Thomas A. Dyer E-Mail: D0c5@aol.

A self-directed System Administration/Technical Writer. Student Centered Instructor with over 20 years of experience. Expert in Systems implementation and project management. Skilled developer and Author and writer of technical documentation. This knowledge is combined with strong Analytical Skills based on over twenty years as a technical Analyst and Troubleshooter at Fortune 500 corporations. Which is now used in the writing and documentation for teaching of Computer Systems, Business, ESL and Technical and Medical students using Traditional as well as non-traditional techniques. I am expert in the use of writing and teaching methodologies used to develop technical documentation and courseware in a “Write on Request” environment using specialized writing and documentation planning and development techniques and software. University level Instructor for computer process and procedures in MBA programs. A highly experienced ESL Trainer with over eleven years of teaching, eight of which working in PRC China at Technical/ Business Colleges and Universities. SKILLS Technical Writer 20+ YRS Instructor/Trainer 20+ yrs Solaris 6 yrs Medical English 10 + yrs Teaching Chinese 11 yrs Teaching in China 7 yrs NLP 7 yrs Accelerated Learning 20 yrs Windows & Applications 10 yrs NT/Novell Administration 6 yrs. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE System Administration 10+ yrs Verbal English 7+ yrs Technical English 7+ yrs Banking & Finance industry 10 yrs Veritas/Networker backup systems 6 yrs Project Management 7 yrs Job Control/Scheduling 3 yrs System Auditing 3 yrs PC Desktop maintenance 10 yrs IELTS trainer 3 yrs

COMPETENCIES TESOL/TESL CERTIFIED Technical Writer Oral English Accelerated Learning Conversational English NLP CGFNS Student Preparation Financial/Business Instructor (BEC) TRIZ /Creativity/Innovation

Process/Procedures Memory Enhancement Training Lesson Preparation Medical English Technical Instructor Phonetics/Pronunciation Speed Reading Public Speaking IELTS/CET-4/6 test preparation

TOEIC courses. . Partnered with students to teach Super Learning skills modeled on the World Memory Championships held in Guangzhou in 2010. BEC. Conducted a study at schools in 6 cities in China to study how Chinese ESL students learn English. and accelerated learning programs to speed up the teaching process for English and Medical vocabularies for the CGFNS program. Enrolled and monitored students in the CGFNS program and tracked their progress and worked with both Chinese and American CGFNS to insure students met criteria for taking of the examinations. Wrote and documented Computer Aided Instruction system to improve the learning for Computer. Taught Medical English as used in hospital environments. Seafarer. TOEIC manuals. Medical and Technical vocabularies. Developed and wrote engineering classes for the Haier Corporation at their technical training facility. TOEFL. Worked with both Chinese and American teachers to insure students met criteria for taking these exams.PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Guangzhou: Peizheng Business College (Sept 2009 to Present) Business Topic Oriented Conversational Oral English. CET-4 & CET-6 . Worked with both Chinese and American teachers to insure students met criteria for taking these exams. Wrote and documented Computer Aided Training systems. Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools Pilot Zhaoqing Medical College (Jan 2004 to Nov 2004) Developed and wrote pilot program to train foreign nurses to work in the United States. Qingdao: COSCO Ocean shipping College/Ocean University/ Web International/Haier/Hisense/Others (Sept 2005 to June 2009) Technical Writer: developed and taught MBA related MIS Computer Administration program at Ocean University. Set up and taught an SAT verbal English class for the Ray Chinese School. TOEFL. Developed and wrote teaching guides and lesson plans to support these programs. Wrote and developed Topic Oriented Conversational Oral English. SAT Verbal English Ray Chinese School (Nov 2001 to Jan 2004) Wrote. Developed and Wrote an Accelerated Learning based techniques to Teach SAT vocabularies and Administered simulated SAT tests to prepare the students for the SAT Exam. Administered simulated CGFNS exams to prepare students for going to Beijing to take the exam. CET-4/CET-6 . Wrote and Developed an Accelerated English program based on results of that study. Wrote and developed Computer Assisted Process Flow program for Factory Production. Developed and wrote teaching guides and lesson plans to support these programs. Developed and wrote BEC. In addition wrote 12 textbooks on English studies for the college. Developed and wrote BEC. I collaborated with numerous schools in Qingdao to promulgate these skills.

Trained WFG analysts in financial market and insurance concepts to aid them in passing required exams for licensing in the financial industry. UNIX SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR/Technical Writer BANK ONE and IBM Global (May 1992 to Sept 2002) Maintained UNIX system accounts at on Sun. Hardware and software support. Prototyped and implemented cc:Mail and later the Lotus Notes/Domino Email systems. and HP platforms. Life Insurance. Provided and wrote the technical training documentation Wrote the updated operations manuals and procedures for the Acxiom staff. Prototyped. Implemented BMC ESM software across 200+ severs Performed security audit functions on the server base to harden them. Integrated Maestro scheduler operations and an Open Basic control system to run in the Acxiom environment. Provided UNIX support to Midrange division. Provided financial services for clients: Mutual Funds. and rolled out SW packages and Technical Writer to write support documentation.Financial Analyst/Corporate Trainer World Financial Group (March 2002 to Jan 2004) Series 6 & 63 Licensed Analyst. RS6000. tested. Technical Writer converting the bank manuals to IBM formatted documentation standards. Maestro and Control-M Job control environments. including maintenance of hardware and software on SUN. Technical Instructor for systems and software. HP/UX and AIX servers for this banking institution with over 150+ machines. . System’s Analyst & Scheduler operations/Technical Writer Acxiom Corporation (Feb 2003 to Sept 2003) Technical Analyst/Technical Writer at Acxiom facility to analyze. Technical Writer to support AutoSys. Installed CSIRT patches as they were identified. Technical Writer for Secure Data transfers between systems using SSH2 and FTP scripts with authentication. Provided 7X24 server and data recovery to correct production problems. Provided support to Commercial International banking deployment of servers. write system operations manuals and processes to allow movement 85 Unix and NT Server systems to an Acxiom facility. Team leader for office in Chicago Area. Veritas Networker and Volume Manager to support Disk Array data and backup restore. Provided seminars for customers to explain the markets and investing principles. Reverse engineered operations and process to write the documentation to duplicate the environment at the new facility. Annuities plans for client’s retirement needs. Retirement planing. Software Written to support the Java and Perl software environments. Technical Writer who wrote and maintained system documentation and shell / Perl script libraries. Security management. Member of Corporate Desktop Maintenance group.

(June 1975 to June 1981) Leading Data Systems Technician aboard a nuclear powered fast attack submarine assigned to weapons and sonar division. Worked in hospitals and on mobile units that moved from hospital to hospital. and software solutions. Printer. Provided compiler support for C. Developed and wrote and supported the design and implementation of hardware Trained support technicians in the installation and support of system software. Tuned and adjusted high resolution image capture devices. COBOL. VM UNIX versions of the OS. Aided doctors and technicians in the tuning and setup of medical protocols.Regional Software Support Specialist Wang Laboratories inc. Section leader and Part of Ships Security Team Instructor US Navy Submarine school . SCO. Installed and maintained network and E-mail systems. Wrote and Maintained library of operating system. Technical Instructor for Systems and software. Navy . (February 1986 to May 1992 Charged with providing Software support on a 6 state regional basis for customers of Wang Labs. UNIX support for Sun BSD. PC as well. and Sonar systems.USS Seahorse (SSN-669) . Technical Writer who wrote and updated the troubleshooting manuals and procedures for use with Installed Systems and their software.Chicago / Schaumburg IL. Leading Petty Officer of Data Systems group Operated the ship’s Fire Control. Technical Writer who wrote the documentation for support and maintenance for operating systems on all classes of VS systems. AIX. DATA Systems TECHNICIAN 1st CLASS (SS) U. FIELD SERVICE ENGINEER Technicare Corp. and applications software and their related patches.S. . Desktop. Provided onsite performance analysis and turning for both network and operating system.T) scanners. Field Instructor: Traveled to sites to provide technical training to customer and Wang technical staff. Technical Writer/Instructor tasked with writing documentation and procedures for the shipboard computer systems. .Solon OHIO (June 1981 to February 1986) Responsible for the maintenance and service of 4th generation Computed Axial Tomography (C. Technical support VS CPU Hardware.A. and PACE compilers.

Computer Associates. SUN. “Synoptic Studying” . U. “The Learning Machine”.S.. “FLASH Writing”. “Peizheng Tales” Books 1 thru 4. HP. Wang Labs. Navy AUTHOR: “Building Blocks” Books 1 thru 4. Microsoft.EDUCATION CERTIFIED TESOL/TESL Masters in Computer Science Professional certifications from following Companies: IBM. “The Template Method”. “Modular Learning”. Novell.

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