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Meghan Ecclestone
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Summary of Skills
    Worked in client-facing positions to deliver services and manage projects for libraries and library vendors Fostered strong client relationships ranging from B2B accounts to academic faculty liaison and student engagement Undertook library outreach, collections development, instruction and reference for business and management Pursued innovative projects ranging from online information literacy efforts, to on-campus partnerships, to client account overhauls Collections Development Librarian, Eastern Canada Mar 11-Oct 12 YBP Library Services  Managed collections development services for academic libraries including automated book purchasing workflows, eBook package deals, and user training on the company’s client-facing software  Performed collections assessment through the gathering, analysis, and summarization of bibliographic and purchase data, to help libraries make informed ordering decisions  Forged partnerships with internal service specialists to deliver innovative collections projects ranging from technical services overhauls to demand driven acquisitions  Established and maintained vendor-library relationships with clients to ensure service success and to identify and troubleshoot areas for service improvement Management Librarian Jun 10-Feb 11 Management Library, University of Ottawa  Worked in a bilingual environment delivering academic library services including instruction, reference, and research help in management  Managed print and electronic collections through use of online selecting tools, and assessment of Millennium ILS-generated usage statistics to determine the best allotment of collections funds  Created strong working relationships with faculty to develop pertinent print and electronic collections, assist with research needs, and develop in-class information literacy sessions in both English and French  Forged collaborative projects within the university, including a partnership with on-campus career services to develop a new collection of books focused on career development and job tips for students Business Librarian May 09-May 10 Bronfman Business Library, York University  Developed and promoted library services and resources in an academic business library  Pursued self-directed learning to develop subject expertise in areas of business with which I had no academic background  Designed and executed information literacy instruction, effectively implementing eLearning technologies to enhance student learning and improve teaching  Managed innovative projects to enhanced the library’s web presence, including the creation of multimedia screen-casting videos to deliver reference and information literacy services  Participated in collections development through use of online selecting tools and assessment of new business information products

Library Experience

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and in the development of CLA conference sessions focused on the field of academic librarianship Founder and Managing Editor. PricewaterhouseCoopers  Worked collaboratively to provide in-depth.Practicum Student Jan 09 – Apr 09 Research Services. including critical assessment of publishers’ materials and through assessment of the reference collection and its use Student Librarian May 08 – Sep 08 Parliamentary Information and Research Services. Faculty of Information Alumni Association Sept 09 – Sep 11 University of Toronto  Guided the direction of the organization through decision-making. policies and quarterly editorial work flows  Secured broad support from key stakeholders to ensure participation and sustainability of FIQ  Effectively directed a team of volunteers. Re:Generations Committee Aug 10 – Sep 11 Canadian Association of College and University Librarians  Lead a subcommittee of volunteers in project-based initiatives focused on outreach and engagement with new and future academic librarians Member of the Executive. Toronto Chapter  Maintain relationships with the library vendor community to identify and pursue funding opportunities for association programming Chair. and graduated with High Honours Volunteer. Partner Relations Committee Feb 13 – Present Special Libraries Association. developing an extensive organizational scheme and documentation to ensure its usability and sustained use within the organization Volunteer Work Education Master of Information Studies (MISt) Sep 07 – Apr 09 Faculty of Information. new initiatives. and policy creation  Directed teams and managed programming as Chair for the Social Media and Special Events committees Member. Honours Sep 01 – Dec 05 Carleton University  Majored in Political Science with a minor in History  Awarded an Entrance Scholarship. University of Toronto  Completed an ALA-accredited Master of Information with an overall A average  Awarded the Student Jubilee Award and the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award for outstanding extra-curricular contributions to the university community Bachelor of Arts. Faculty of Information Quarterly Apr 08 – Apr 09 University of Toronto  Exercised strong project management skills throughout the creation of an open access journal and the development of its strategic goals. authoritative research services using business. e-mail and phone  Learned new science subject specializations despite having no academic background in those areas  Assisted with the library’s collections development. University of Toronto  Delivered reference services in an academic library through in-person. coordinating with a team of librarians and practitioners to answer parliamentary research requests in the area of economics. news and government database tools  Contributed to the outreach efforts of the division through development and design of an electronic reference guide. Library of Parliament Worked in a bilingual environment. an All-Canadian Award. using specialised information tools Researched and designed a large digital reference resource. Re:Generations Committee Sept 09 – Aug 10 Canadian Association of College and University Librarians  Directed professional dialogue via the committee’s blog and the CACUL Ning space  Participated in ambassador visits to local library schools. ensuring motivation and an excellent standard of performance Page 2 of 3 . ensuring compliance with corporate branding and marketing standards Graduate Assistant Library Technician Sep 08 – Apr 09 Noranda Earth Sciences Library.

Faculty of Information Quarterly. OLA Access. its value to organizational success. The iSchool Movement: Reflections from the Profession (Interview with Vicki Whitmell). Sept. Student Profile: Going the Distance. Faculty of Information Quarterly.. 2009. M. Faculty of Information Quarterly. Conference Proceedings from the Housing Memory Student Conference. including its relationship to knowledge sharing practices. Master of Information Student Council Oct 07 – Apr 09 Faculty of Information  Developed programming for professional development at the University of Toronto’s iSchool  Set strategic goals and assessed outcomes to improve the committee’s profile within the faculty  Effectively advocated for a 50% budget increase to invest in high profile events  Worked closely the professional community to create a network of contacts for participation at the Faculty of Information Job Fair. University of Toronto. K. and its relationship to organizational culture CLA/ACB 2009 National Conference and Tradeshow May 09  Presented a poster on the outcomes of research undertaken to assess student perceptions of professional development opportunities at the Faculty of Information Ecclestone. Informed Magazine. M. Letter from the Editor. entitled “Technology Lightning Strikes!” and “Getting on (Tenure) Track”  Participated as a panellist on the winning team in the annual Great Debate on the topic.J. We don't need them anymore. M. Featured in: Sheaffer.J. 2008. 1(2). 15(1). pp. including a discussion of both the mechanics and philosophical issues of DDA as a collections tool CLA/ACB 2011 National Conference and Tradeshow Jun 11 Participated in two sessions as part of the Re:Generations Committee. Organizational Memory: The Role of Culture in Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Memory Creation in an Organizational Setting. 2008. Ecclestone. Ontario Library Association Superconference Feb 10  Presented a poster on research and best practices for creating and delivering screencasting videos as a form of information literacy instruction in academic libraries TRY Annual Library Staff Conference Apr 09  Presented a poster “Defining the Movement: Student Initiatives at the Faculty of Information” on the role of student engagement at the Faculty of Information Housing Memory Student Conference Mar 09  Participated in a panel on organizational memory. 1(2). 2009.J. 2009. 1(2). M. attended by over 40 organizations from across Canada Conferences Publications APLA 2012 Conference May 12  Presented a session called “Discovering Hidden Needs: How DDA Can Revolutionize Monograph Collection Development” with academic librarians from Saint Mary’s University and UPEI  Focused on the vendor systems used to create targeted DDA programs in partnership with libraries. Ecclestone.J. Ecclestone.Professional Development Co-Chair.Library associations are obsolete.  Page 3 of 3 . 2009. The Next Generation. “Be it resolved..” CLA/ACB 2010 National Conference and Tradeshow Jun 10  Presented as part of a panel session on career development and the job search aimed at new librarians with a focus on establishing a professional web presence. 40-1.

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