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Prim. Vidin Mila, MD MR-SCI



WORK ADDRESS:Institute of Rheumatology

Resavska 69, 11000Belgrade,Serbia

fax: + 381 11 36 00 800, tel. + 381 11 36 00 989

Golsfordijeva 8, 11000 Belgrade,Serbia, Yugoslavia

home adress tel . +381 11 2453 834


DATE OF BIRTH: 21/ 11/ 1949.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Bitola, Yugoslavia

MARITAL STATUS: divorced, one child


1)MD ( Medical School, University :"Ciryl and Methody"

Skopje), Yugoslavia, 1976

2)Mr-Sci thesis in Molecular Immunology:" Human leucocyte antigens (HLA) and malignant
lymphomas " (University of Zagreb, 1983.)

3) Specialist in MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY (Skopje,1985).


1)Work in tissue typing laboratory in INSTITUTE OF HAEMATHOLOGY AND TRANSFUSIOLOGY

(Medical School, University :"Ciryl and Methody" Skopje), 1979/1980

2)General practitioner, " First aid-Emergency " Skopje

(1981-1983) night shift.

3) Specialization in General practice (Medical School,

University:"Ciryl and Methody" Skopje), 1980-1983).

3)Specialization in MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY (Medical School, University :"Ciryl and Methody"

Skopje), 1983-1985) (spec. thesis in Laboratory of Institute of nuclear medicine and
pathophysiology-full time).

4)Title "Primarius", awarded by National Ministry of Health (2003)

5)Specialist in Laboratory dpt (1986-2008y.)

6)Ph.D. thesis in Comparative physiology: »Effects of nutrition and physical activity on

hormonal status and some aterogenic factors in patients with Sindrome X (insulin resistance
syndrom) 2002-2006) in Laboratory of Institute of endocrinology, Institute Inep/Zemun and
lab. od Institute of Rheumathology.


1) 1977 Training course (6 months) and final examine for MD legal work in TRANSFUSION, in
Institute of transfisiology and haematology, Medical faculty, Skopje

2) 1977-78 practical analyses of mr. thesis in imunoserologic dpt. for HLA tissue typing and
Blood group in Institute of transfusiology and haemathology, Skopje.

3)2001 Training courses of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE:

a)Regenerative medicine (Society of integrative medicine),

b)Integrative medicine (bioresonante therapy-Novi Sad),

c)Methods of homeopathy, Belgrade-Novi Sad Section of homeopathy, the Serbian Medical


4)2002 Training course: Total quality management and accreditation of Clincal laboratory,
Phaculty of pharmacy and Biochemical society, Belgrade

5)2002 Course in Diagnostic methods in Diabetology Medical School University of Belgrade),

and Section of endocrinology and diabetology, the Serbian Medical Society

1)LEFLUNOMIDE (135.000 lab. analysis in multicenter, randomized, Contolled Study to

Asses the Safety and Efficacy of LEFLUNOMIDE,).

2) Effects of Antioxidative therapy and Radiology (Ministry of Science and Technology of

Republic Serbia, 1996-2000.

3)Risk factors for rheumatic diseases and prognostic parameters of course and outcome in
systemic connective tissue diseases – Project M1907 sponsored by the National

Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic Serbia.


1) Member of the Rheumatology Section of the Serbian Medical Society, from 1986-

2) Member of the Biochemical Society, Society of pharmacyst and med. biochemist Medical
Society, from 1986-2006…….

3) Voulentair in Ocupational therapy and kinesiology


1) Author of the chapter in " Hyperbaric oxygen therapy,

1998.Nauka, Belgrade, 1998 : 81-115.

2) Monograph : Synergistic effects of nutrition, exercisas

and bichevioral therapy in patient with Sindrom X

medical and social singnifacance, Belgrade 2006/07.

3) Brochure for sudents: Pahophysiology of syndrom X

OTHER PUBLICATIONS: 3) Author or coauthor of more than 55 scientific papers published

in national and international journals, as well as in the proceedings of national and
international biochemistry, rheumatology, and physical activity meetings.