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Anton Emil Cristian Bucharest, Romania +40727752427 AntonEmilC@yahoo.


do believe that personal and professional development are the key elements in defining a person. We live in an ever-changing world, a world in which the ability to adapt, stay informed, be flexible and the passion for your work are the new standards of judgment.

- Highly Adaptable - Analytical Thinking - Leader

- Result Oriented - Persuasive - Honest

- Ambitious - Diplomat - Creative

- Elected president of the Future of Europe commission within the European Parliament from

Strasbourg, during the EUROSCOLA International Project. - 1st national prize at the CaseStudy 11 Developing market share through the use of unconventional marketing tools for the new SKODA YETI SUV. - At the age of 16, I started a small business which reached its goal of generating me a 1000 RON profit. - 3rd national prize at a educational software development competition SIVECO CUP . - Ranked one of the top 20 students in the country by GoodToGo Team 2011 and many more..

2010-2013 University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania Specialization: Business Administration In the 3 years spent in Bucharest I have successfully understood both the fundamentals and also the more advanced mechanisms of Business Administration, now I possess skills and have a deeper understanding of the following fields: Finance, Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing, Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Negotiations, Human Resources and Strategic Planning. In all the 3 years from admission to graduation I had received a scholarship, my tuition fees being covered by the state due to the high grades and incredible performance. 2006-2010 Alexandru Ion Cuza Collage, Ploiesti, Romania Specialization: Informatics Coming from such a technical background the years spent in collage helped develop very strong analytical skills and made it easy for me to understand mathematics, informatics and how the business environment works. I graduated valedictorian and was voted the student with the highest probability to succeed in life. I believe that strong education and knowledge doesnt come only from the classroom and for that reason for the last 5 years I have continuously educated myself through specialty books, conferences, workshops and events that helped me understand and put to practice all those concepts learned in class. All that work led to a series of certifications and the chance to work with some incredible people and brands

Cambridge Advanced Exam Certificate Google Advertising Certificate Contrast Business Management Certificate Diplomacy Certificate provided by the European Union Worked for 3 months in Sales and HR in the USA Advanced Informatics Certificate and many more.

I speak Romanian, English, French - I have a drivers permit Advanced Social Media Experience - Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Adobe Suit: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash etc. - Familiar with world-wide cultures I work very well in a team - I have always delivered results For more information it would be my pleasure to meet you for an interview!