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Law Student Government Central Board

Minutes of the Meeting

Special Meeting No. 1
July 23, 2012, 8PM


1. Benedict G. Nisperos, President Present
2. Marie Louise N. Camino, Internals Vice President Present
3. Julienne Marie A. Morada, Externals Vice President Absent

4. Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary Present
5. Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos, Treasurer Present

6. Patrick Chris D. Carbonell, Public Relations Officer Absent

7. Ma. Christina S. Reyes, College Representative to the USC Present
8. Diega D. Villanueva, Evening Representative Present
9. Jelorie F. Gallego, Evening Representative Present
10. Jian Paulo P. Boller, 4
Year Representative Present
11. Paolo O. Celeridad, 4
Year Representative Absent

12. Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao, 3
Year Representative Present
13. John Paul R. Rotap, 3
Year Representative Present
14. Hanna Keila H. Garcia, 2
Year Representative Present
15. Ranulfo J. Javelosa III, 2
Year Representative Present
16. Lazaro Kevin G. Pabiona, 1st Year Representative Present
17. Carlo Augustine A. Roman, 1st Year Representative Present

1. Report on SONA forum
2. Updates on College issues
3. Updates of activities for July
4. Updates

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM at the LSG Room with the LSG President
presiding over the meeting. The meeting immediately proceeded with the discussion of the


1. Report on SONA forum
Around twenty (20) students came to watch the SONA. Post-SONA forum will be held on
Friday afternoon, July 27, 2012. However, there is an issue on speakers. Prof. Roque has
not replied while Prof. Hilbay has not given his confirmation yet. Ms. Morada or any
member of PAC will talk with Ms. Dio within the week to fix the issues regarding the

2. Updates on College issues
a. Wi-fi issue
The opinions of the students are fragmented. There are those students who are
appreciative of the issue and there are also those who strongly oppose the
imposition of fees.

The proposed fees and implementation of the new system are as follows:
o P10.00 per hour
o P18.00 per 2 hours
o P25.00 per 3 hours
o The piepaiu cards will be released either by the Beans office oi 0CS
o If the students already consumed the allowed number of hours for internet
usage they neeu to buy anothei piepaiu caiu
o Minute charging for internet usage is possible since the law library already
has a software for its implementation

Mr. Nisperos talked with the Dean regarding the proposal of the students. Mr.
Nisperos proposed that the internet bandwidth be divided to provide two (2)
services: free and paid internet services. For free internet services, the students may
use up to 2 mbps. For the paid internet services, the students may use up to 14
mbps. The Dean manifested that he is willing to give concession for the need of the
students. He also said that he will talk with his team to discuss if the scheme
proposed by the students is possible.

Ni }avelosa askeu if auuitional iouteis will be auueu since theie aie black spots
inside our building. This issue will be referred to the Office of the Dean. Mr. Tayao
commented that instead of using the margin of speed as the selling factor for the
paid system, might as well use accessibility of sites. He added that the internet is
being used for academic purposes and manifested his opposition to the new
payment scheme.

Mr. Nisperos thereafter clarified the DILNET services of the college. The internet fee
paid by the students at the start of the semester is for the 20 hours for internet
provided by DILNET. In order to maximize the DILNET internet services, the LSG
should talk with the University Student Council to propose improvements and
negotiate the terms and conditions for the use of DILNET services. Mr. Javelosa
commented that the duty to talk with the DILNET provider is the College
administration. Hence, it is the Dean should be the one to talk with the provider.
However, the Dean, during his talk with Mr. Nisperos, clarified that we should first
discuss with the USC to clarify the steps to be undertaken.

Actions taken and to be taken:
Mr. Nisperos, Ms. Reyes and Mr. Boller are tasked to talk with the IT people and
explain the proposed implementation of the new ISP

b. USC Manininda
The Dean already received the letters/petitions from the USC, LSG and USC
Manininda. The Dean agreed to let the Manininda stay inside the College premises,
subject to the following conditions:
No other manininda will be added within the College premises
The design of the kiosk has to conform with the design of the walkway
The design of the kiosk has to be approved by the Dean
The kiosk should be permanent. The Dean can provide the paving but
the rest will be shouldered by the manininda or the LSG or the USC

Actions taken and to be taken:
Ms. Reyes will look for a student from the College of Architecture who can design
the kiosk of the manininda for free.

A meeting was scheduled with Ate Edna, the president of the Manininda, on 24
July 2012.

The Central Board agreed to help in raising funds for the construction of the
kiosks of the USC manininda within the College.

c. OLA
The Director agreed to conduct a class from 10:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the
afternoon for those students who have conflict with their schedule. The first
meeting of the special class is on 11 August 2012. The students who are taking SLR
may opt to attend the 10:00-1:00 class.

3. Updates of activities for July

a. Bulletin
Mr. Nisperos commented that the weekly release of LSG Bulletin was good. He just
asked the person-in-charge of the bulletin to include the names of Mr. Pabiona and
Mr. Roman in the list of the members of the Central Board.

Mr. Boller also suggested creating an FB version of the LSG Bulletin. The rest of the
members of the Central Board agreed to the creation of LSG Bulletin in FB.

b. Groundbreaking
The groundbreaking is scheduled on 24 July 2012. The LSG Central Board will send
Ms. Villanueva as the representative of the LSG.

c. Save Tibet HR Forum
The forum will be held on Friday, 27 July 2012, from 9:00 in the morning until 12:00
noon LSus paiticipation is limiteu to infoimation uissemination and logistics tasks
such as setting up of exhibit and manning the registration booth.

Actions taken and to be taken:
All members of the Central Board are required to attend the forum. All are
requlreJ to be ln thelr formul uttlre For thoxe who cunt uttend, they are
required to inform Ms. Sacramento before the event.

d. LSG Room
The Dean informed the LSG, through Mr. Nisperos, that the current LSG Room will
not be affected by the new building to be constructed after the Law Faculty Center.
The Dean likewise mentioned that the LSG may get a new office in the new building
once the same is constructed.

After the discussion, the Central Board decided to stay in the current office inside
the Malcolm Hall.

Actions taken and to be taken:
The LSG still needs to look for speakers for the SONA forum.

f. Freshie Night
Freshie Night is scheduled on 28 July 2012, from 5:00-9:00 in the evening.

Actions taken and to be taken:
The organizers of the Freshie Night requested the LSG to provide drinks during
the event.

g. Post-SONA forum
The forum is scheduled on 27 July 2012, 2:00-4:00 in the afternoon. The forum will
be held at the Ambion Room of the College of Law.

Actions taken and to be taken:
All members of the Central Board are required to attend the forum. For those
who cunt uttenJ they ure requlreJ to lnform Mx Sucrumento before the event

h. Assist for Jill
An Assist for Jill, a fund-raising event organized by UPCLOSE, will be held on 29 July
2012, 8:00 in the morning, at the LWUA gym.

Actions taken and to be taken:
The members of the Central Board are highly encouraged, but not required, to
attend the event. However, all members of the Central Board are required to buy

i. LSG Workshop
Actions taken and to be taken:
An online discussion in the FB group will be held to fix the schedule of the

j. Gender forum
The forum will be held on 03 August 2012, from 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon at the
Malcolm Theater. The speakers for the said forum are the following:
Prof. Florin Hilbay of the College of Law
Atty. Germane Trittle Leonin, 3
Congressional Nominee for Ladlad
Prof. Eric Manalastas of the College of Arts and Letters

PVO will participate in the said forum. The organizers asked the members of the LSG
and the USC to attend the forum.

Actions taken and to be taken:
Teasers will be released on Wednesday (25 July 2012) afternoon. Actual posters
will be released on Monday, 30 July 2012.

k. FTV
After the discussion, the Central Board decided that it will participate but its
participation is limited to posting and attending the forum.

DARE-FOI is a campaign initiated by the USC. The launch of the campaign will be
held on 25 July, 2012, 1:00 in the afternoon at NCPAG.

The members of the Central Board discussed the possible participation of the LSG in
the said campaign. The Central Board decided to participate in the campaign and to
lend the name of the LSG in the said campaign. In addition, members of the Central
Board who do not have classes during the launch are highly encouraged to attend.

4. Updates

Mr. Tayao manifested his opposition to the said decision.
a. Solicitations
i. Target Companies assignment
o P&G x-deals (head and shoulders)
o Mr. Pabiona JG Summit
o Mr. Nisperos Phillip Morris, Unilever
o Ms. Villanueva San Miguel
o Mr. Roman Bounty fresh
o Mr. Tayao GSK

ii. Professors
Incentive shall be given to the CB member who will have the highest amount

b. Website (c/o Mr. Carbonell and Ms. Sacramento)
Ms. Sacramento needs syllabus and reviewers for the online academic library.

c. Registration Report (c/o Ms. Camino)
i. Report to College Administration
o Scheduled to be finalized tonight, 23 July 2012
o Ms. Camino asked the Central Board to give their comments so she can
finalize the report ASAP
ii. Report to students
o Deadline is on Thursday

There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM.

Prepared by:
Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary

Noted by:
Benedict G. Nisperos, President