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‫بسم ل الرحمن الرحيم‬

Phnom Penh Dubai Islamic School

Brief History

Phnom Penh Dubai Islamic School (PDIS) is located in a big Muslim Community, About 9
Kilometers from the city center, in Chrang Chamres 1 Commune, Russey Keo District ,Phnom Penh
where there are about 1627 Muslim Families live in. Since it is a big community and there were no
enough classrooms for Islamic Study, in 1992 when Cambodia is open for the foreign generous
men, there was an Arab Business man named shikh Isa Nasir Al-Sarkal from Dubai ,United Arab
Emirate had donated his fund to build an Islamic School ( Phnom Penh Dubai Islamic
School)through Mr.Mahmud Kasim his Assistant cooperated with Cambodian Islamic Association,
chaired by H.E Math Ly at that time.

The Old School Building and the Student in the Past

After it was officially opened in 1992 , PDIS under the management of Cambodian Islamic
Association had conducted twice Islamic Teachers Training Course and opened for Islamic study for
five years, supported four teachers (1992-1997).Unfortunately, after the death of shikh. Mahmud
Kasim the schools was closed since there were no one supported teachers. The Islamic class was
closed for a few years, then Cambodian Islamic Youth Association had requested to put its office
and set up the school building into a Vocational Training Class such as Computer training, English,
Sewing training for the girls and Some Islamic study as well. The training course had not last too
long but a few years later it was closed again because the supporting fund was finished. As it was
closed again and again, the Islamic study in the community was weaker and weaker while the
numbers of student with no Islamic study was bigger and bigger.
with GPM Delegations

The Old School Building

By the ware of time, the school building became older and older and the community has requested
to reopen the class for Islamic Study for their children. In 2006, regarding to the request from the
Mosque Committee, Br. Haji. Mohamad Daud Kasim ,a Cambodian Muslim student graduated from
Islamic University in Libia had decided to reopen the school for the public again conducting
simple Islamic class with about 80 students only in the old school building. Several months later in
the early 2008 Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) had met with the Mosque
Committee and CMIA was requested to develop the education in the Community into a standard
program one.

After signing MOU with the Mosque Committee giving CMIA the full rights to manage the school
and education system, CMIA has trying its best to find fund from various generous men in and
outside the countries to renovate the school building and to support the education project.
Alhamdullilah, by the Guidance of Allah SWT, PERKIM (Muslim Welfare Organization Malaysia)
had funded 13,800USD to renovate the school. On the tenth of May 2008, we had finished the
renovation by marking a ceremony that was attended by the Mufti of Cambodia and the donors.

Then CMIA start to open the Islamic Primary class from August 2008 by absorbing the Education
Curriculum from YTPM ( Takmir Education Foundation ) and the sponsorship from Global Peace
Mission, Malaysia and now we have enrolled over 400 Students.

The School Building and the Students after renovation

Our Mission

To provide quality academic and Islamic education in the community that nurtures a strong Muslim
identity, fosters brotherhood, and to develop the community.

School curriculum

By absorbing the Education Curriculum from YTPM( Takmir Education Foundation ), Malaysia We
have all together Six Class Rooms but one class is classified for the orphan and poor children as a
full time primary class in which the lunch is provided and it provide both general education (the
government education system) and Islamic study in the same time .The rest is for the students who
are studying at the government school.
The Class is started from 7.30 am to 4.30PM The following subjects are set as the school

- Al-Quran Al Karim ‫القرءان الكريم‬ - Tafsir ‫التفسير‬

- Hadith ‫الحديث النبوي‬ - Fiqh ‫الفقه‬
- Akhlaq ‫الخلق‬ - Al- Sirah Alnabawiah (Prophet History)‫السيرة النبوية‬
- Al Mutalaah ‫المطالعة‬ - Al Terbiah Al Islamiah ‫التربية السلمية‬
- Al Tawhid ‫التوحيد‬ - Arabic Language ‫اللغة العربية‬
- English ‫اللغة النجليزية‬ - Malay Language ‫اللغة الماليزية‬
-Alnah Walsarf ‫النحو والصرف‬ - and the education curriculum from the Government School

A teacher is teaching the class

School Administration

To implement the project successfully, all the teachers are selected from the experienced teachers
graduated inside the country or outside and the school is under a good management of CMIA
collaborated with the Committee of the Mosque. The School has an Administrative Team including
the A Principal, 11 teachers who are teaching in the school and have to report to CMIA Board,
Governing Board of the Mosque, and then CMIA needs to report to Ministry of Education and
The class rooms of the school building is classified as six class rooms , one room is used as the
School Office , One Room is the CMIA Office ,one room is for lunch and another is for Praying

The Teachers and Principal

School Supporting under the Management of CMIA

Phnom Penh Dubai Islamic School (PDIS) under the management of CMIA, an Islamic Primary
classes is being conducted for the young students in the Community. A class of 40 poor and orphan
students is set for full time study in the first stage among other classes.

The Poor and Orphan Students having lunch at school

The Class is supported by Global Peace Mission of Malaysia (GPM) including salary for 3
teachers (Each teacher 150USD per month), and lunch for 40 students. The rest of teachers
responsible for other classes are supported by the fund from the students that the school require
them to pay 5000Riel ( about 1.20USD) per month but it is not enough because most of the students
are from the poor families and we do not force them to pay all. After GPM supporting the class, we
have found that the Community is very happy and the student is studying hard. That is why CMIA
is now seeking fund to support the 8 teachers (120USD/month) equal to 11,520USD annually.

CMIA wish to appeal to all brothers and sisters to support us for the above mention teachers so that
we can run the school smoothly and to upgrade the Islamic Study in Cambodia. The good future of
the program is depending on your charity fund. May Allah Grace and reward you for what you have
spent for the sake of Allah.

May Allah Bless you All.