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Kamen Rider Zeronos (仮面ライダーゼロノス Kamen Raidā Zeronosu) is the secondary protagonist in the 2007 Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Den-O. In 2010, he was the main character of one of the Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider The Movie: Cho-Den-O Trilogy films.
Kamen Rider Zeronos Altair Form wielding the ZeroGasher Sabre Mode

1 Yuto Sakurai 2 Kamen Rider Zeronos 2.1 Altair Form 2.2 Vega Form 2.3 Zero Form 3 Equipment 3.1 Zeronos Belt 3.2 ZeroGasher 3.3 Zeronos Nova 3.4 Denebick Buster 3.5 Full Charge 3.6 ZeroHorn 4 ZeroLiner 4.1 Drill 4.2 Naginata 5 References

Yuto Sakurai
Yuto Sakurai (桜井 侑斗 Sakurai Yūto, portrayed by Yuichi Nakamura) is a man who bears the same name as Airi's fiancé who mysteriously disappeared prior to the beginning of the series, but similarities do not go any further it would seem. It is later revealed that Yuto is the very same Yuto Sakurai, only a decade younger, sharing his future self's high knowledge of astronomy. Prior to the series, Yuto Sakurai encounters his future self, the older Yuto Sakurai of 2007, who reveals to him the situation relating to the Imagin. Provided with the Zeronos arsenal and Deneb, Yuto takes the ZeroLiner forward in time to May 20, 2007.

Yuichi Nakamura as Yuto Sakurai, holding a Rider Ticket

Unlike Ryotaro, Yuto claims that protecting the flow of time is not the same thing as protecting people. He says that saving people is unnecessary if it means disrupting the flow of time even if it means sacrifices must be made to save the future. He holds a very spoiled personality, and often acts like a child

Altair and Vega Form are based on the Summer Triangle. When Yuto becomes Altair Form. the lock is a neon green with a darker green streak within it. Yuto possessed by his Imagin Deneb Kamen Rider Zeronos Unlike Kamen Rider Den-O. Kotaro and the rest of the Den-Liner crew aid him and get the artifact to the past. using the Zeronos Cards to evoke the change. with the former reuniting with Deneb. using Zeronos Cards to activate the transformation process. hence earning him the nickname "Boku-chan" (僕ちゃん) by Urataros. by the great river (the Milky Way) as punishment for the fairy having eloped with a mortal man. At the beginning. Thus Ryotaro. Altair Form has generally balanced abilities comparable to Den-O's Sword Form. A cowherd named Niu Lang/Hikoboshi (Altair) is separated from his lover and the mother of his children. Zeronos had multiple forms that he could assume in battle. On one occasion. allowing him to gain a physical form. he says. Yu's wish for the contract is for Deneb to see his contract holder. Deneb. often by giving out Deneb Candies and acting overly friendly. After Yuto disappears in time (during the events of Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship). but has since abandoned this way of fighting. When possessed by Deneb. Altair Form Altair Form (アルタイルフォーム Arutairu Fōmu) is the default form of Zeronos. going as far as a comic beating to make sure Deneb does not serve any. the magpies take pity on the two lovers and become a bridge at Deneb to allow the two lovers to be together once again. Yuto is also the kind of figure who would use dishonest methods to get the job done. These form from two bull's head-shaped train cars that ride along the tracks on Zeronos' helmet. This usually gets Yuto angry thus forcing Deneb out of him and comically beating him. he allowed the possession to happen for a short while. drawing in free energy to generate the softer Aura Skin (オーラスキン Ōra Sukin) bodysuit. he was also possessed by Urataros. the tougher Aura Armor (オーラアーマー Ōra Āmā) armor plates. Every year. which is part of the myth that is the basis for both the Chinese legend of Qi Xi and the Japanese Tanabata Festival. The rest of the body has a set of converging train tracks that are almost like a zipper. which is based on the mythological occupation of Altair as a cowherd. Zeronos uses a card system. . The DenKamen is made up of two green bull's head-shaped visors. and the Denkamen (電仮面 Denkamen) facemask. he is able to become Kamen Rider Zeronos Vega Form. which limits the number of times the Zeronos transformation can be achieved as each time a card disappears. A Zeronos Card disappears after use. not knowing he is actually Yuto. Its overall motif is the locomotive train. Yuto's hair grows out past shoulder length with two locks of hair on each side of his head. To protect Yu. once more. Yuto returns once more when his relationship with Airi begins to be threatened by the actions of the Piggies Imagin (the events of Episode Red: Zero no Star Twinkle). When the Imagin Deneb possesses him. Yuto could become Kamen Rider Zeronos Altair Form. His personality is also overwritten by Deneb's. an even younger version of Yuto appears known only as "Yu". It is named after the star Altair in the constellation Aquila the Eagle. Although surprised and initially annoyed. On his own. The adult Sakurai and the ZeroLiner make a cameo appearance in the end. On the right side. the fairy Zhi Nü/Orihime (Vega).when things do not go his way and putting lots of sugar in his coffee before actually tasting it. asks to form a contract with him. A running gag with Yuto is his hatred for shiitake. who is much more polite and apologizes for Yuto's actions. the same motif as ZeroLiner Drill. Yu possesses an artifact that the Oni Brothers Goludora and Shilubara need to complete their plan. The Zeronos Belt operates in much the same fashion as the Den-O Belt.

his hands form the Zeronos Nova.[4] Equipment Zeronos Belt . turning them red and giving the armor a rustic-like texture while increasing its capabilities. Deneb's body makes up various aspects of the form: his face is on Vega Form's chest. able to assume Altair Form once again.[2] Zero Form Zero Form (ゼロフォーム Zero Fōmu) is a form of Zeronos that Yuto can assume. "I'll tell you this for starters…" (最初に言っておく… Saisho ni itte oku…) followed by something that concerns Yuto's strength.has generally balanced abilities comparable to Den-O's Sword Form. although Yuto assumes the form once more in the fight against Negataros.[1] Vega Form Vega Form (ベガフォーム Bega Fōmu) is the form of Zeronos that comes from being possessed by the Imagin Deneb. that opens up into a star ZeroGasher Bowgun Mode shape. Yuto once again uses this form using the last of the original Zeronos Cards. although the future Yuto Sakurai is still able to assume Altair Form. In the process of transforming into Vega Form. Another common trait is occasionally when the transformation is completed. usually with "I am fairly strong. After Yuto used the first Red Zeronos Card. as Vega is a weaver. In the final fight. The Denkamen is made Vega Form wielding the up of a spool of thread. and his cloak becomes the cape. As he did with Altair Form. with access Zero Form using the Denebick to the Denebick Buster. When Yuto becomes Altair Form. changing it into Zero Form. but is later regained through unknown means in time to aid the DenLiner crew against Shiro and the revived Imagin. visually similar to Altair Form. but with a red color scheme (in place of Altair Form's green parts) and golden trimmings. Yuto's own memories were used to cause Altair Form to "rust". Vega Form is physically stronger than Altair Form. playing a part in the destruction of the Death Imagin. Yuto can assume Zero Form on his own. For some reason. possibly because of memories of him are still being made in the present. he says. Zero Form is lost when Yuto is defeated by the Buster Death Imagin using his last Red Zeronos Card [3]. "I'll tell you this for starters…" (最初に言っておく… Saisho ni itte oku…) following with an honest fact that annoys both the opponent and Yuto. Later during the investigation of Negataros. Whenever Deneb possesses Yuto to assume Vega Form. it used his own memories as a catalyst to cause the green portions of Altair Form to rust dramatically. It is named after the star Vega in the constellation Lyra the Lyre. or lightning will simply flash in the sky above. Zeronos will summon a lightning bolt down from the sky to strike in front of him. Yuto returns with a new set of Zeronos Cards. It has a series of cannons on its shoulders called the Zeronos Nova (ゼロノスノヴァ Zeronosu Nova). Vega Form is accessed for the last time during the final battle." or how annoyed he is. although suffers a loss of speed and overall agility. the transformation is accompanied by "Charge and Up" (チャージアンド アップ Chāji Ando Appu). he says. instead of announcing the form's name. After using the Red Zeronos Card.

or rusts and breaks if its a red Zeronos Card. Yuto eventually reappears with a new set of green Zeronos cards. but retained the yellow side. After some hesitation.[9] Zeronos Nova The Zeronos Nova (ゼロノスノヴァ Zeronosu Nova) are a set of cannons mounted on the shoulders of Zeronos' Vega Form. Zeronos flips the handle around and attaches it to the Blade perpendicularly. All subsequent cards thereafter replaced the green side with the red side.[7] It has only two components.[5][6] ZeroGasher The Combination Armament ZeroGasher (連結武装ゼロガッシャー Renketsu Busō Zerogasshā) is Zeronos' primary weapon. but a red side in place of the yellow side in order to start the process of changing Altair Form into Zero Form. They are actually Deneb's open hands switched (right hand goes to the left shoulder) with his fingers acting as the cannon barrels. When a card is used. it used the memories of Airi as a catalyst to permanently change Altair Form into Zero Form. These cards are based on Yuto. almost tripling in size. and both forms can access them. Through unknown means. Deneb presents him with the last of the original green Zeronos cards. The Bowgun then increases in size. the card evaporates if it is the green Zeronos Card. Deneb can talk through this form. He then pulls back on the blade to open up the 'bow' component of the weapon. It is to be assumed that the new holder has infinite Cards left as long as there are people to remember him. Yuto possessed ten green sided Zeronos Cards in a card holder on the Zeronos Belt until he used up the last in Episode 32. It has two modes. Yuto accepted the offer and used the extra. allowing him to join Den-O in the fight against Negataros. At his debut. When Yuto used the red sided Zeronos Card.[2] Denebick Buster The Super Combination Armament Denebick Buster (超連結武装デネビックバスター Chō Renketsu Busō Denebikku Basutā) is a weapon that Deneb is able to transform into when Zeronos is in Zero Form.[8] For Bowgun Mode (ボウガンモード Bōgan Mōdo).The Zeronos Belt (ゼロノスベルト Zeronosu Beruto) allows Yuto Sakurai to transform into Kamen Rider Zeronos. A Zeronos Card can only be used once. the elder Sakurai offered Yuto a new full card holder and one extra Zeronos Card. when Zeronos cancels the transformation. Sabre and Bowgun. Zeronos attaches the handle to the blade with the tip of the triangle aligned to the blade. The barrel and the blade of the ZeroGasher Crossbow Mode can be interchanged. Although Yuto eventually uses up all of these new cards. the memory of the elder Yuto's existence in the present time is erased from the memories of people who are not Singularity Points. A special variant of the Zeronos card had the original green side. Its components can be swapped with the Denebick Buster. representing the memories of those who know him. displacing elder Sakurai from the time they were in. The Zeronos Nova fires from the inner cannons outward. The sides of the barrel have gold-colored versions of the Zeronos Nova attached to Deneb's face. In Episode 35. The original cards had a green side (Altair Form) and a yellow side (Vega Form). There are several kinds of Zeronos Cards. The Aura Sabre (オーラサーベル Ōra Sāberu) then grows. For Sabre Mode (サーベルモード Sāberu Mōdo). allowing Zero Form to dual-wield guns. in the finale. All subsequent red Zeronos cards now use the memories pertaining to Yuto instead of his future self. the blade and a triangular handle. It uses the Up Set (アプセット Apusetto) system and the Zeronos Card (ゼロノスカード Zeronosu Kādo) to transform and switch forms. [10][11] .

For the Full Charge to take place. but somehow arrived in the present to Airi and Sakurai. ZeroHorn The Machine ZeroHorn (マシンゼロホーン Mashin Zerohōn) is Zeronos' personal motorcycle. the ZeroLiner's cars can link in a different order or link up with DenLiner itself. For the Denebick Buster.Full Charge Zeronos has three Full Charge (フルチャージ Furu Chāji) finishing moves. Zeronos releases a powerful wave from the blade that flies to the target in the form of a green 'A' shape (in Altair Form) or a yellow 'V' shape (in Vega Form). rather Zeronos Cards can be inserted and used in place of one. The Bowgun Mode's Full Charge is used in conjunction with Grand Strike (グランドストライク Gurando Sutoraiku).[14][15] The ZeroLiner. however. The Sabre Mode's Full Charge is used in conjunction with Splendid End (スプレンデッドエンド Supurendeddo Endo). but with a different head design. [12] Just like the Machine DenBird to the DenLiner. is a steam locomotive and not a bullet train like the DenLiner. It can be used regardless of how many Zeronos Cards are left. similar in design to Den-O's DenBird. transferring the energy in the process. a giant drill bit is revealed. The drill bit can also spin fast enough to create a powerful whirlwind blast. With the ZeroGasher charged up. the Zeronos Card is kept in the slot until Full Charge is finished. Zeronos fires a powerful wave to the target in the form of a green 'A' shape (in Altair Form) or a yellow 'V' shape (in Vega Form). Just like the DenLiner. called the ZeroLiner (ゼロライナー Zerorainā). using the horns as offensive weapons. When the bull's head is flipped around. The Denebick Buster's Full Charge is used in conjunction with Buster Nova (バスターノヴァ Basutā Nova). Each Zeronos Card can transfer enough energy for more than one Full Charge attack. the Drill relies on close range attacks. even none.[13] ZeroLiner Much like Den-O. Like Den-O's Rekkou. despite Yuto not possessing one. The drill bit can also allow the ZeroLiner to travel underground as well as run through Gigandeaths. It has a slot for a Rider Pass as well. With the ZeroGasher charged up.[16] Naginata . the Machine ZeroHorn allows Zeronos to control the ZeroLiner in combat against the Gigandeath. The ZeroLiner was thought to have been destroyed when the previous timeline was erased. creating a powerful energy beam with great recoil. The ZeroLiner within time Drill ZeroLiner Drill (ゼロライナードリル Zerorainā Doriru) is a train car with a bull motif and a green A on either side. the later bestowing it for Yuto to use. He then takes the charged Zeronos Card and quickly slides it in and out of a slot in the ZeroGasher. Zeronos presses a button on top of the Zeronos Belt to charge the Zeronos Card. Zeronos has his own time traveling train.

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