The hypothetical situation excerpt for round 2 is as follows The Mayan civilization’s prediction about the world ending

proved to be true in some sense. The forces of nature like earthquakes, floods, violent storms etc. were seen all around the world in full force on that day. Man, since history has been helpless before these elements of nature and this situation was no exception. Countless lives were lost as a result. 20 years since that disaster, when the world is trying to get back on its feet again. The rules, government which used to exist earlier do not exist anymore in the same strength. In such a tragic time, all hope is lost and people feel that the concept of “righteousness” is no more justified in this world. Things like aggravated assaults, burglary, drugs trafficking, frauds, forgery, manslaughter, vandalism etc. have been on a rise. People think that their lives are in danger and hence they either end up taking wrong steps for survival like associating themselves with such anti social elements. The world might be appearing to be getting back together externally but what about its inhabitants, their internal state and their inner development? Will the world survive in the absence of sanity in the society? Probably, this time around, forces of nature might not have to show up.

As a participant: Assume you and your team members are part of an organization living in that era. You feel that something needs to be done in order to play some part in positive upliftment of the society from where it stands today. Play your part as an organization which has chosen internet as one of the most effective ways to do this. What would you do to multiply the level of hope that currently exists? How can you instil that hope among the people again and define and justify “righteousness”,among,masses?

Please remember these important points: 1. Please ensure that you mention your FB page name is in the format “Fiesta 2013_Media Maestros_TeamName”.

You can use any news that has happened prior to 21-12-2012 and corelate with things that have been happening in the current era 3.2. equipments or technology in general lies at your disposal to be used. . Any act of plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification without any further notice. 5. So all the technical tools. You have to create a new organization and the elements associated with it should be unique and not copied. The level of technology in the current era stays pretty much the same like it used to be. 4. There are no budgetary constraints for any initiative that you plan as an organization.

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