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05- Delmon scaffolding division 06- Dlock Scaffolding 07- Fast Track Form System Solution 09- Delmon Panel System 11- Warehouse, Factories 14- Major Projects Carried Out

Company Introduction
Dear Sir, We are pleased to introduce to you Delmon Scaffolding (a member of Delmon Group). Delmon was originally established in the U.A.E. in 1976 and now has branches and affiliated companies in many GCC countries, as well as Africa, Romania and the UK. Our group consists of several Divisions specializing in Oil and Gas Services. Engineering, Construction materials & Equipment, Landscaping, Marble and Interior Fit outs.

One of our highly specialized Divisions provides Scaffolding and Formwork Solutions, and since 1976 it has built a reputation in the region for its professional, efficient and cost effective services. It now has offices, and operates in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, as well as throughout the U.A.E.

Our systems are available for rental and sale, and are manufactured in accordance with the relevant British Standards by our factories.

In addition we have Engineers and Design staff available to prepare designs offering optimum solutions, along with estimates based on the most competitive prices.

Our Sales and Marketing team would be pleased to assist you, and provide you with any further information you require.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Head Office Abu Dhabi, U.A.E: Sharjah, U.A.E: KSA Office: Qatar Office: Oman Office:

Tel: +971 2 6272767 Fax: +971 2 6272740 Email: Tel: +971 6 5440064 Fax: +971 6 5583012 Email: Tel: +966 1 4715027 Fax: +966 1 4460662 Email: Tel: +974 4 4353131 Fax: +974 4 4353232 Email: Tel: +968 2 4535440 Fax: +968 2 4535150 Email:

Group Introduction
DELMON started in 1976
with its Oil & Gas field supply And trading operations from its Abu Dhabi headquarters

Through planned growth and diversification Delmon expanded into the Delmon Group this process included Acquisitions, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Associations & Dealerships and the Delmon Group has now become multi-dimensional, extending throughout the world to a point where we can now call ourselves Global

The current activities of the group have now become numerous and varied. However the companys ventures, associations and products complement each other and naturally fit together within the Delmon Group. Not only have we expanded in terms of the various operations the group now undertakes but also in the scale of each of those operations. Other than scaffolding which is covered in detail later, the DELMON GROUPs current major field of activities include the following: -

Through our landscaping contracting and nursery supply companies Gulf Green and Delmon Green we have now undertaken a number of projects including on Palm Jumeirah, where we completed a substantial landscaping project throughout the length of the Crescent. We are able to supply a wide variety of Palms, Trees and Plants through our nurseries, which includes our 260 hectare farm in Limpopo South Africa.

In 1992 Al Reem was established in Dubai, with a vision of being a market leader in the field of interiors. Since then it has expanded into specialized divisions undertaking some of the most prestigious and iconic buildings in the U A E. It is known in the market for its quality and ability to deliver, and it is now looking to expand further into GCC areas and the Levant.

The Oil & Gas sector has also grown tremendously both in scale and technology in the past three decades. The dynamic nature of this division has enabled it to keep pace with those extensive changes and innovations.

To achieve this, part of our role is to introduce equipment and technology to enhance and upgrade the local practises in the Oil & Gas industry. We now have the privilege to represent a number of significant international companies in this sector.

Delmon Water is one of our more recent divisions that have emerged following the global awareness and local drive for environmental preservation of resources; it provides a range of products and services from Chemicals to the provision of turnkey water treatment solutions.

The property sector has existed for some time, and now boasts an impressive portfolio ranging from commercial to residential and industrial properties. It has expanded from the UAE to the GCC and now operates throughout a number of countries around the world.

Since 1976 we have had the opportunity and privilege to be associated with a number of world leading companies in our fields of operation, and with whom we have successfully carried out numerous projects. The Delmon Group is rightly proud of the numerous services and products that we are now able to provide to meet the market demands and requirements.

Delmon Scaffolding Division

A Brief History:
Delmon Scaffolding is one of the main pillars of the group, and has gone from strength to strength. It now manufactures, supplies and hires various types of scaffolding and formwork systems, both in aluminium and steel. Mideco was originally established in UK in 1970 dealing in Construction and Scaffolding equipment to service the UK and European markets..

Delmon Scaffolding has now operated throughout the Gulf area for more than 25 years. Over those years this division has developed a name in the market place for its technical expertise, quality products and ability to deliver. It now has branches in from the U.A.E. Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. Having assisted in undertaking a large number and variety of projects it has gained a vast experience and expertise in Scaffolding and Formwork.This has resulted in us winning and successfully completing many high profile projects Delmon Scaffolding and Formwork has founded its business on five simple principles Delmon provides
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) The Right Solution The Right Products The Right Price Excellent & Dependable Service Highly Efficient and Qualified Professional Staff

Construction is an ever changing marketplace, and Delmon Scaffolding continually looks to develop and source new materials to meet those demands, and provide the ideal and comprehensive solutions required by the industry. Delmon Scaffolding can also source Scaffolding Materials and other Construction material with the relevant and required technical specifications. Our reputation for providing reliable and dependable services is backed up by our vast available product range, our management and sales team, experienced design engineers, supervisors and inspectors. Delmon is ready to provide the construction industrys requirements DELMON Scaffolding Systems are manufactured according to specifications of the British Standard of Construction and the Society of Engineers

DLock Scaffolding
Access scaffolding system Support system Quick strike decking system Tower scaffold system (mobile& stationary)

Forged items (e.g. couplers, Connectors, pins, clamps, etc.) Cad generated scaffolding plans (plans, sections& details) Our products range also includes Alternative Light Weight Scaffolding Systems.

Products manufactured at the factory are:
Standard - Different sizes according to requirements, mainly ranging from 0.50 Mtrs. to 3.00 Mtrs. Ledger - Different sizes according to requirements, mainly ranging from 0.60 Mtrs. to 2.50 Mtrs. Decking Beam - Different sizes according to requirements, ranging mainly from 1.20 Mtrs. to 2.50 Mtrs. Infill Beam - Different sizes according to requirements, mainly ranging from 0.50 Mtrs. to 1.70 Mtrs. Universal Jacks Base Jacks Connectors Cantilever Frames Forkheads Base Plate Dropheads Adaptor Other products and accessories, which are required for the scaffolding business.

Fast Track Form System Solution


Beyond providing outstanding light weight formwork products Fast Track offers unmatchable formwork solutions

Fast Track engineers will design and fabricate customized formwork systems appropriate to any form construction projects. Plan the step-by - step assembly of the formwork solution ready for the site. Working closely with the individual contractor / client from the beginning to the end ofevery building project to make sure that Fast Track formwork technology interfaces seamlessly with the clients projects needs Fast Track provides direct assistance to its client with its technical team giving on site supervision, helping the client undertake the erection and stripping of the formwork thus enabling efficient progress of the works. Additionally we provide post-application consulting. Fast Track is one of the most practical and developed Formwork solution available in the World. The system is designed to assist in achieving efficiency, so saving time on site.

Table Forms
Fast Track Table Forms are one of the most sophisticated forms for Beam and Slab Structure. It can be assembled to support various soffit heights.

Core Wall Forms and Column and Wall Forms

Fast Track Jump Wall Forms enable your core wall to go ahead by three (3) floors from your slab. Each Wall Form is designed with wailer connectors for easy joint fixing. This system is both light and strong.

Fast Track Form System Solution


Fast Trackis a competent,

dependable and cost-efficient, partner. Its delivers fast and reliable services and products ready for each individual site and project.

Fast trackis an extremely sophisticated but simple formwork system (conforming to international standards) that provides practical solutions, using structural-grade aluminum and steel materials. Fast Track produces its own billets which are then fabricated into aluminum parts assembled into very cost-efficient and durable formwork systems.

Highly trained and motivated managers, engineers and inspectors play an important role in helping each projects success.

Going Global
Already proven in various countries as specialists in their field, Fast Track Form Systems have achieved an established market for their high quality formwork systems and experienced engineering services in the Middle East and key markets in Asia. Focusing on a partnership with the constructor, Fast track aims to supply and deliver a start-tofinish certified quality assurance with a guarantee of consistently high-quality formwork.

Delform Panel System


Delform is a complete modular panel system which combines simplicity, versatility and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for vertical formwork.

Whatever the project, because Delform is lightweight, simple and straightforward to use, there is a significant potential saving in time with both the erection and dismantling. Delform can be used for columns, lift cores and sheer walls (single and double sided). The panels come in various sizes, ensuring a configuration that suits numerous types of structures.

The panels are constructed in 10 cm thick aluminum, thus providing optimum performance with a product that is light and easy to handle whether by crane or by hand. Simple to use clamps hold the panels firmly together, allowing a concrete pressure resistance of up to 60 KN/M.

As with all Delmon Scaffolding and Formwork products, the customer has the reassurance of knowing that there is the full support of our team of experienced engineers. They will work closely with the client providing economical and effective designs, and also be there to give professional guidance and support to enable the efficient completion of the project.

In addition we also recommend the use of a composite board instead of plywood. The composite will significantly increase the number of pours, without the need to keep stopping, dismantling the panels, removing the plywood boards, cutting and inserting new sheets.

The composite panel provides a smooth finish to the concrete face. It can be easily cleaned with water, and is then ready to use again

Mussafah Warehouse
Delmon Shipping & Trading Est. M9, Sector 28, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi Tel: 02-5552351 / Fax: 02-5541566

Mahda Factories and Stores (3 Yards)

Mideco International Scaffolding Systems LLC Hatta

Ajman Factory
Mideco Metal Contracting Co. LLC P.O. Box 3414, Opp. GMCHospital Behind Makka Centre, Near Al Madina Bakery Tel: 06-7481600 / Fax: 06-7438239

Mideco International Scaffolding System LLC

P.O. Box 24411, Industrial Area 13 Near Fire-Ex Company, Beside Nitco International Tel: 06-53341416 / Fax: 06-5341417

Commercial Details

Sales & Manufacture : Addresses a) Head Office :

P.O. Box 45444 Khalifa Street, Al Dhahiri Building, 14th FloorAbu Dhabi, U.A.E 00971-2-6272767 / 6272707 00971-2-6272740 / 6264166 P.O. Box 5794, Sharjah, U.A.E 00971-6-5441459 / 5440064 00971-6-5583012

Telephone Number Fax Number E-mail address b) Sharjah Address Telephone Number Fax Number E-Mail

: : : : : : :

c) Dubai Address Telephone Number Fax Number E-Mail

: : : :

P.O. Box 121930, Dubai, U.A.E 00971-4-3380997 00971-4-3383778

5 6 7

Year of Establishment : Structure Name of Owner Local Sponsor : : :

1976 Limited Liability Company Mr. Bassam Eid Khalil Hijazi Mr. Saeed Saif Saeed Al Tunaiji (Delmon Scaffolding LLC) Mr. Abdalla Sultan Mohamed (Mideco International Scaffolding System LLC)

Local Sponsor

Commercial Details
8 Type of Business : Hire, Sale, Manufacture and Production of Scaffolding& Formwork Materials.

Registration / License details a) Commercial License No. 617629 b) Commercial Register No. 1036329 Expiry Date: 15/10/2011 Expiry Date: 15/10/2011


Overseas Associates : a) Delmon Overseas LLC b) Delmon Scaffolding WLL c) Delmon Scaffolding & Formwork Saudi LLC Oman Doha, Qatar Saudi Arabia



Arab Bank Plc. P.O. Box 875 Abu Dhabi, U. A. E. Emirates Islamic Bank P.O. Box 46077 Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.

Barclays Bank Plc. P.O. Box 1891 Dubai. U. A. E. Union National Bank P.O. Box 3865 Abu Dhabi, U. A. E.



Deloitte & Touche (ME) P.O. Box 5470, Sharjah, U.A.E


Senior Management Bassam E. Hijazi Raghavan Ramanujan Andrew Snelling Chairman Director of Finance Director of Operations


Management Abdulla Al Khadi Mark Rushton Chris Mayhew Abdallah Al Rawahi Basel Hijazi Suresh Kumar : : : : : : General Sales Manager Regional Sales Manager - United Arab Emirates Regional Sales Manager - Qatar Administration Manager - Oman Operations Manager - Saudi Finance Manager

Commercial Details
15 Senior Sales Engineers / Sales Executives

Abbas Tinwala Ashraf Zuhdi Bassam Abdul Rahman Husam Zantah Ikrami Soliman Jesly Benzigar Jimmichen Thomas Mir Ali Mohannad Atieh

Mohannad Bader Medhat Al Sharif Ramy Ahmed Reynaldo San Pedro Rohan Sheyte Sami Hijazi Sandeep Narayanan Vijith Vijakumar Vivin Vincent

16 17

Accounts and Office Secretarial & Support Staff Engineering Paul Adap

: :

23 Head of Engineering

Cup Lock Scaffolding System 18 Engineering Jenny AnnFerrer : Head of Design

Fast Track Formwork System 19 Engineering Jose G. Cruz : Head of Engineering

Delform Formwork Panel System 20 Engineering Vic Warden : Head of Engineering


Design Engineers & Site Inspectors Plant Production and Manufacturing Supervisors Production Manager Hussam Abu Hajjaj Drivers, Supervisors, Skilled, Semi-Skilled labor :

: :

17 3




U.A.E. Factories and Warehouses (Please see page 8 above)


Major Projects Carried Out (U.A.E Projects)

S# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Project Name Abu Dhabi Licence& Info Tech Dept. American School of Dubai Defence Building 132/33 KV Substation Landmark of Abu Dhabi 7 Building at Al Mamzar and Al Nadha First Gulf Bank Residential & Commercial Bldg. At Al Nahda Shk. Zayed Stadium Palm Island Lake Terrace Dubai International Airport Expansion 319 - Shoreline Apartments 329 Jumeirah Lake Towers Redevelopment of Mohamed Bin Zayed Stadium at Al Jazira Club UAE University 4 District Cooling Plant (CWP 1,2,3 & 4) Palm Jumeirah Commercial & Residential Tower Plot J2 Dubai Airport Free Zone Phase II Emirates Aviation Training Centre AM Tower Car Showroom Bay Gate Emirates Airline Staff Accommodation Ras Al Khaimah Mall Al Habtoor Island Resort &SpA Margham Gas Plant Studio City Job 305 Sham 1 Solar Power Storage Shk. Zayed Cricket Stadium Project Client Name Abu Dhabi International Contg. & Building Est. Al AhmadiahAktor Al Ain Gen. Contg. Al Basfoor Const. Al Habtoor- CCC JV Al HabtoorEngg. Al Habtoor Engineering Al Habtoor Engineering Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Hamed Dev. & Const. Al Oboor for Dev. & Const. Al Meraikhi Gen. Contg. Al Meraikhi Al NekhrehContg. Al NekhrehContg. Al NekhrehContg. Al NekhrehContg Al NekhrehContg. Al NekhrehContg. Al Nuaimi Al Shafar Gen. Contg, LLC Alstom Contg. Amana Steel Buildings Contg. Amana Pipe Line Const. Arabian Profile Co.

S# 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

Project Name Al Qattara Sports Club, Al Ain G+M Hyper Market, Ajman Al Ain Stadium Diamond 4 Dubai Health Care City Business Village at Port Saeed Abu Dhabi General Head Quarters (GHQ) New Extension Ritz Carlton Hotel Acadamic City # 317 Union Cooperative Society Shopping Mall, Al Barsha B+G+3 Jewellery Manufacturing Gold Refinery & Offices B+G+6 Residential Building on Plot 373-930, Al Barsha 1st 132/22 KV Sub-Station at New Airport IPIC New Headquarters Building Dubai Lagoon Project Zone 1,2 & 4 Leaf Tower Fujeirah Commercial Complex Dubai Police Headquarters Project Jebel Ali Power Station DEWA Office Building & External works Millennium Golf Resort, Plot 277, Al Ain Madina Tower Palace Project Power Station Jumeirah Beach Sofitel Hotel Discovery Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens Welcome Pavilion, Yas Island Shoreline Apartments, Palm Jumeirah The World Sales Center Nakheel Prime Tower Business Bay 40 Floors Conference Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi Victory Heights Project MRVC 2 Borouge III LDPE Project

Client Name Arabian Profile Co. Asia Prime Gen. Contg. Bam International Belhasa Engineering. Belhasa Engineering BelhassaEngg. Benyan Development Co. Bouygues Target JV BuhaleebaContg. BuhaleebaContg. Civil Construction Center Civil Construction Center Commodore Contg. Commodore Contg. Commodore Contg. Commodore Contg. Commodore Contg. City Engineering Consolidated Contractors Intl Co. Diploma Emirates Building Contg. Emirates BelbadiContg. Emirates Belbadi Engineers Office ETA, Dubai Evan Lim Penta Const. Ghantoot Gulf Contg. Interbeton KCPC KCPC KCPC Kocache Abu Dhabi L & T Eastern JV L & T Ltd.,

S# 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88

Project Name 132/11 KV Sub-Station at Dubai Land Maidan Project Mussafah Sea Side Tower at Al Reem Island Centre Hotel Project Commercial & Residential Bldg. Modern Pharmaceutical Building Oxford Tower at Business Bay Six Bridges Access Scaffolding B+G+7 Res. Building (Serenity Height) Al Nahda Shopping Mall Ruwais Refinery Expansion Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion Phase III KBZF Wedding Hall, Fujairah Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion Phase III

Client Name Lootah Building & Const. MTM LLC NPCC Orient House for Dev. & Const. Peremba Const. SDN BHD Saleh Construction. Saleh Const. Saleh Const. Samsung Engg. SariinContg. Saudi Bin Ladin Group SK Engineering SK Engineering Sun Engineering &Contg. System Construct

Construction of Kindergarten & Primary School at MadinatZayed System Construct (Western Region) Construction &Maint, of Abu Dhabi Future School Program Package # 5 B+G+M Shopping Mall at Jebel Ali DRC Green field Factory Ruwais Housing Complex Expansion International City Institute of Applied Technology Mosque and Memorization Center Residential Building (G+5) Dubai Metro Project (Project DM-001) System Construct. System Construct System Construct System Construct Test Contracting. Trojan Gen. Contg. Trojan Gen. Contg., Union Contracting Co. YongnamEngg. & Cont.

Major Projects Carried Out (Qatar Projects)

S# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 Gulf mall Doha Land Development Private Palace @ AL Gharafa G+1+P VILLA BANI HAJAR VILLA-MAIN VILLA North Gate Phase 1 Mall & Office Buildings ALMana Hotel Project EPIC FOR WET UTILITIES DISTRIBUTION NETWORK SUPPORT SERVICES AREAPHASE 1 & 2 - RasLaffan B+G+7 Building in ALMuntaza Abu Hamour Mall Halul Island New Desalination Plant Project H.E. SHEIKHA AMENA KHALIFA AL-THANI RESIDENCE Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry COMMERCIAL BLDG.- AL WAKRA - G+3 BLDG OFFICE BLDG. - B+G+2F BLDG Sheik Fahad Salman K A AL Thani - Villa ALGharafa Complex 2B+G+M+24 - WHITE SQUARE TOWER Doha South Sewage Treatment Project Sewage Plant Doha Land Development (Mushaireb) ABM Military College HMC - Cyclotron Building Regent Hotel DEVELOPMENT OF BARZAN CAMP (C1, C2 & C3 BUILDING) Breeding Farm Project 12 New Departure Gates Airport Project DIA ALAhnaf Elementary Girls School at AL- Doha ALAhnaf Preparatory Girls Schools at AL - Doha Mohammad Abdel Aziz Secondary Boys School at ALLuqta Preparatory School for Girls at North Khalifa Elementary School for Girls at North Khalifa Qatar Airways Crew Accommodation QATAR AIRWAYS PROJECT (RSRC 20114) Barwa City Amenities District Cooling Tunnels - Lusail City Project Name Client Name AL Alia Trading & Contracting AL Attiyah Architectural Group AL Attiyah Architectural Group AL BayraqContg. &Trdg. Co. AL Habtoor Engineering Enterprises Qatar WLL ALHamad Engineering ALJaber Engineering Co. ALSafwa Engineering AL Seal Contracting & Trading Co. WLL Archirodon Construction Overseas Co .S.A Badr Contracting & Trading Badr Contracting & Trading Badr Contracting & Trading Badr Contracting & Trading Badr Contracting & Trading Ezdan Trading & Contracting Ezdan Trading & Contracting GALFAR ALMisnadEngg. &Contg. WLL GALFAR AL MisnadEngg. &Contg. WLL HBK Contracting Co. WLL Mid Contracting MTT RAMCO Trading & Contracting WLL Redco Construction Almana Redco Construction Almana Redco International Redco International Redco International Redco International Redco International Redco International Redco International Rumaillah Construction WLL ShapoorjiPallonji Qatar WLL Scale Trading & Contracting

36 37 38 39 40

District Cooling Tunnels - Lusail City SUBSTATION H AND LAGOON SWITCH ROOM - Doha North Sewerage Treatment Plant SUBSTATION F AND DRIED SLUDGE STORAGE SWITCH ROOM - Doha North Sewerage Treatment Plant ACCESS SCAFFOLDING FOR WATER PROOFING AND SPECIALIZED FINISHING - Doha North Sewerage Treatment Plant SougWakif Car Park

Sinohydro Group Limited Unicon Limited Unicon Limited Unicon Limited UrbaCon International Co.

Major Projects Carried Out (Oman Projects)

S# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Project Name Extension of SQU Hospital Commercial Building at Wattaya Hotel GCC Building at Al Khuwair Mosque Apartment Building Building Consisting of 8 Floors Building Consisting of 8 Floors CAT Building at Al Khuwair Villa at Madinat Elam Commercial Building at Rumais College Administrative Building Mosque Big Building Big Palace Commercial Building at Saham Building at Khushdahm Oman Botanical Garden Nizwa Health Center Nizwa University Building Building Consisting of 8 Floors Residential Complex Mosque WadiMistal WadiHilti Al AinMuri Office and Warehouse for TibaPharma Commercial and Residential Building at Gala Buraimi Garden and Caf for MOAC Ware House at Ghubra Mosque Building for MEDC Salalah Airport Building Big Villa Building consisting of 8 Floors Client Name Al Amin Ramdan Trading Al Amin Ramdan Trading Al Hashemi& Al RawasTrad. & Cont. co. Al Nadha Al Omania Al Rawaj International Al RawasTrad. & Cont. Co. Al Sawaie Co. Al Subhiah LLC AmjaadEngg. AmjaadEngg. AmjaadEngg. Arabian Technical Supplies Assarain Int. Contg. Co. LLC Atlantic Co. Azzaha Services & Building Contractors LLC Bahnas Intl. Bahnas Intl. Bam International Business & Trade Celikls LLC Global Innovation Gulf International Contg. LLC Khalid Al Barawani Khalid Bin Ahmed Khalid Bin ahmed Khalid Bin Ahmed Hispanica Al Shafari Hispanica al Shafari Muscat Overseas Const. LLC Mustafa Ahmed Salman (MASTE) Noor BustanContg. Omania Traders Qurum Projects Salfie Trading &Contg. LLC Two Thousand Modern Trading Cont. Unique Contracting Co. LLC