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Another PLL theory.

Based on the season finale first, this episode explained to me a lot of things i didnt focus on during all the episodes of the show. So, to me, Aria is a big part of the team A (maybe the leader) as we go through the episodes. In the season finale, we saw As lair. Maybe its just a fake lair to trick us (remember all the photos that Jason had of Alison ? It would have not been that hard to get them, with the help of someone like Melissa or Jenna or even Jason i dont know). She says that Ezras flat is kinda like a lair to her. Coincidence ? To me no, Ezras flat is a real lair for Team A. From this we can say : - We know Ezra has a writing machine and some letters from A were written with a writing machine. Aria could have used it when she wanted. - Aria knew where the key was (under the doormat). Because she was a patient of Dr. Sullivan she could have put Ezras diploma in it without any problem and could have stolen it the same way too. - Why it is Aria that has to wear the red coat ? Is that a total hazard that it was the brunette girl with the same haircut than Vivian s wig ? She was acting weird to the coat when Spencer brought it to her home. - Red is used a lot by A in his/her messages. - Her dress at the Masquerade Ball is black and red. - The red coat appearing at the end of the season finale. About this dress. There are TWO important things to say. - Look at this :

This is something revelant to me. Her dress looks like this. And it has tulle, like for tutus. When you looked at the drawing of the Black Swan costume in As lair, you can see that Aria is actually wearing the same gloves as the costume of A. Then it was said that A will be unmasked. Who is unmasked during the ball ? Aria and Ezra. (and Jenna, so to me she has really something to do with this team A too its obvious). Marlene said also that Arias dress was perfect for this season finale (since we cant really believe her, you can forget this argument but still) The other black swan was just a diversion. And if its Melissa then it would not be a surprise, she is in this team A too for me. (Toffee icecream and Toffee something lipstick, Toffee at the beginning and at the end of the ep, not a coincidence again) - Mona and Aria were both attracted to Noel. - Aria only followed Alison in the way she treated Mona. Like in the street, Alison said that they should run, Aria was not really ok with that but did it. Im not sure Aria was ok with the way Alison treated Mona. That would explain why Mona would accept to help Aria. In the episode with the Father/Daughter thingy, Hannah needs a lie to explain for the police report.

- Mona says she is the best to create them but that we need someone else to say the fake story. She asked for the best liar, the one who can lie to her friends and family. They all say Aria. It is clear that Aria is then the best liar in the group. I think its important to underline that. - What if Arias speech was just revelant of the reality ? Plus : A for Aria. Its just under our noses and it seems too big to be true but we all know that more the lie is enormous the more it will work. Nothing happened to Aria during the season finale. As most of the time in fact. - When she was seeing Ezra thanks to Holden, when A said to Arias father to go to the restaurant to see where her daughter really was, she suddenly changed her mind just before she was going there. - When Hanna was hit by the car. What if it was actually Ezra ? I mean he came to the party with his car to see Aria but Hannah was there and saw them and saw Noel without knowing it was him. Aria knew that Hannah was looking for A in these woods. - In fact the most hurt is Hanna, then Spencer and Emily and so their boyfriend/girlfriends. But Aria never have something really bad. She always has a lot of luck to not be touched by As traps. She most of time escapes just before it could have been bad for her. - We dont know what happened to Aria during a whole year before she came back to Rosewood. - We dont know that much on Ezras past, but we know he already had a love affair with a young student. Why Ezra was at Alisons funeral ? So he could have known Alison without we know it. - Aria and Ezra met in the pilot and they kissed like one hour after they met or something. I find this weird, i mean, Aria is supposed to be a shy girl with the boys (she loved Noel but wasnt brave enough to talk to him and so trying to hang out with him). So yeah, love is something we cant control but isnt it too fast ? Plus i mean, they quickly took some risks for their love story that is sooo strong but they knew each other for like one week. Aria and Ezra probably knew each other before. We knew Ezra was already there during the Halloween episode. - Like these dolls thingy, she had to make Ezras ex fiancee going away, it that bad for her ? No. Since Emily had to ask a girls number to make Samara breaking up with her, Spoby breaking up and then Toby hurt. And well, Hanna, the money and her mother, the polices reports, etc.. Extra things : I really doubt Alison is really dead. I think its like in the books, its her twin that has been killed. And she has something to do in everything that happens too. I mean the dream of Spencer in 2x24 seemed so real while you know Emilys dream was just a dream. I still do believe that Ezra has also to do something with it, that he may often help them because he had a special status as a teacher that could help Team A to make blackmails to several students and everything. But this couple is just to perfect and too weird to be clean to me. All the clues are not here but most of the biggest yes. I may have mixed some things up and im sorry, also for my poor english lol but anyway i hope youll understand my pov with that.