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Almost all of us are affected by problems in our life where the root cause is due to departed
ancestors' subtle bodies. This type of spiritual problem affects us regardless of race, cultural
background or social status. While this is a spiritual problem, it can manifest in many
different ways in our day-to-day lives. In some cases, people have gone through years of
suffering only to find out that it could have been alleviated in a few days. The alleviation
would only have come about if they knew the root cause, the remedy and if they had the
required know-how to put it into practice.

What are ancestral problems? Ancestral problems is the distress caused to descendants by the
subtle bodies of their ancestors who have passed away (died) and it manifests in many ways
in our day-to-day lives. It creates obstacles in both, our worldly lives as well as spiritual
practice. In some cases, it may seem that the entire family has a dark cloud over it and various
family members are undergoing various problems despite all efforts to overcome them. How
can the ancestral problems manifest?

The difficulties created due to departed ancestors come in various forms as listed below:

a) Inability to get married.

b) Marital disharmony.
c) Addictions (approx. 70% addictions are due to ancestors who have passed away).
d) Going blank in examinations despite being well prepared for them.
e) Loss of job.
f) Difficulty in conceiving a child.
g) Miscarriages.
h) Bearing mentally challenged children or children with special care and needs.
i) Death of children in their childhood etc. etc.

At an intellectual level, we could use Two Rules of Thumb to decide if the cause of suffering
is Spiritual in nature:

(1) All remedies to solve the problem have failed. This is especially so when the problem
should be easily treatable by modern sciences such as ‘a skin rash, chest pain’ etc. etc.
(2) A number of family members (e.g. 4 out of 5) are suffering with any of the above
mentioned issues/problems simultaneously. The reason that all the family members
get affected is that they all have the same ancestors.
(3) The question arises that ‘Why would our departed loved ones and our other ancestors
want to give us pain?’ The following are the two main reasons as to why ancestors
trouble their descendents?

a) Distress due to unfulfilled desires.

b) Distress due to a call for help by ancestors.

What can we do to protect ourselves against ancestral problems? Problems caused due to
departed ancestors are a specific type of spiritual difficulty. Therefore we can successfully
overcome them only by applying a specific spiritual remedy. Psychological and physical
remedies simply cannot overcome the root cause of the problem and can only at best provide
some symptomatic relief. For example, if a person is suffering from skin rash caused by
ancestors, relevant medical treatment can at best provide relief but not cure the rash
completely or prevent it from occurring again.

What are the combinations of planets found in a horoscope that can be adjudged as affected
by ancestors curse?

1. Sun+Sat, Sun+Rahu, Mars+Sat, Moon+Sat, Moon+ (Rahu or Ketu).

2. Or even Sun+Mars aspected by 3,7,10 aspect of Saturn or Sun+ Sat aspected with 4 or
8th aspect of Mars. These are combination direct indicator.
3. Sun as atmakaraka associated with 8th lord or Moon as atmakaraka associated with 8th
4. Natural Pitrukaraka Sun associated with 9th lord and 6th lord.

Remedies: Pinda-Daan to be given at shastra specified places with specific rituals.

1. Kashi, Gaya and Allahabad, these three places are considered for Pinda-Daan. As in
shastra, it is called Agram, Madhyam and Moolam. Invariably, in all these places, the
Banyan tree is main worshipping place.
2. Rameshwaram @ Agni-Theertham, Pinda-Daan can be done but again there is a set of
special ritual binding you to visit Ramanadpuram and Thirupullani.
3. Badrinath: here Brahma Kapala Tharpanam is offered, i.e. Water with Till (sesame
seed) to pacify the quest of our ancestors. If anyone has pestering problem, to check
their horoscope, contact with details to get further clarification.


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