Children of Illegal Aliens Should Go to College and Gain Legal Status

What Rights Should Illegal Immigrants Have?, 2010 David Bennion is an immigration attorney at Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many students graduate from U.S. high schools with undocumented status—that is, they are not legally permitted to reside in the United States. Many of them were brought to the United States as young children and have lived in America for most of their lives. Once they graduate from high school, there are few opportunities for them as they lack access to in-state college tuition or the legal ability to work. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, would change this, offering undocumented youth the chance at legal resident status. These youths, or Dreamers, should be allowed to have the chance to stay in the country they call home. Periodically, a young person walks into my office for an initial immigration legal consultation, sometimes accompanied by a parent or other family member, sometimes alone. She speaks with an American accent and tells me how she attended local elementary, junior high and high schools. Perhaps she studied a year or two in college before dropping out for financial reasons or perhaps has only just graduated from high school. To all outward appearances, she is a typical American kid. So why would this young person be sitting in the office of a nonprofit immigration legal services agency like Nationalities Service Center? Because she is undocumented and has no existing remedy for obtaining legal status in the United States. She may even already be in removal (commonly known as deportation) proceedings. She may already have a final order of removal and a "bag and baggage" letter ordering her to present herself to immigration authorities on a date certain to be flown back to her country of birth. She may then be forced to leave behind U.S. citizen parents, siblings or a significant other. She may be exiled from the only country she has ever really known. Each year, about 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school in the United States. They then face often insurmountable barriers to pursuing further education or employment opportunities. Many colleges and universities will not permit them to enroll. Even if they are admitted, most financial aid is not available to them. In most states, they will pay prohibitively expensive out-of-state tuition rates, regardless of how long they have lived in the state. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, is a bill pending in Congress that would provide [to undocumented youths who were brought as children] to the United States ... conditional legal immigration status, [if] they meet certain conditions.

To qualify for DREAM Act benefits, an applicant must: Have been brought to the United States before age 16. Have lived in the United States for at least five years. Be a person of good moral character (having not committed any serious crimes).

Dreamers mobilized their network to engage Sens. But thousands of Dreamers are deported every year. 1751) by Representative Howard Berman. lawyers. Online interactions could be anonymous and offered a safe place to talk and organize without fear. and Bill Nelson. they are talented.. D-Ill.Have been admitted to college or earned a high school diploma or GED [general education development degree]. Ad hoc efforts to stop individual deportations are difficult and do not address the underlying problem that the DHS has so far refused to provide a systemic temporary remedy while the DREAM Act is pending in Congress. Some want to serve their country abroad. These students have waited long enough to achieve their own American Dream. unaware of his undocumented as many had believed. The efforts of the grassroots DREAM Act movement are starting to have a visible effect. They are not sitting idly by.R. the bill is being packaged as a component of forthcoming comprehensive reform legislation. and in the Senate (S. D-N. Many do not speak the language of their home countries. While supporters believe the DREAM Act could pass if a vote were called now [August 2009]. Some of them were brought as infants or toddlers and cannot remember living anywhere else. Serve two years in the military or complete two years of college. Help them make their dreams a reality. Online mobilization translated into offline organizing. Dreamers found that they were not alone. Texas. In fact. Dream Act-eligible students. to successfully persuade the Department of Homeland Security [DHS] to defer the imminent deportations of two Dreamers. The DREAM Act was first introduced in 2001 but has not yet been passed into law. scientists.. scholars. They cannot imagine leaving the country they grew up in. In my experience. they cannot obtain legal status by joining the military.. their high school friends. among other states. The Dreamers In July. They connected in new online forums like the Dream Act Portal and Dreamactivist. The act enjoys growing bipartisan support but has become entangled in the broader immigration reform debate. The DREAM Act was reintroduced in early 2009 in the House (H. Dreamers are honor students and athletes. coaches and ministers. their teachers. one Dreamer in Missouri was arrested and placed in removal proceedings after attempting to enlist in the armed forces. These students have waited long enough to achieve their own American Dream. After the historic immigration marches in 2006 and the subsequent failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. waiting for someone to pull them out of their nightmarish situation. as daily immigration home raids and record levels of immigration detention and deportation have continued well into 2009. Help pass the DREAM Act. They are aspiring schoolteachers.. for the first time that I am aware. doctors and social workers. incredibly engaged and deeply committed to the American nation and their local communities. and DREAM Act student groups have formed in California..729) by Senator Richard Durbin. mobilized as never before.J. Robert Menendez. or Dreamers. On the Internet.. Florida and New York. D-Calif. Contrary to conventional wisdom. D-Fla. Dreamers often cannot find employment because of their unauthorized status. .

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