By dave magee © 2013

My Hummingbird
This is a true short story of a hummingbird that visited me one summer at my home in New Hampshire. (Actual picture above)

I'm not sure what caused me to go inside my garage on that misty Saturday afternoon a few weeks later. I noticed that this little hummingbird occasionally would ignore the beautiful plants and peek into my home through this same window. She frequented the flowers scattered around the home throughout the day. resting upon a branch of a young maple tree which overlooked the garden. I’m sure it was simply by chance. Then it happened. I’m an early riser just like my father. The buzz was louder than usual. I watched my hummingbird through a picture window that frames the maple into perfect view and overlooking the fauna and flora of the garden. and probably my father’s father. lilies and violets in the summer. I guess I went to the garage out of boredom. I heard the familiar buzz-like "hum" of my hummingbird friend.My Hummingbird By dave magee © 2013 Summer mornings in New Hampshire are a time to cherish. Then she would fly off like a sprite to collect more of the garden's sweet harvest. I had grown accustomed to my little friend's house calls. Unexpectedly. This was the fifth morning in a row that I woke at 5:07am. She often landed on her favorite perch. My mind started to wander. columbine and rhododendron in the spring and buttercups. I don’t know how to explain it but I often experience a stretch of sequential days when my internal clock wakes me up at almost precisely the same time every morning. it seemed as if she was staring into my world to better understand it. It was the summer of 2006 when a brightly green colored and free spirited hummingbird made frequent visits to my garden. Her tiny streamlined body fluttered effortlessly collecting nectar from the irises. hoping to find a project that could be done under the protection from the wet weather. amplified by the open caverns . turned to the window and hovered for a just a moment. particularly in rural New Hampshire where the peace and tranquility abound. thinking about all the things I would like to do on that day and trying to remember the things I didn’t either start or finish the day before. Her energized wings elevated her delicate body. but when she lifted herself from her perch with a flurry. It doesn’t matter if it is sunny or raining.

soft and motionless she seemed in my hands.My Hummingbird By dave magee © 2013 of the three-car. Some purists would disagree. I carefully descended the ladder and carried my hummingbird to the garden. was mending the web’s intricate design with the clear intent of collecting its’ prey. I gently wrapped my hands around her tiny frame and plucked her from the swinging sticky web. I rationalized that I too was part of nature with one advantage. I gently released her from my hands and placed her on the dirt floor of my garden near a row of buttercup flowers. I quickly got out the ladder to tend to my hummingbird. My hummingbird was calling within the rafters of the eighteen-foot ceiling. but this wasn’t up for debate at the moment that my hummingbird’s fate was in question. helpless from whatever fate was designed for her. I was also given the capacity to logically determine right from wrong. Looking up I saw her. good versus bad. justice and righteousness. It was breathtaking to hold her. and I assured her that I meant no harm and was taking her to safety. I knew that my hummingbird was one in the same that frequented my floral garden and maybe it was in those few moments of her peeping in my window during the early morning hours which struck a chord of sensitivity with me. even in the animal kingdom. I was amazed at how delicate. She swung like a pendulum on the two-foot strain of fiber as the large barn spider with a body bigger than half your thumb and long legs to boot. determined that her fate would be an act of compassion rather than how nature may have intended. The barn spider was going to have to find another meal on another day. two story garage. . I am a strong believer in letting nature run its course but on this morning. My interference with nature was in essence part of nature and a natural act of kindness. My hummingbird somehow had been caught in an oversized spider's web. but the sticky snare had swarmed around her delicate wings and feet making it impossible for her to fly. She had destroyed the webbing through her violent attempts to break free. The golden yellow petals were damp and limp from the misty rain but I knew they had just started to open containing fresh nectar for my friend. I was about to turn hypocritical on my own beliefs. exhausted from the struggle. I told her I wanted to see her visit me in the morning again.

. Spontaneously. A few minutes had past. It didn't take long before my hummingbird had gathered enough energy to flutter her wings while standing on the ground. "you're welcome" and then she was gone. and I thought that the exhaustive fight in the spider's web had taken its toll. my hummingbird shot up from the ground and she was hovering with grace and confidence.My Hummingbird By dave magee © 2013 At first. Then suddenly. My hummingbird didn’t seem to have any remaining energy. It may have been divine intervention or simply her will to survive. I whispered softly. but I slowly and gently removed the webbing from my hummingbird with great care. My hummingbird came back to the garden the next day. My hummingbird reached its’ long and narrow beak into the buttercup pedals and took a life-giving sample of nectar. I nurtured her along and encouraged her to taste the nectar from the drooping buttercups. She raised her tiny body another foot higher and stopped to float directly in front of me while I was kneeling. the most amazing thing happened. my hummingbird seemed lifeless and barely breathing. She was only a few feet from my gazing eyes as she spun around one hundred eighty degrees and stared at me for just a moment.