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Class 8 |

Section i : LogicaL ReaSoning

1. 2. if aMRitSaR is coded as MaiRStRa, then caLcUtta will be coded as (a) ACLCTUAT (B) LACTUCAT (c) ACCLTUAT (D) ACCLUTAT

Sunita is taller than Seema and Renu, Renu is shorter than Radha and gauri. Beena is taller than Radha and shorter than Sunita. Sunita is not the tallest and Renu is not the shortest. Who is the tallest? (a) Sunita (B) Beena (c) Gauri (D) Data inadequate


A boy first goes in South direction, then he turns towards left and travels for some distance. After that he turns right and moves certain distance. At last he turns left and travels again for some distance. Now, in which direction is he moving? (a) South (B) West (c) East (D) North


In the given diagram, the smaller triangle represents the teachers, the big triangle represents the politicians, the circle represents the graduates, and the square represents the Members of Parliament. Different regions are being represented by letters of English alphabets. Who among the following are graduate member of parliament and politicians also? (a) B (c) F (B) G (D) E
Teachers E D C F H G B A Members of Parliament Graduates L Politicians


Five persons are standing in a queue. One of the two persons at the extreme ends is a Professor and the other is a Businessman. An Advocate is standing to the right of a Student. An Author is to the left of the Businessman. The Student is between the Professor and the Advocate. Counting from the left end the Author is at which place? (a) First (B) Second (c) Third (D) Fourth


Ajay is positioned 8th from the left and Amit is positioned 9th from the right in a row of 15 students. How many students are between ajay and amit? (a) 2 (B) 1 (c) 5 (D) 0


Pointing to Raman in the photograph, Aditi said, "The only son of his mother is my father". How is aditi related to Raman? (a) Mother's sister (B) Bua (Father's sister) (c) Daughter (D) Niece
16 9 9 36


Find the missing number. (a) 38 (c) 4

(B) 64 (D) 16

143 1

236 ?


M and N are good at Hockey and Volleyball. O and M are good at Hockey and Baseball. P and N are good at Cricket and Volleyball. O, P and Q are good at Football and Baseball. Who among the following is good at four games? (a) Q (B) P (c) O (D) N

| Class 8

2 F J M P O W R N B E Y C K A V L D G X U H Q I S Z T

10. Study the following arrangement of English alphabets and answer the question below: Which letter is 10 to the right of the letter which is exactly the middle letter between F and D? (a) G (B) X (c) U (D) H

11. The given question contains Problem figures containing five figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Select one figure from the options which will continue the same series as given in the Problem figures. Problem Figures
? 1 2 3 4 5





12. Figures (1) and (2) bears a certain relationship. Similarly, Fig. (4) bears the same relationship to the Fig. (3). Select the figure from the option which would replace the sign of question mark (?) in Fig. (4)?





13. How many triangles are there in the following figure?

(a) 15

(B) 18

(c) 20

(D) 19

14. Select a figure from the options which will complete the Fig.(X)? (a) (c) (B) (D)

15. Select a figure from the options which contains the same placement of dot as in the Fig.(X)





3 vertically to the left? (a) RIVAHAM (B) RMAHAVI 17. Two positions of a dice are shown here. MAHAVIR (c) RIVAHAM

Class 8 |

16. Which of the following options is the correct mirror image of the given word, if the mirror is placed


When 1 is at the top, which number will be at the bottom? (a) 5 (B) 2 (c) 3


18. A series is established if one of the four options is placed in place of the sign '?' in the problem figures. Select the figure.





19. In a code language 'mu kay cit' means 'very lucky person' and 'dis hu mu' means 'fortunate and lucky'. Which is the word in that language for 'lucky'? (a) mu (B) kay (c) cit (D) dis

20. Two sign in the equation have been interchanged. Find out these two signs to make the equation correct. (a) + and 51 3 + 17 2 12 = 10 (B) and (c) and (D) and +

Section ii : MatHeMaticaL ReaSoning

21. Find the area of the shaded regions. (a) 67 cm2 (B) 64 cm2 (c) 65 cm2 (D) 66 cm2 22. In the figure, not drawn to scale, ABCD is a trapezium. BF is a straight line. Find DCE and ADE. (a) 72, 152 (B) 80, 152 (c) 70, 142 (D) 82, 150 23. Which one of the following numbers is completely divisible by 45? (a) 181560 (B) 331145 (c) 202860 (D) 2038550

| Class 8 each case. (a) 4 25. 8

24. Find the greatest number that will divide 43, 91 and 183 so as to leave the same remainder in (B) 7 (c) 9 (D) 13

2 of 1568 + 265.75 = ? + 2455.60 7 (a) 10354.15 (B) 10578.15 (0.03)2 + (0.21)2 + (0.065)2 is: (0.003)2 + (0.021)2 + (0.0065)2 (B) 10

(c) 10802.15

(D) 11250.15

26. The value of (a) 0.1

(c) 102

(D) 103

27. In the given figure NQ || PO. Find the value of a. (a) 26 (B) 14 (c) 10 (D) 13 28. Two identical metal bars were put into a container of water as shown in the given figure. When the two metal bars were removed, the water level fell to a height of 7 cm. What was the volume of each metal bar?

(a) 900 cm3

(B) 1800 cm3

(c) 4200 cm3

(D) 18000 cm3

DIRECTION (29-30) : The graph below shows the marks obtained by five pupils for their Mathematics test. Study the graph and answer the questions.

29. What is the average marks obtained by the five pupils? (a) 72 (B) 75 (c) 80 30. Name the pupil whose marks are (a) Mohit 3 of Prateek's marks. 4 (B) Sohan (c) Rohit

(D) 65

(D) Tarun

5 triangle MNP are identical triangles. The area of shaded region is ______.
A E O M 5 cm P B G H 20 cm C F D 8 cm N

Class 8 |

31. In the figure, ABCD is a rectangle and line MN cuts the rectangle into half. Triangle MNO and

(a) More than 180 cm2

(B) Equal to 120 cm2

(c) More than 120 cm2

(D) Less than 120 cm2

32. By what least number 4320 be multiplied to obtain a number which is a perfect cube? (a) 40 (B) 45 (c) 50 (D) 55 33. (64) (a)
1 2


4 5

=? (B) 3 8 (c) 1 16 (D) 3 16

1 8

DIRECTION (34-35) : In the given diagram (not drawn to scale), the ratio of the area of circle A to the area of its hidden part is 5 : 2. The area of triangle B is twice as much as the area of circle A.

14 cm

A B 12 cm

34. What is the area of triangle B? (B) 76 cm2 (a) 80 cm2 35. What is the area of the hidden part of circle A? (B) 12 cm2 (a) 10 cm2 36. 45% of 1500 + 35% of 1700 = ?% of 3175 (a) 30 (B) 35

(c) 84 cm2 (c) 14 cm2

(D) 82 cm2 (D) 16 cm2

(c) 45

(D) 40

37. On dividing a number by 56, we get 29 as remainder. On dividing the same number by 8, what will be the remainder? (a) 4 (B) 5 (c) 6 (D) 7 (D) 143642

38. Which one of the following cannot be the square of a natural number? (a) 30976 (B) 75625 (c) 28561

39. Three unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting at most two heads? 3 1 3 7 (a) (B) (c) (D) 4 4 8 8

| Class 8 40. if LO || MN, find the value of p.

(a) 50

(B) 46

(c) 56

(D) 52


41. In an examination, 5% of the applicants were found ineligible and 85% of the eligible candidates belonged to the general category. If 4275 eligible candidates belonged to other categories, then how many candidates applied for the examination? (a) 30,000 (B) 35,000 (c) 37,000 (D) None of these

42. A man purchased a box full of pencils at the rate of 7 for ` 9 and sold all of them at the rate of 8 for ` 11. In this transaction, he gained ` 10. How many pencils did the box contain? (a) 100 (B) 112 (c) 114 (D) 115

43. 85 kg of a mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 27 : 7. How much more water is to be added to get a new mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 3 : 1? (a) 5 kg (B) 6.5 kg (c) 7.25 kg (D) 8 kg

44. If 18 pumps can raise 2170 tonnes of water in 10 days, working 7 hours a day then in how many days will 16 pumps raise 1736 tonnes of water, working 9 hours a day? (a) 6 (B) 7 (c) 8 (D) 9

45. Mr. Dua invested money in two schemes P and Q offering compound interest @ 8 p.c.p.a. and 9 p.c.p.a. respectively. If the total amount of interest accrued through two schemes together in two years was ` 4818.30 and the total amount invested was ` 27,000, what was the amount invested in Scheme P? (a) ` 12,000 (B) ` 13,500 (c) ` 15,000 (D) None of these

46. A shopkeeper sold sarees at ` 266 each after giving 5% discount on labelled price. Had he not given the discount, he would have earned a profit of 12% on the cost price. What was the cost price of each saree? (a) ` 240 (B) ` 260 (c) ` 280 (D) None of these

47. The average age of 8 men is increased by 2 years when two of them whose ages are 21 years and 23 years are replaced by two new men. The average age of the two new men is ________. (a) 22 years (B) 24 years (c) 28 years (D) 30 years

48. The price of a T.V. set worth ` 20,000 is to be paid in 20 instalments of ` 1000 each. if the rate of interest be 6% per annum and the first instalment be paid at the time of purchase, then the value of the last instalment covering the interest as well will be _______. (a) ` 1050 (B) ` 2050 (c) ` 3000 (D) None of these

7 in 6 seconds. The speed of the train is ________. (a) 54 km/hr (B) 60 km/hr (c) 66 km/hr

Class 8 |

49. A train 110 m long passes a man, running at 6 kmph in the direction opposite to that of the train, (D) 72 km/hr

50. A certain number of tennis balls were purchased for ` 450. Five more balls could have been purchased in the same amount if each ball was cheaper by ` 15. The number of balls purchased was _______. (a) 10 (B) 15 (c) 20
SPace FoR RoUgH WoRK

(D) 25