Understanding Talent management as a process

Each and every organization is made up by a group of people, who work on different positions with different tasks assigned to them. Everyone have their own interests, but all the interest eventually must lead to one common target which is achieving the organizational goals on time and the most efficient and effective manner. Employees who work for the organization should be able to create a value through their innovations, customer services provided, sales made and other activities which would help the organization to grow. Organizations are to be held responsible for making sure that they are continuing to involve them in recruiting, training, managing, compensating and supporting the employees. The Process of Talent Management is briefly discussed below:

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Workforce Planning: - This stage is linked to the business plans (which are connected to the objective of the organization, what will be the plans to hire and setting a budget). Recruiting: - This stage is about attracting suitable candidates, screen them and select the qualified candidate for task. On-Boarding: - This stage shows a process in which the new employees of the company gain knowledge, skills and the necessary behaviour to complete a task. Some of the methods used in On-Boarding are formal meetings, lectures, videos and orientation based on computers. Performance Management: - Organizations will have to create a tool which can calculate and manage employee’s performance. Training and Performance Support: - Organization will be providing support on performance programmes and training to all levels of employees working for them.

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Critical Skill Gap Analysis: . Often question arises that how companies identify the role as per individuals and competences which are avoiding their roles. Compensations and Benefits: . The need for the talent is largely dependent on managerial level. so that they support business execution and business goals. Presently. Spicejet Airlines and Apple are one of those companies in which we can find quite a few bright colleagues working at their positions. Instead these companies locate them in other various countries and end up finding worthy candidates. There is a survey report which describes that the talent has become very scarce resource in today’s world. the competition level was not as high as it is in present scenario. So. the level of competition has become very high in volunteers as the customers want good products and services for them. The studies have given us the knowledge that a group of talented employees can perform nearly four to six times more than a group of average employees.Organizations continue to grow by time and changes occur in structure of organization. The organizations try to combine compensation and benefit plan with performance management. it has been found that there is a majority of the companies which use the talent management process. Succession Planning: . Indigo Airlines. a company needs to generate innovative ideas so they can sell their products with a unique selling point and which can be possible if these companies possess talented employees who capable of fulfilling skills to create extra ordinary ideas than others. Requirement of new talent rise with growing competition. Companies like Infosys. Managing the talent and using them for the benefits of the organization. During their time. These companies do not have to search for talent on at one location. as it includes management of both top level and middle level. To be the best player of the market. both existing and potential employees. as per their requirements. Today there are many companies who train their candidates to perfection and load them with required skills. This commonly known as ‘Critical Talent Management.It is liked to motivating employees. It is very difficult to locate or trace talented people as there has always been a shortage in talent.’   Present Situation of the companies in Talent Management The formula to measure the present framework in talent is given below Contribution * Commitment * Competence World. as we know it today. it has become really important to maintain the talented employees in the organization. The impression of talent management is not something unknown to the world as in a past few decades it wasn’t common. If the company is not successful in searching talent. The companies which have ample amount of talent in them develop well and faster.This function describes the required kind of skills for certain unique jobs (based on project). . the consequence will lead them to inefficiency and also lack effectiveness in decision making process. it has become very important to realize the importance of managing in the association. Some companies often ignore this function. Succession planning helps to manage the candidate with maximum efficiency. Microsoft. when compared to other companies. The organization can motivate via financial and non-financial factors. L&T.

They have 153. Developing. identify and match probable successors. it comprises of Attracting. who can play a serious role in their distant future. Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services. Succession Planning at Infosys Infosys’s Succession Planning is targeted to help them in selecting successors. The company uses the proactive approach. outsourcing and engineering. Their succession planning is largely made on proactive approach. Infosys Infosys is an Indian IT company. These plans are associated with the profiles to find.761 employees and in the year 2012 their total revenue was $6. improved quality of the product.In a more brief way. I have chosen three IT companies which operate in India and I will focus on the ways by which they manage their talent. Being able to provide a guarantee that all the hierarchy levels in the organization are properly aligned to excel in achieving various critical business goals and also being able to measure the improvement in the performance. . Infosys is always engaged in making a pool of talent for their future needs. it is one of the most vital factors for increasing the chances successful running of an organization. The reason being. Infosys will need to keep a close eye on each employee for the same. The three chosen companies are Infosys. which help the company in even transaction of authority and to pursue good leadership in the future. This helps in acquiring organization’s requirements in establishing and communicating to the corporate’s critical goods. which provide consultancy services through technology. Selecting. enhancement in productivity and also gives a boost in market capitalization. Promoting and also moving these employees through the functioning of the organization. There must be sufficient talent collected in the company which can fulfil future needs of Infosys. better customer satisfaction.99 billon. Training. Retaining. Managing talent in good terms helps to improve organization’s chances to earn higher profits.

Manager self-reviews their succession plans of the team members.       .Infosys generates reports for each employee. Infosys makes several succession plans for each task and situation.Identifying the suitable matches and assigning them ranks. Instead. who are working under that manager.Talent pool is the collection of talent. Manger self-service: .Infosys does not design a succession plan for particular position. Report generator: . Search features: . Infosys keeps a track of their talented candidates from which they can use in future for necessary tasks. For that company are required to manage their ‘talent pool’ periodically by identifying new candidate’s talent and recording their performance for periodic analysis. Talent pool: .Infosys has designed a method in which rating boxes help them to know the way of services provided by their employees. Configurable rating boxes: . By creating a nine box matrix and comparing those profiles to match the requirement of the employees in talent pool.Seven Pillars of Leadership Management  Succession 360:. This helps Human Resource to know the candidates talent and the capability of fulfilling requirements in future. Creates succession plans: .It gives all information about the candidates including their positions and task codes. Where all kinds of fish (fish meaning different kinds of candidates) can be located.

Succession planning is the most vital part of corporate strategy in IT companies. Infrastructure Engineering and Healthcare. In the year 2012.This is about focusing on the candidates and their performance.000 employees around the world. Karnataka.This is about substituting the whole unit of the candidates with improved talented candidates based on the latest requirement for the task. Succession Planning Wipro has termed their talent reviewing plan as Succession Plans. The determination of succession planning is to make sure that their company is choosing right candidates with appropriate skills to complete the given task. The company is operates in four major different sectors Consumer Care. . Role based: . Succession planning in Wipro is done in three ways 1.3 billion and Wipro had employed nearly 13.This is based on succession planning. the total revenue of the company was $7. Team based: . India. Individual based: . which is about identifying the main key person to manage/lead the task. IT products & services. 2.Wipro Wipro is a multinational Indian IT company headquartered in Bangalore. 3.

It is vital for Wipro to make sure during succession planning process is that they should have sufficient talent collected between which Wipro can select the talented candidates for appropriate posts. Talent review plan at Wipro is a crucial part of their talent management plan. Planning Process is next. Different type of training is provided. Wipro utilizes softwares which display the kind of talent required in company. It also finds what is available in their talent pool. Wipro has been considering the accountability factor as well. talent. Under their supervision. which is required to be implemented on the business strategy and also strengthen their talent pool. The decision is made by the board of members. Wipro follows its own life-cycle leadership development programme. These members identify the employees who are capable of taking over those roles immediately for duration of 1-3 years. . In this programme there are different types of leadership programmes followed. The software can detect and match the need with the best sources (according to employee’s data) available. candidates are filled with jobs as per their skills and talent in them. Wipro also considers the process to fill up the main roles of a CEO. It is similar to the data bank in which Wipro has all information regarding the skills.The step of reviewing talent (Succession Planning) The process of talent reviewing is performed to gain knowledge on the need of the talent. traits and other achievements of employees. Meanwhile. Clear Focus is the next thing which is considered very important at Wipro. Wipro continuously review their succession plans for further improvement. Training Process The training process is very difficult at Wipro. They are dedicated towards talent reviewing and personality direct plans. In Wipro both the chairman and the vice chairmen pay equal importance to talent reviewing. Wipro identifies the parts and begins to search the talent internally and externally both. Wipro remains much focused to the number of the senior posts which are occupied internally. The effectiveness of the succession planning is shown by by the completion of retention programme. which ensures that they get good experience inside and outside Wipro.

TCS is one of the most valuable companies and also holds the largest base in IT sector of India.076 employees are working. Today. It was established by JMD Tata in the year 1968. Aim of . so they can sustain their growth. TCS follows various strategies for talent management.17 billons and there are around 254. TCS has integrated competency management system. who are the board of members. In the year 2012. Class Room sessions and External Certifies as well. All the processes are completed to run a systematic exchange of the training load map of a large workforce in TCS. In TCS. requirement agencies and head hunters to attract the talented candidates. TCS is a subsidiary of TATA Group.It is vital for TCS to pull talented employees.It is vital for TCS to ensure that their employees are being trained periodically. then it should not have any effect on the smoothness of organization’s operations. TCS also recruit employees form various institutes as a part of their talent procurement. They have invested huge funds on new employees and for their training as well to ensure a secured future. that if any kind of major change is occurred in the leadership of the company. The succession planning is processed by the top level management. Succession Planning The succession planning takes place at every level in the organization. The company provides services for business solutions.685 employees. at the project level and even at the unit level of the business. The succession planning should be executed in such a way. In the year 2011. they use the online job sites.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is an Indian multinational company involve in IT sector. The process should happen at corporate level. the strategies are as follows:Competency development: . TCS is training their employees via E-Learning. Tata Consultancy Service’s total revenue was $10. Talent acquisition: . which includes various kinds of the processes through which the employees are trained and enhance their competency development. and outsourcing services. TCS had recruited the 69.

Compensation Management. For employees. Motivational factors are used to make the employees practice this method. . periodically. Literature Review In the article. Learning Management modules . Employees cost control: . Addition that.To develop the productivity of the employees. that these companies are very large in operations and employee management. ADP had made an announcement stating the accessibility of extended insight from ‘BersinBasics’. centre part of the planning process is Personal development planning which helps in retaining the quality checked employees (talented employees) in the company. These companies are keeping themselves updated about the latest technologies and maintaining a standard of talent of the candidates employed. TCS uses different wage systems to improve productivity and to motivate the employees working on their task. All the above companies have managed to design appropriate talent management strategies according to their needs and functions taking place in the company.TCS. has always tried to motivate their employees by handing them good opportunities for growth through job rotation and providing a complete knowledge of the happenings. Performance Management and Talent Acquisition. These three companies (Infosys. the company noted the new ADP Talent Management Suite had included Succession Management. Conclusion I would like to conclude from the analysis made above. periodically. By this method. the employees stay skilful and help to maintain talented employees within TCS. a research-based multimedia learning solution that allow business leaders and Human Resource professionals to gain knowledge about the basics of successful talent management in a 'just-in-time' method of learning.TCS at this stage was to hire as many talented employees as possible and train them in order to fulfil their future plans. Wipro and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd) are from the same sector (Information Technology) and they have different styles followed by each company. Retaining quality talent: . TCS ensures that their employees are updated with new technologies and process for highest efficiency. TCS is providing good training programmes. Skilled and talented employees help in reducing wastage and increasing productivity of the company.

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