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Republic of the Philippines Department of Justice BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION Manila


NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS/PETITIONERS To avoid the summary denial/delay of your applications/petition, please be advised of the following: 1. All sworn statement or affidavits must be notarized. 2. Documents executed outside of the Philippines must be authenticated by the Philippine embassy/consulate official of the Philippine Foreign Service at the place of issuance or nearest to it, with English translation, if written in other foreign language. Any document executed within the Philippines must be duly certified by the offices having official custody of the originals. 3. All documents required for submission must be arranged in the order as listed hereunder; otherwise your application or petition cannot be processed immediately. 4. The original valid passport of applicant must be submitted to the frontline officer of the Central Receiving Unit for scanning. Thereafter, they shall be returned.



(Memorandum Order No. MCL-07-021 Chinese national married to a Filipino citizen) 1. ( ) A verified letter request from the petitioning Filipino spouse; 2. ( ) General Application Form duly accomplished and notarized (BI Form No. MCL-07-01); 3. ( ) Plain photocopy of the valid passport of alien spouse showing dates of arrival and authorized stay; 4. ( ) NSO-issued Marriage Certificate or if they were married outside the Philippines, the Marriage Certificate must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the place where the marriage was solemnized; 5. ( ) Divorce Decree/Annulment Order/Death Certificate, if applicable; 6. ( ) NSO-issued Birth Certificate of petitioning Filipino spouse; 7. ( ) NSO-issued Birth Certificate/s of minor child/ren; 8. ( ) Bureau of Immigration (BI) Clearance Certificate; 9. ( ) Joint Affidavit (applicant and Filipino spouse) stating therein the authenticity and genuineness of all documents submitted in support of the petition; 10.( ) Identification document of Filipino spouse like valid passport, company ID SSS/GSIS ID, PRC ID, Drivers License, TIN, or Voters ID/Registration; 11.( ) Such other documents that may be required of the petitioner and applicant to submit in support of their application. CERTIFICATION This is to certify that the documents submitted in support of the application/petition of ________________________________ are complete and in order. ______________________________________ BI-accredited Travel Agent (if applicable) _______________________________ Signature over printed name Process Officer for PRV/TRV ___________________________ Date