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Assign- S t e p s Connections

Personal 1. What are some of the 2. Together, we will 3. Drawing on your 4. Describe your process These are three
Narrative meaningful past gather and analyze own anecdotes, and during the writing of your common genres
experiences (good and examples (both from using the models and personal narrative (you assigned in American
bad) you’ve had with professionals and from derived characteristics may want to refer to each ELA classrooms.
writing? With the students) of the personal as a guide, write and of the previous steps):
teaching of writing? What narrative genre: What revise a personal How did you make Each assignment
are some of the most are the characteristics of narrative about your selections? Decide on an applies both to
important texts you wrote this genre? What experiences with organization? Make writing and to
and on which you received examples/criteria could writing and the revisions? Based on this teaching writing
feedback? What about we use with secondary teaching of writing. process, how would you
those texts/that feedback students to evaluate this explain it to your In each assignment,
contributed to their genre? secondary students? teachers explore in
importance to you? Step 1 an authentic,
Textual 1. What is a “textual 2. Together, we will 3. Using your 4. Describe your process personal question
Analysis analysis”? What examples gather and analyze definition of textual during the writing of your relevant to that kind
from your own essays (or examples of what analysis, and the textual analysis (you may of writing.
those of your placement students already do that models and derived want to refer to each of
students) could you use to correspond to the task of characteristics as a the previous steps): How In Step 2, teachers
support your definition? composing in this genre. guide, write and revise did you make selections? practice gathering,
Based on this, what a comparison of a Decide on an analyzing, and
examples/criteria could professional work with organization? Make evaluating models of
we use with secondary one written by one of revisions? Based on this a genre in a way they
students to evaluate this your placement process, how would you might do with their
genre? students: How and explain it to your own students.
why are they different? secondary students?
By writing in each
Research 1. What is one problem to 2. Together, we will 3. On your own (and 4. Describe your process
genre in Step 3,
Project do with the teaching of explore ways you can with time provided in during the writing of your
writing about which you gather sources—both of class), you will gather research paper (you may teachers gain some
care deeply and would like other research on this some sources of want to refer to each of insight into what
to learn more? What topic and of evidence previous research and the previous steps): How their own students
question related to that from your secondary some evidence from did you make selections? will undergo.
problem might you pose school placement. We your field placement to Decide on an
and respond to this will also examine address the question organization? Make Step 4 asks teachers
semester? together some examples you posed at the revisions? Based on this to articulate not just
of research papers by beginning of the process, how would you WHAT but HOW for
students and teachers to semester. If possible, explain it to your each genre, which
derive characteristics/ you will incorporate secondary students? can then be used to
criteria for evaluation. your insights into your explain the process to
TE 408 Unit Plan. students.