The wife cries when the husband dies. Senses experience objects in Space and Time. Some call it the ‘Body’. SELF covers the Mind. Is it the Body? Is it the Mind? Is it the Intellect? Is it beyond all these? Nobody Knows. SELF SELF is faster than Mind. SELF runs faster than the Senses. SELF is PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. SELF is there where the Mind cannot go. SELF covers the Mind. SELF is everywhere. Everyone knows their own SELF exists. SELF is there where the Mind can go. BecauseThe husband is loved not for the sake of the husband but for the sake of her own SELF. SELF is very near. SELF is very far. Why? . SELF does not move. Some call it the ‘Mind’. OtherwiseThey would not be ‘selfish’. when they look into the mirror. Some call it the ‘Intellect’.INTRODUCTION This is a collection of hymn-translations from various Upanishads randomly selected. Space is in Mind. SELF does not move. with a slight explanation when needed. Hope the reader is able to have a glimpse into the abstract world of the Ancient Seers. SELF is very far. SELF is faster than the Mind. SELF is already there where the Mind wants to go. when they are absorbed in Thoughts. Space and Time are Thoughts of the Mind. Nobody understands their own SELF. SELF is beyond Space and Time. when they think of abstract things. SELF has no Space to move.

When she is no more – Does his mind waver when he sees other women? Does his love for the dead wife make him forget all pleasures in life? He cries. Why? Because – The cooking is unmanageable? The children are too fussy? The increased burden of work? The bed of enjoyment is empty? Sex remains un-satiated? Loneliness bites? Old age overtakes? Death frightens? For whom is he crying? – For himself? Or.” SELF is the dearest of all. All are loved because one always loves one’s own SELF. The husband cries when the wife is dead. .even as she cries sitting next to the dead body? Does she miss the morning coffee after the body is cremated? Does she welcome the thought of the dead person suddenly getting up and hugging her? Can she stay with the dead body alone without fear? Can she bear the spirit of the dead person appearing before her? Whom does she love? – Herself? Or. the status. her husband? The wife is loved not for the sake of the wife – But for the sake of his own SELF.Because of – Loss of security? Un-fulfilled desires? Burden of responsibilities? Does she really care about his fate? Does she wonder about his destiny after death? Does she repent for forcing him to accumulate wealth without rest? Does she forget the ‘Safe’ keys hanging in her waist. He vowed eternal love to his spouse.For the dead wife? The wealth. the pleasures even the sacrifices one makes and feels elated about – “Everything is for the sake of the SELF alone. the learning. He is frustrated.

He sees deep inside you. . Selfishness is very costly. Organs of action act mechanically – Even when. ButWhy some souls have the misfortune of missing some of these organs? Because of – Not taking care of them properly – in one of their life stories. the greedy mind. one is not aware of them. They are parts of a superb machine called ‘Body’. He stares at you with cold steely eyes. He is heartless when sees the selfish ones. That is why He has become a stone statue in temples. He watches silently – The priest . GOD God is very cruel indeed. Sometimes you have to pay with your organs. the unclean hands. feet. They do not ask the Mind to give them a hand. He knows all the dirty thoughts hovering in your mind. the quick grabbing of the coins from the ‘Aarati’ plate. He is stone-hearted.his sweaty body. Not because they did not use creams and powders – ButBecause they used these organs for selfish purposes – they are taken away or lose their perfection. and excretory organ. speaking faculty. The action done by them is inert. the stupid intellect. Their actions do not have any part in creating destiny. They do not need much control. Organs of action are – Hands. Organs of Knowledge and Organs of Action.SELF What is SELF? SELF is the support of sense organs. They can manage themselves. Sense organs are of two kinds. procreating organ. the senseless harsh un-rhythmic intonations of the hymns.

For Shankara . He does not need them.He played the Flute. He is very very lonely. That is why – He has become a stone statue. Nobody actually believes in His Existence Not even the sweating priest. Nobody wants to know what He wants. He misses the love-lorn songs. gossips and rumors. gold ornaments and silver armors. HE watches all. He can create any amount of them from dust.He wooed.He melted off.He is just a stone statue. He cannot be fooled by the grand processions of the chariot. new chappals.He also watches Your horripulations – not rising out of devotion. For Tukaram . He wants only hearts – Golden hearts full of LOVE. He also watches – The crowd of -so-called devotees. But – Nobody watches Him. For Meera .out of the sweet fragrance flowing from the pretty bodies. on the stone slab outside. who sit. Nobody cares for Him. For Purandara dasa . Nobody loves Him. Nobody loves Him.except God. but . . economy of the country. beauty of the opposite sex.He smiled. He cannot be fooled by diamond diadems and crowns. who jostle and hustle in the crowd near you. He cannot be fooled by the garlands.He danced. after the worship. any and every other topic that is there . He is tired – of all the pompous show. to rest in peace. For Akka MahaDevi . (One is supposed to sit in contemplation -for a few minutes before leaving the temple of God) and discuss -politics. Nobody wants Him. He is a vagabond. He misses the tear -filled calls. He does not need the shelter of a golden roof. ButFor others . He needs your silent heart. Nobody knows Him. He is lonely.

Shiva misses Akka. to be frustrated about the unfulfilled desires. games. computers. Krishna misses Radha. Getting a name in the Guinness book of Records – is fulfillment in life. films. hotels.CHILD The child is interested in – Home-works. to blame others for their own faults. They do not believe in giving up enjoyments . obscene films. he hates religion.alone! . Vedas are senseless. God-believers are stupid. Old is bad. Career and money is the supreme goal of life. They care two hoots for God and Knowledge. videos. worship halls. He misses the love-lorn calls. fictions. Giridhar misses his Meera. For him. For him. bunking classes.for any Ultimate Truth. Dating is the discipline. Rama misses Thyagaiah. YOUTH The teenager is interested in – Girls. trash books. they also have no time for GOD. OLDAGE The old men –they have time only to worry. God is an irrational concept. Disrespecting elders is fashion.he exists not for God. God is lonely. or ‘fraud’ organizations parading as spiritual havens. For these lost souls – Sex is the motto. God is alone…. ButDrug addicts are rational? God exists not for him. And. Vittala misses Tukaram. And – The youth hates GOD. The young man and woman – believe in enjoyments. He is the real orphan of the world.

God watches them too. you can’t hear.SELF SELF is alone. some] Who think they are the superior creatures of Earth – Who imitate the show models of the film-world – Who have no time to improve their Knowledge – Who stick to the lessons written in pre-independent era – Who quote Gandhi. Supreme is placed in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Heart. . nose. Teachers – [not all. Nose can only smell. The organs of Knowledge are ruled by the Mind. Puranas – by the age of eight. When you smell the rose .You do not see the rose. Eye can only see. Organs of Knowledge are five in number. There are two kinds of organs. When you hear. Skin can only feel. intelligent. skin. Body is supported by the pillars of ‘legs’. The Dome is adorned with the organs of Knowledge. And-The Mind-Power is wasted away. SELF is second -less. SELF is the support of the sense organs. ears. When you see. The rational. Not even the ability to memorize the daily tasks. modern child –can’t even master one essay taught by the bored teacher. you can’t see. Eyes. You lose the ability to concentrate. Being unaware of your mind’s evil ways –You allow it to wander. only with the help of the Mind. and tongue. That is why –You miss so many things in life. All placed in the Dome . Ear can only hear.including the so-called brainless brain. only when the Mind co-operates. Nehru and Vivekananda – But only follow the dictates of their ignorant mind . Each organ of Knowledge can function only one at a time. Tongue can only taste. Organs of Action and Organs of Knowledge. Whereas-The irrational stupid ancients – could memorize the whole of Vedas. Each sense acts in one particular way -fit for one particular experience only. Organs of Knowledge – are placed in the Dome of the temple called ‘body’.

] . there is a copy of the Krishna-figure. the gopis had their own husbands and lovers as partners. but each Gopi is under the delusion that – Krishna is dancing only with her. And – Use the energy collected for achieving higher goals in life. there is an ‘I’ idea associated with it. This analogy is borrowed from one of the works of saint Soordas. The only way to control the Mind – is to dam it up. In reality. and will look attractive in a painting. Though analogy is good. The gopis never see the central figure. which only served the purpose of diverting his mind from God. [The usually quoted analogy for the above-mentioned concept is –RAASA-DANCE of Krishna and Gopis. and bitten by the scorpion of desires! Mind madly runs about here and there. What connects these unconnected flashes in awareness? Silence! Pure Awareness! SELF! Silent Witness! SUN! BRAHMAN! ‘I’! On the stage of the SILENT SELF – All thoughts dance holding on to IT. not just Krishna. THOUGHTS What is Mind? Thoughts! What is a ‘thought’? A Flash of awareness! Flashes are unconnected. But with every thought that arises. One main Krishna stands in the centre. we have to remember that it is only an analogy. as her own partner. Krishna was just a kid in Gokul and in any festive dance occasion. and not with other Gopis.MIND Mind is very powerful –When controlled. But – Mind is like a monkey – senseless by the drinking the wine of pleasures.dancing with each Gopi. He was an ardent devotee of Sri Krishna and even voluntarily blinded himself so as not to see any object in the world. all gopis dance around Him. What is Mind-control? Power to concentrate! If you can smell a flower continuously for two minutes without distraction – Even that is called –Mind Control. SELF or I is the un. Though the central figure is not moving. Or – Kill the Mind once for all.moving central figure.

Next day. A Knowledge. Saatvic mind is nearer SELF. It is filled with RAJA – dust. It is filled with TAMAS – Darkness. It is Rajasic. A lazy mind – seeks ruses to relax.each night. . wears the garb of the Intellect –and sorts all the files. even in the working places. again Mind is ready – to collect a lot more sensations. An active mind – seeks out more fields for actions. Some special sensations are. It is Saatvic.loving mind seeks Knowledge – from all Knowers – even in books. Active mind is also averse to Higher Knowledge. It is filled with SATVA – purity. A trash-loving mind collects – trashes. And – The unwanted files are burnt – in dreams .ANTARANGA INNER FACULTY Mind absorbs sensations from the objects – sends them inside – like unsorted files.kept inside – stored and treasured in the innermost chambers of the Brain. Saatvic mind is forever seeking Light. A pure silent mind loves Knowledge. Mind again. A lazy dark mind does not need Knowledge or light. It is Taamasic.

SELF is the Support of the Intellect. . ears etc – Detach the mind from all senses – You have to forget everything – Even time and space – Then… Withdrawing into deeper depths You have to knock continuously at the door of the Inner Chamber – till the file is thrown at your face unexpectedly. SELF is Buddhi. SELF is Pure Awareness. SELF is the Support of the Senses. whatever you were trying to remember. SELF is Manas. When you want a file backWhen you want to remember a forgotten song – When you frantically sit in the exam-hall. You just have to close your eyes. A sudden flash! You remember the song – The formulaOr. SELF is Chitta. SELF acts as the MANAS – the sorting out faculty.SELF SELF is Light. SELF is CHIT. SELF is Knowledge. SELF is the Support of the Mind. recalling a forgotten math’s formula – CHITTA acts. You are back collecting sensations. ThenMind is back in action. World appears as before. SELF acts as the CHITTA – the remembering faculty.

Awareness of some sensation in the nose. An inner eye is needed to understand the world..SENSE EXPERIENCE There are two stages in any sense experience. In the First stagethere is only silence. Only in the second stage. Something sees through the eyes. We don’t observe the two different stages in-built in it. There is only Awareness. The first stage is missed by all – though it is the supporting state of sense-experience.! From the Silence of the SELF – arise the ‘ thoughts of particularities’‘VAAK’ as the Upanishad proclaims. Awareness of some sensation in the tongue. Since the perception process is very fast. Awareness of some name and form. Something smells through the nose. AndThat silent state is – SELF – ‘Pure Awareness’! How do the eyes see? The physical eye has not the capacity to see. Awareness of some sensation in the skin.. ‘Recognition of the object’ with name and form occurs. Something feels through the skin. Something tastes through the tongue. When any object comes in the line of vision. at first there is no recognition of the object. Awareness of some sound. Only an awareness of ‘something out there’ – is there. . Something hears through the ears. No particularity is perceived. The thought flashes so fast.

Both are not different states. Action is pure. Reactions provoke the results. The king overhears the verses. but within the hearing of the king. Reaction leads to – further actions and reactions. He decides to walk out of the palace immediately.] In the exam hall. [YOGA VAASHISHTA . and become a recluse. . Action is inert. A sudden dispassion rushes through his mind. Reaction colors it. Actions are inert. whether I walk out or stay here. Invisible. each one utters a verse of Knowledge. The process continues till you are –completely drowned in actions.“what does it matter. Five SIDDHAS – ‘Sages with miraculous powers’ descend into the garden from the sky. but do not react. see the question paper and start writing. King Janaka was once sporting with a beautiful damsel in the royal garden. Both the ‘palace. he continues to sport with the girl. Mind starts’ and the ‘jungle –life’ are just illusions. Reactions bind you to outcomes. Act always. Embrace a girl – ActThe action does not bind you. As he listens. But feel anxious or frightened – you are bound to ‘good’ or ‘bad’ results.This Awareness is followed immediately by – overflowing thoughts.” Without bothering to outwardly exhibit his dispassion. Reaction binds. he contemplates on the Supreme Self and realizes the next instant.quotes an anecdote from King Janaka’s life. React Enjoy or get repulsed by the touch – you are bound. But he again thinks.

you know what happens in the dream. You know ‘nothing’ was there. SELF is ATMAN. ‘being aware’ of your own actions.sleep state. You will know the ‘life’ of your life-energy. You will know the ‘formless’ ‘nameless’ ONE . dream and deep sleep – are the three states of Mind. SELF is BRAHMAN. You will know the ‘Truth’ of the Truth. your thinking processes. ‘being aware’ of your thoughts. SELF is the support of all thoughts. SELF is KEVALA. You do not know.THE LONE ONE. If you learn the art of – ‘being aware’ at all times. SELF is the Support of all. . You will know the ‘Praana’ of Praana. AWARENESS You are not aware that ‘you are aware’ at all times. You will know the ‘Unknowable’ SELF. KEVALA. at the time of dreaming. Practicing such an awareness state – leads you to greater awareness and bliss. You are aware of all actions during the dream state. You will find the Truth behind all the actions you perform. Of course you may forget the dream when you wake up – But. you are in the state of SELF.WAKING. You are aware of nothing. SELF is the support of all states of Mind.SVAPNA-JAAGRIT-SUSHUPTI DREAM. You are aware of all actions in the waking state.DEEP SLEEP STATES. The waking. You have forgotten to be ‘aware’ of the ‘awareness’. what happened in the deep.behind all the varied names and forms.

AANANDA is the ‘bliss’ sheath. He who crosses over these five sheaths – He becomes – The Food – The eater of Food – The Unifier of all – The Creator of worlds – The Container of forms and formless ones – The Source of Immortality – The Conqueror of all worlds – The Effulgent One – The Pervader of All – He is BRAHMAN. Food is BRAHMAN. He is all the five sheaths and .PANCHAKOSHA FIVE SHEATHS SELF is covered by five sheaths. Vital Force is BRAHMAN. . ANNA is the ‘food’ the SELF covered by these sheaths. Knowledge is BRAHMAN. VIJNAANA is the ‘Knowledge’ sheath. PRAANA is the ‘vital force’ sheath. Bliss is BRAHMAN. MANA is the ‘mind’ sheath. He alone IS – He IS – IS. Mind is BRAHMAN.

Men had too much greed. SELF cannot be known. All three understood them differently. SELF never acts. DAMA.THE LETTER ‘DA’ Gods. SELF is not the object of Knowledge. A non-reacting mind is dead. He instructed them all – “DA”. So they needed to be kind. DAYA. A ‘dead mind’ does not react. Realize the TRUTH. DAANA. SELF is never bound. SELF never reacts.give to the needy. So they needed to ‘Give’. Control – Charity – Compassion. Demons were cruel to others. Gods had too many enjoyments. If you have too much wealth . Give. If you have too much selfishness . If you have too many enjoyments . SELF can be known only through a non-fluctuating mind. AATMA-SAAKSHAATKAARA SELF-REALIZATION SELF. Men. . So they needed to ‘Control’. SELF is without any fluctuations. Control. Be kind and. SELF is the Support of All Knowledge. and Demons approached PRAJAAPATI. A non-fluctuating mind is dead.develop Self-Control.learn to be kind. Only a ‘dead mind’ can see the SELF.

Mind cannot sense the SELF. and burns off the whole ‘filing system’. You KNOW the ‘Unknowable’ SELF. When all the ‘files’ are burnt off – When you knock at the door of CHITTA With repletion of the ‘Mantra’ – OM CHITTA gets tired by the knocks. ‘AN AWARENESS OF ONE’S OWN EXISTENCE’. CHITTA is silent.River cannot see its own origin. Sorting ceases. . You exist ‘as’– The eye of the eye – The ear of the ear – The nose of the nose – The taste of the taste – The touch of the touch‘The ‘AWARENESS’ behind All Knowledge’. A single state alone remains. Collections cease. Intellect cannot understand the SELF. ButCHITTA can ‘remember’ the SELF. And you just ‘KNOW’ who you are.


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