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mara what ever u know tu estas enojada con nosotro pa justificar lo que tu y david esta hasiendo

so tirale ese jueso a otro perro porque i dont want hear and fine bye and dont talk to me ill be
fine u know some thing mara u puting david first than ur family u know what i pray that Everything
goes ok cause went u see ur self with noone and u want ur family no body is going to be there ok
and ur better stop cause this is bring the fam down and do u know ur dad is in the hospital and
iam not scare of u cause si Dios conmigo quien contra mi tu sabes algo mara yo te amo and that
is never going to chaange but u need to anilized ur self mara thats all and u know what mara hey
if u dont want to speak to find hey better for me but let me tell u some thing iam no jessica ok iam
not scare of u and the saddes thing is u letting a guy coming between ur family and if u let him
fine but nada mas te pido que porfavor te me cudes mucho love u bye y si quieres escucharlo a
el fine ya yo pase por eso bye God Bless u and bye ian going to leave u alone forever ok u just
lose a nother sis is that what u want u got it bye and love u take care oh and fine ill leave ur fam
alone but a cuerdate algo que Si ay Un Dios y el Es Un Dios Justo y el no se que con nada de
nadie love u bye for ever

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From: ♥Mara N David♥ (16664200)
To: THE LOVE OF MY LIFE (81141255)
Date: Feb 23, 2009 8:00 AM
Subject: Re: hey ma God Bless u

Fuck you Sonia I had no where to stay that fucking night okay?? So please don't come with that
bullshit of I'm sorry and th best thing was. Cuz the best thing would've been you picking me up
and not leaving me hanging so whatever Sonia you do you and don't worry about how me and my
fam are doing cuz we doing perfectly fine without any of ya'll!!! Bye!!!

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From: <a
Date: Feb 23, 2009 5:02 AM

Mami sorry que no fuy a puscarte a la casa de nick ese dia yo pense que era lo mejo que te
quedara por alla por cuandos dia so u cool off mami sorry how u feeling know how is everytghing
with u how is the baby mi nena como esta