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SEA Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2009
7:00 to 9:15 pm

Present: Jill McKee, Sinda Merritt, Carter Frost, Leah Frost, Daniel
Estuesta, Elene Johas Teener, Michelle Staedler, Chuck Staedler, Tim
Keiper, Mike Johas Teener, Jim Sullivan

Welcome of new members: 10th grade representatives Michelle and

Chuck Steadler, 11th grade representative Tim Keiper, New Treasurer
Michelle Finch.

Old Business

Fund Raising Survey Results: The three choices that received the
highest votes were E Scrip, Ink Cartridges and Amazon. We are already
doing these 3 things. The next highest choices were selling chocolates
for Valentine’s Day, Bakes sale, rummage sale, family night pot luck
and movie, paying membership dues.

There isn’t enough time to sell chocolates for Valentine’s Day but we
will look into doing this for Mother’s Day. Jill will follow up on this.

We will have our first Family Movie and Pizza Night March 6 at 6:00 pm.
We will charge $5 to $50, what ever you can pay. The proceeds from
the Family Night will go towards purchasing a stove.

Sat, Feb. 7 will be our first E Waste event. Leah needs two sets of 6
parents to handle this event.
Treasurer’s Report

SEA February 5, 2009 treasurers report

SEA account:
12/31/09 Balance 4366
1/30/09 Balance 3928

deposits 245
checks # 95 for $245
# 100 for $485

Total Outstanding expenses approved:

2100 for 501 C3 withdrawn
45 to 70 a month approved for water each month
outstanding expenses for teachers approximately; 250
50 fee for teachers DMV report fee approved 11/08

Request for Expenses:

1/22/09 Sinda Merritt Boys on the Edge Seminar $129
12/15/09 Sinda Merritt request for food for awards night $100
this may have been already approved at last meeting

Respectfully submitted,
Julie Aguiar
SEA would like to reorganize how this account is set up. Jill will be
investigating this. Michelle Finch will be taking over the Treasure’s
office in March.

SEA accepted approximately $100 in donations on Performance night.

The Marketing Committee is working on ways to increase publicity and
awareness of Empire Academy to the community at large.

SEA approved funding for Award’s Night expenses and for an upcoming
continuing education course for Sinda.

New Business

Student Council Report Awards Night is scheduled for Feb. 19th but
will need to be rescheduled due to a conflict.

Director’s Report Education Night at the Mall is scheduled for Feb.

19th. Sinda would like parental support.

We will not pursue hosting an event with Wm Pollack, PhD this year.

Our next E Waste event and Adopt a Beach event is April 25.

Meeting adjorned 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jill McKee

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