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Lesson Plan in Mathematics III

I. Objective: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Analyzes and solves 2-step word problems involving addition and subtraction of whole numbers including money. II. Subject Matter: Analyzing 2-step Word Problem Involving Addition and Subtraction Including Money

References: Materials: Values:

PELC C.3.1.1 BEC page 12 Mathematics for Everyday Life, pp. 46-47 flashcards, word problem charts Cleanliness of the environment Use of recycled materials



A. Preliminary Activities
1. Daily Routine 1.1 1.2 1.3 2.1 2.2 Prayer Greeting the Class Checking of Attendance Exercise in 4Fs (Addition/Subtraction) Drill:

2. Preparatory Activities

Drill on basic addition and subtraction facts using flashcards. 2.3 Solve: 5463 + 8421 2465 + 5394 789 232 4561 - 2935 Review of past lesson


Checking of assignment

Last meeting, I have given you an assignment. Pass your assignment notebooks forward. -Yes, Maam.

B. Lesson Proper
1. Motivation: One day your family decided to have a general cleaning. Afterwards, you found out that you have gathered plenty of plastic, empty bottles and paper. What do you think can you do with this stuff? Expected Answer: Bring those in the junk shop to earn money. 2. Presentation Present the word problem. The scouts were able to solicit P4500.00 for the summer camp. P1250.00 were spent for transportation while P1375.00 were spent for food. How much money was left? 3. Guide the pupils to analyze the problem using the following questions: a. Who made the solution? b. What kind of scouts were they? c. How much do they solicit? d. How much did they spent? e. What is asked in the problem? f. What are given? g. What operation is to be used? 4. Give more examples of word problems. -The scouts made the solution. -They are responsible scouts. -They had solicited P4500.00 -They had spent P2625.00 -The amount of money left. -The given are P4500.00, P1250.00 and P1375.00 -Addition and Subtraction

C. Generalization
What should we remember in analyzing word problems? -In analyzing word problems, we follow the step by step procedure (AGOTS) to know the correct answer to the problem.

D. Application:
Read the problem then answer the questions that follow: 1. There are 946 people who attended the school fair. If 236 of them were young boys and 364 were young girls, how many adult were there? a. How many people attended in the school fair? b. What are given? c. What operation is to be used? d. Write the correct answer. 2. Mario earns P3500.00 a month, Manuel P4500.00 and Martin P6350.00. If Marios and Manuels earnings are put together, how much more do they earn than Martin? a. How much Mario, Manuel and Martin earn? b. Who earns more? c. What are given in the problem? d. How are you going to solve the problem?

E. Fixing Skills:
Analyze the word problem carefully and solve. 1. Last night, Mang Julian caught 450 fishes and Mang Jose caught 350 fishes. They sold 450 of them. How many fishes were left? 2. The fruit pickers picked 2150 mangoes and 678 star apples. They sold 1932 mangoes and star apples. How many fruits were left?


Evaluation Read the word problem carefully. Then answer the questions that follow. 1. Alhex and Behn went to market for mother. They bought chicken for P100 and beef for P140. How much change did they get from a P500 peso bill? a. What is the question? b. What facts are given? c. What is the hidden question? d. What will you do to find the answer? e. What is the number sentence for the problem? f. What is the correct answer? 2. Mother bought a kilo of beef for P130.00, a kilo of chicken for P75.00, a kilo of bangus for P90.00 She gave the vendor a P500.00 bill. How much change did she receive? a. What are given? b. What are you looking for? c. What operation will be used? d. What is the hidden question? e. What is the number sentence? f. What is the correct answer?


Assignment: Solve the problem. 1. Daniel earned P35.00 by delivering water to houses. He gave P15.00 to his mother and P12.00 to his sister. How much money has he left? 2. A manufacturer had 8500 bags in his factory. How many bags were left after he delivered 2500 to Cebu and 3500 to Davao?