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Introductory Page

A.Name and Address of the Business

Partido state university
Goa,Camarines sur

B.Names and addresses of principals

Name Address

Pacao, eddierol p. Soledad, san jose, cam. Sur

Pasiona, Alvin g. Sta.cruz, san jose, cam. sur
Flojo, lisandro r. Kaligawan, Tigaon, cam. Sur
Rivero, dennis San Rafael, lagonoy, cam. sur
Rellora, aljon San Rafael, lagonoy, cam. sur

C.Nature of business

the business is a partnership formed by five individuals and students of

Partido state university taking up bachelor of science in accountancy.

D.Statement of financing needed

The business needed and used Php. 250.00 as starting capital wherein the
partners contributed Php. 50.00 each

E.Statement of financing needed

This report should be classified confidential to protect the business’

welfare and operations. The statements herein are purely necessary and highly
protected from breaching to other readers so that it may not be a source of
information that would cause its operations to be affected.