because of this war. It is a pathetic attempt by George Bush to get revenge for his daddy. That just absolutely disgusts me. Well I guess no matter how much it disgusts me and makes me cringe, we are there and we have ruined the borders of Iraq. Saddam may have been a lot of things but when it came to Iran he kept them at bay. Now Iran is saying, “Pull out, so we can take over.” I am conflicted about the pull out because if we do then Iran takes but if we don’t our military is suffering and dying. They are not going to be ready to fight when we really need them to. What if Russia decides to wage war with us or China? We don’t have the man power to deal with these countries at this point, we have defeated ourselves. I just love how republicans say “Win the war”, “Fight for our freedom”. What?! Are you kidding me? We are free and we will forever stay that way because of the civil wars and revolutions that were fought hundreds of years ago. As I asked before, what are winning in Iraq? Can anyone answer me that? Do not tell me Iraqi freedom blah blah blah. WE do not win that, they do. So what are WE gaining out of this? I would love to know. We are spending $10 billion dollars a month over there and we are facing a record deficit while they have a $79 billion dollar surplus. Is that considered winning? We are losing men and women every day, is that a win for us? Jeez people, get a grip and look at the facts. Now before you get on me about the 4,000+ we have lost and say that in Vietnam and WWII we lost 10 times that in the first few months I have one word for you: medicine. Our medicine is 100 times better now than it was back then. When a man got shot in WWII he would be likely to die, not because of the bullet but because of infection. I want you to consider this; over 100,000 have come home severely wounded; meaning they have lost limbs, eyes, etc. They would have been dead if this was 1940’s.

Hodge / Just Opinion / 6 I watch the news everyday and look at how much damage we have caused the poor innocent people in Iraq as well. We have destroyed their homes, businesses, and their lives. Is that fair? At least under Saddam they knew where he stood, now they have no place to call home and they fear that the Taliban or even Iran will control them. We have pushed democracy on them and after we saw the election of Hamas in Gaza haven’t we realized that democracy is NOT for everybody? It is true that not everyone likes being under a dictator but that’s why we are here, the great United States of America. If they hated it that much they would find a way to get here and seek freedom but they choose not to. So why can’t we just let them be? Are we not supposed to be an understanding and tolerant country? It is just mind boggling to me that we as a country of many religions and different people that we would force our beliefs on others. Can we not just accept each other for our differences?

Religion Ahhh, our differences. Why would I ask such a stupid question? We are a nation of every religion and belief in every corner of every state. There are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Athiests, and even the new Scientologists. Yet we feel that different countries should believe the same things we do; we don’t even know what our country as a whole believes. Sure, Christianity is the most dominant but what makes them right? Christians have sparked more hate

Hodge / Just Opinion / 7 groups in our country than any other religion in the world. There are the KKK, the Neo Nazi’s, the skin heads, the Christian cults, need I go on? They do their hate mongering in the name of Jesus. Isn’t Jesus supposed to be the symbol of peace and love? Did he not say, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.” So why is it that these radical groups use his name when they torment others? The KKK burns a cross to represent their group and what they believe and they only induct people who are white Christians. My question to them, why on Earth are you “burning” a symbol you hold dear? Doesn’t fire represent hell and hell represent hate and death? The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. They hate the Jews because they can but when they read the Old Testament do they not realize that they are essentially reading the Torah? I am going to step into my childhood side and bring up Harry Potter. The evil character in the book hated anyone who was not “pure blood” and yet he was not pure blood himself. Hitler hated the Jews, yet he was half Jewish. Oh I am sorry did you terrorist Nazi loving haters not realize that? Yea, his father was a Jew, sorry to burst your little Nazi worshiping bubble. Oh and do they not realize that the Nazi soldiers wanted Hitler dead because of what he was doing? Again, stupidity never ceases to amaze me. I also mentioned other groups like Neo Nazi’s and skin heads separately because they are all different. Neo Nazi’s have a strict belief in Hitler and skin heads well they must get a lot of colds in the winter. The one thing I will give to the current KKK is that they are not as nuts as the other two. They are stupid but not psycho. Neo Nazi’s would shoot someone in broad daylight and not care and skin heads are like a punk group gone bad. They do however have a basic hate for anyone who does not look think, or act like them though. I watched a program on these groups and when asked why they hated black people they said, “Because we can.” Wow, you can choose

Hodge / Just Opinion / 8 to love people too so why not do that instead? Does your hate make you feel powerful? If it does I feel sorry for you because you will never know true happiness. So I went off on a little tangent there but all of those “groups” are acting out because of how they interpreted the bible. The thing that I don’t get is the fact that people take the bible for face value but do they not realize it was written by man? Also when the original bible was translated into English they screwed up a lot of the meanings. Catholics for example take the word of man – which is what the word really is – and use it against others. If you really took the bible as a holy symbol and used it for it’s true meaning would that not mean to love everyone as your brother? Yet, you hate homosexuals and you look down upon people who are not like you. If you are going to believe in something at least be true to its meaning. The New Testament was not written until hundreds of years after Jesus died. So, let me tell you something that happened today I want you to take that story and tell your children, then have your children tell their children, and so on and so forth for a hundred years. Do you honestly think it is going to be passed down the way I told it to you? Did you not play that game in first grade when you sat in a circle and the teacher told one child, “The bubble gum is pink” and by the time it got through twenty kids it came out, “Billy put blue bubble gum Cindy’s hair because she stinks.” That’s the way religion works; a story is told, passed down through generations of people, finally written down, and then passed as the “almighty” word. If you truly believe the bible and what it says about Adam and Eve then we are all related and committing incest. Ew. Let me break it down for you; God created Adam in his own image, took a rib from Adam and created Eve, they had children, Cane and Able, right? So how did they populate the earth? Who had sex with who? Again I say ew. Also there is no mention in the bible about dinosaurs, why you ask, because they did not have scientists digging up the earth to find them so they did not

Hodge / Just Opinion / 9 know they existed when they wrote the bible. So if the story of Adam and Eve is not true, what else is not true? You cannot say that this holy than though book is the reason for your beliefs but then say that some of it isn’t true. I ask all you faithful Christians this, why are you right and everyone else is wrong? Hinduism was actually the first documented organized religion so are they wrong? Why does one religion have to be the true and correct religion? I am a person who believes in two things. I believe that God put things in place and said, “Ok, let’s see what happens.” BOOM, big bang and here we are. I guess I would be a creative evolutionist. Maybe I can start my own religion, ahhh the religion of Courtney. Ha. Ha. You are supposed to laugh at that ridiculous thought, but isn’t that how your religions were started? Someone had a great idea or story of how the earth and man was formed and voila! We have religions! Unfortunately, science blew your theories and stories out of the water. Speaking of science, Scientology, for the life of me I just can’t get a grasp on that religion. Aliens have infected our bodies and we must be cleansed. Interesting, I’ll give you that. I do believe in Aliens and that they come to Earth and try to figure out our species. I mean, have you ever seen a mummy from Egypt uncovered? It is freaky stuff. However the thought of having aliens infecting us, um yea ok. This has become the religion of the stars, if you are rich and powerful you believe in Scientology. Tom, I love you and your movies, but come on, seriously? The recent election has also brought out more hatred of another person’s religious beliefs. President Barack Obama was the subject of many debates across the religious “round table”. Is he Muslim or Christian? Does it matter? What if he was Buddhist would there be such a debate about that? The reason we live in America is because we have the right to choose what we believe in. Even if he was Muslim, would that really matter to you? Ok, ok, Osama Bin Laden is

Hodge / Just Opinion / 10 a Muslim and he arranged a horrible attack upon our country, so what? Do you hate Christianity because the KKK kills people on the basis of that religion? Hate their ideas not their entire religion. A person or persons is responsible for these attacks of hate not what they believe in. I guess it’s great that people actually believe in something though. It keeps us sane and focused throughout our lives. It gives us the notion that when we die there is something to look forward to. Whether it is heaven or hell, there’s something after life. I am not picking on people for their religions, I just want to know why they feel they are right and everyone else is wrong. The truth is that we just don’t know and not knowing is scary. When someone has fear it produces hate. Can’t we all just accept one another for who we are and what we believe in? Are we just like Ann Coulter? I truly hope not, if we are then we are in for a rude awakening.

Ann Coulter Yes I have designated an entire chapter to this “woman”. Where do I begin? Do I begin at her radical right wing views or her attacking the most respected journalist and iconic figures of our time, Mrs. Barbara Walters? I’ll start with the most recent of her transgressions and that would be her appearance on “The View”. Oh Ann, dear Ann, did you really think that attacking the women of the view is going to get you points? The moronic move you made being disrespectful to Barbara Walters is beyond me. Barbara has more talent in her sleep than you will ever have in a lifetime, so how dare you. I mean Elizabeth is a republican with some views of her own but she wouldn’t dare to cross that line. I will be honest, I have never wasted my money on one of her so

Hodge / Just Opinion / 11 called ‘books” and I never will. I thought about buying them then burning them but I do not want to give this woman any of my money. Her ridiculous accusations and rhetoric astonishes me. Single mothers are the root of all the world’s problems, seriously? Get a grip Ann. She uses “statistics” to back up her thoughts, yea ok, why doesn’t she just admit they are her opinions and be done with it. She has to use these false stats to give her validity and try to gain respect. If she would just be honest with herself and say, “This is just what I think and feel” I think that people might see her differently. Instead of her trying to make these things into fact try the truth, it feels good. That’s the end of this chapter, I refuse to waste any more of my time debating about this horrid person.

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