shtml Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Compatability We've received a number of questions about which of the sourcebooks and rulebook s from Shadowrun First, Second, and Third editions are compatible with the new F ourth Edition. The simplest way to answer this is to say that it depends on how much rules material a given book has. We completely revamped the rules system in SR4, so rules from previous editions are no longer compatible. Source material, on the other hand meaning plot, setting, and background material is largely compati ble with SR4, as we have not made any significant changes to Shadowrun's past hi story. We did, however, jump the timeline ahead 5 years to 2070, primarily to in troduce new Matrix technology, so some things may have changed in the meantime. BOOKS THAT ARE COMPATIBLE WITH SR4 These books are primarily source material, and are largely unaffected by the SR4 changes. 25015 Shadows of North America (Reprint of 10655) 25014 System Failure 25007 Shadows of Asia 25006 Loose Alliances 25002 Shadows of Europe 10667 Sprawl Survival Guide 10666 Dragons of the Sixth World 10657 New Seattle 10655 Shadows of North America 10653 Target: Wastelands 10652 Threats 2 10651 Target: Awakened Lands 10650 Year of the Comet 7219 Target: Matrix 7216 New Seattle 7215 Target: Smugglers Havens 7214 Target: UCAS 7213 Aztlan 7212 Denver: The City of Shadows 7211 Tir na nOg 7210 Tir Tairngire 7209 California Free State 7208 The Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life 7207 Native American Nations Volume Two 7206 Neo-Anarchists Guide to North America 7204 Germany Sourcebook 7203 London 7202 Native American Nations Volume One 7201 Seattle Sourcebook 7125 Corporate Download 7124 Cyberpirates 7123 Underworld Sourcebook 7122 Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets 7121 Threats 7117 Bug City 7115 Lone Star 7113 Corporate Shadowfiles 7109 Shadowbeat 7103 Sprawl Sites

Johnson's Little Black Book 10665 Survival of the Fittest 10664 State of the Art: 2063 10654 Wake of the Comet 7331 Brainscan 7330 Corporate Punishment 7329 First Run 7328 Renraku Arcology: Shutdown 7327 Blood in the Boardroom 7326 Mob War 7325 Missions 7324 Predator and Prey 7323 Shadows of the Underworld 7322 Super Tuesday 7320 Harlequins Back 7319 Double Exposure 7318 Divided Assets 7317 Paradise Lost 7316 Eye Witness 7315 Celtic Double Cross 7314 A Killing Glare 7313 Dark Angel 7312 One Stage Before 7311 Ivy & Chrome 7310 Elven Fire 7309 Imago 7308 Total Eclipse 7307 Dragon Hunt 7306 Harlequin 7305 Bottled Demon 7304 Queen Euphoria 7303 Dreamchipper 7302 Mercurial 7301 DNA/DOA 7205 Universal Brotherhood 7120 Awakenings 7118 Corporate Security Handbook 7112 Paranormal Animals of Europe 7105 Paranormal Animals of North America BOOKS THAT ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SR4 These books are primarily (90%+) rules. A new set of core rulebooks Street Magic. Many of these are adventures the plot is still usable. but the source material still is. Third Edition (Reprint of FASA 7901) Cannon Companion Magic in the Shadows Shadowrun Companion . so most of the material will not work wi th SR4.BOOKS THAT ARE PARTLY-COMPATIBLE WITH SR4 These books have some rules material that is no longer relevant. Third Edition (Reprint of 10660) The Shadowrun Character Dossier Rigger 3 Revised (Reprint + Revisions of FASA 7910) Shadowrun. 25001 25000 10673 10662 10660 10659 10658 10656 Man & Machine (Reprint of FASA 7126) Shadowrun. but any game mechanics and NPCs will need to be adjusted by the GM. Arsenal. among others will replace these books. and Unwir ed. Augmentation. 25004 State of the Art: 2064 25003 Mr.

0 Grimoire Second Edition SR2 GM Screen Shadowrun Second Edition (soft cover) Shadowrun Second Edition (hard cover) Man & Machine Cybertechnology Prime Runners Fields of Fire Shadowtech Rigger Black Book Virtual Realities The Grimoire Street Samurai Catalog SR1 GM Screen Shadowrun (First Edition hard cover) Shadowrun (First Edition soft cover) Shadowrun Quick Start Rules Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen Shadowrun Third Edition .7910 7909 7908 7907 7906 7905 7904 7903 7902 7901 7900 7126 7119 7116 7114 7110 7108 7107 7106 7104 7102 7101 7100 7003 7002 7001 Rigger 3 Matrix Cannon Companion Magic in the Shadows Rigger 2 Shadowrun Companion Virtual Realities 2.

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