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Pen Lister MSc MA MBCS FHEA | skype: penworkz | twitter: @penworks

Education & associations Current
Ph.D. studies (current), University of PhD studies, Faculty of Education, Leadership for Learning and Innovation, University of
Malta Malta, thesis title: “Developing an Effective Pedagogy for Smart Learning”
MA(Dist) Learning & Teaching in Higher Visiting lecturing in Technology Enhanced Learning, University of Malta
Education, 2013, London Metropolitan Freelance web, e-learning and social media projects
University Educational consultancy work with Maltese training entities
MSc(Dist) Multimedia Systems, 2006,
London Metropolitan University
PGCert(Dist) LTHE, 2009, London
Metropolitan University
Member of the British Computer Society Recent roles and experience
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
SEDA Web Based L&T Senior Lecturer & Senior Blended Learning Facilitator
Developing teaching and learning strategies for uses of technology. Researching case
studies and best practice for university policy and guidelines development on IPR,
Research Open Educational Resources, social media and online content for teaching & learning,
research and academic recruitment. Creation of the e-Matrix web resource at
Evaluating Smart City Learning,
ICiTY, 2016
21st Century Competencies and Lecturing
Communities in Higher Education, Lecturing and supervision in Media and Communications and Digital Media -
ePIC, 2014 ecommerce, social media, video and web design/development (undergraduate and
postgraduate level).
Strategic Programme Office
Achievements Engaged by the SPO to utilise social media and a variety of other mechanisms to
engage and communicate with all stakeholders in the large-scale internal community at
ICiTY conf. presentation 2016, PhD study London Metropolitan University for the process of change.
2015; Property purchase Malta 2015;
ePIC presentation 2014; MA(Dist) 2013; Academic Marketing 2012-13; SocialMet Working with academic staff and students to promote courses and (faculty) school
media project 2011-12; Internet Profiles profiles for recruitment and audience engagement online, through content strategy for
business seminars 2010; L & T conf. generation, resource development and sharing.
presentation 2009
Freelance Web Strategies projects
SME educational and business client work - technical development, social and content
strategies. Work can also involve training client staff to effectively utilise their web CMS,
Expertise planning content delivery and sharing to social channels.
Adobe: PhotoShop, Illustrator,
Dreamweaver, Premier Pro, Acrobat Pro
A/V: Audacity, iMovie, Reason, Ableton
Live, Handbrake Employment history
Web: ExpressionEngine, WordPress,
Drupal, Sugar, Moodle, phpMyAdmin,
IA, Grunt, Git, domains, hosting 2009 - 2015
O/S: Windows; Mac; Android; Senior Lecturer, Senior Blended Learning Facilitator, CELT, London Metropolitan
Code: HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, RSS/XML, University. Development of strategic e-learning online resources, working with university
jQuery, PhP, MySQL faculties to facilitate LMS and social media technologies for teaching & learning and
Users: Experience, requirements, academic community engagement. Seminars and lecturing in TEL.
testing, personas, journeys
Social: Connectivity, content, 2006 - 2014
facilitation, admin, platforms, RDF Meta Lecturer & Web Consultant, London Metropolitan University. Teaching theory and
practical sessions in E, F, UG & PG study at Faculty of Life Sciences & Computing and
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Technical Lead for the WoW Agency.
Interests Technical, development, social media work for the VC, Strategic Programme Office,
Marketing, Communications and UK Recruitment.
Social web, tech-watching, vintage
guitars, songwriting, ambient 2003 - 2006
electronica, music composition, writing, Freelance Digital Developer, working with own clients developing a variety of digital
surfing the web, street culture, semantic products and services including CD Rom and DVD authoring, Video production, CMS,
web, responsive design, future of digital Websites, Print Materials.
products and IPR, big data for learning.

References Previous
Academic and professional references Senior Sales Executive (Shifting Gear, Camden, London UK)
are available on request for Malta and Sculptors Assistant (Michael Mahoney, London UK)
the UK. Research Interviewer (Audience Selection, Pergamon Press, London UK)
Singer-songwriter (Rough Trade, Chrysalis, Blanco y Negro, London UK)

having been offered employment there after gaining MSc(Dist) Multimedia Systems in 2005-6. development and multimedia uses. working with student teams utilising social media to engage the university internal community. CSS3. including website community resources. at London Metropolitan University. jQuery libraries. acting as Technical Lead & Student Development for many web based and digital media projects and leading user experience and social media evaluation studies. University of Malta. Pen Lister MSc MA MBCS FHEA | Supporting Statement 2017 | penlister@penworks. I have more than 3000 tutor hours experience (please refer to teaching history for details). I also have extensive freelance experience as a website and media developer over many years. Ableton Live. Foundation. Git. School of Computing (Multimedia) and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. University of the West of England. ExpressionEngine. SASS/SCSS. I am also SEDA accredited for Web Based Learning and Teaching. integration and policy for the university. Sublime Text. I regularly made use of Google chat. Drupal. interactive technology theory and practice. I also have strong experience with Moodle both to implement and to use. and academic skills.6 FTE) Senior Lecturer and Senior Blended Learning Facilitator at the Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. plus other assorted software and freeware. Department of Leadership for Learning Innovation. Audacity. My supervisor is Dr Philip Bonanno of Faculty of Education. video work with Adobe Premier Pro/QuickTime Pro/iMovie. CMS such as Wordpress. School of . However. Department of Arts and Cultural Industries. studies at the University of Malta with a project that was of great interest to me – my title being “Designing Effective Smart City Learning’. Other University Roles ! I worked on the London Met Online Presence Project as a web consultant for the Head of Marketing. *** I have a music and media background. I am a Member of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Teaching Whilst at London Met I lectured in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing.1. Undergraduate and Post Graduate level study. UK. Subjects included web design. ! I created and managed SocialMet. XHTML. music and audio using Reason. I also taught employability for digital media at final year undergraduate and post-graduate level. Facebook and Skype to provide support to students (and staff) outside of workshop or lecture time. I work with Windows and Mac OS and am fully proficient in Office suite applications. I have developed a variety of applications for use by those involved in e-learning. My external supervisor is Prof John Cook (Professor of Learning Innovation). I have also designed and developed social media training and workshops for academic staff. PHP & MySql. some After Effects and Flash. (the WoW Agency). as well as various major Record Labels including Chrysalis. I eventually decided to pursue full time Ph. and in 2013 gained MA(Dist) in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. In 2015 I finally resigned my post in order to relocate to Malta and worked briefly for Price Waterhouse Coopers as academic lead at their training academy in Qormi. software and technologies. Dreamweaver. having enjoyed some success as an aspiring professional songwriter and performer.D. ! I acted as social media consultant for then Vice Chancellor Malcolm Gillies. I lectured and led workshops (including module leading) in a variety of creative and technical digital media areas for Extended. ! I worked with the London Met Strategic Programme Office on change management initiatives. for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Reviews and Student and Staff Charters. I have worked with many faculties and members of staff to encourage and advise on creative pedagogy and uses of technology. a large-scale social media project. financed for much of the Eighties by Geoff Travis and Rough Trade. E-learning In 2009 I became a fractional (. advising and overseeing specifications and deliverables for the university new website and liaising with an external design agency. This proved popular with many. ! I was significantly involved in the work experience agency in the Faculty of Computing from 2009-2013. In 2009 I gained a PGCert(Dist) in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. RSS/XML. Photoshop and Illustrator.Pen Lister: Supporting Statement General Academic Supporting Statement I worked from late summer 2006 until May 2015 at London Metropolitan University. including Blackboard Vista and BB9. I am especially interested in responsive web design techniques and open source solutions. Technology My software proficiencies include HTML5. Culture and Communications. who requested me to advise on strategies for social media implementation.

penworks.penworks. London Met o In depth website usability evaluations for Marketing & o We Do Kool Not Kute. 2011) o Blog: http://blog.netfarms.pdf Learning and Teaching o New Consumer Creators 2014 – a presentation for seminar of social content communities a visual scrape of a Facebook page working with student teams. 2011 o ‘The Memory’ 2010 social memory project.penworks. created with student team o Dystopia. CELT eMatrix community website 2010-2014. University of Malta in April 2016. Peter Gabriel (NDA project) o User experience and functionality testing. and The University Blended Learning Resources Weblearn site 2010. Trxtr at the Signal Gallery (video) o LinkedIn https://mt. London Met.pdf o Presentation for ICiTY Conference o SpeakerDeck presentation collection (recent) o Mediabank Vimeo 2014 of note are work and creative sections o Smart Learning supporting Website http://smartlearning. proceedings of the ICiTY conference.twitter.socialmet. Art photography.socialmet. Available at: o 21 s t Century Competencies and Communities in Higher Education.authentic academic marketing videos.html o ‘Developing your Internet Profile’ 2010 Comic Relief o Video promo editing and o PhD blog SocialMet (large scale university social media o MA Research Dissertation http://webteach. I am technical or project lead. EMI/Mute Pen Lister MSc MA MBCS FHEA | Digital Portfolio 2017 | page 1 . o Twitter http://www.Pen Lister: Digital Portfolio Relevant work and digital projects NB All work here is created and developed by o Strategic E-learning for CELT at London Met.penworks. In the case of the WoW Agency. Marketing & Communications.linkedin. (Blackboard Vista) Personal Web Presence o Portfolio website o The SocialMet Feedback Book: proceedings of the 2014 ePIC conference at Greenwich University Available at: WoW Agency projects of note (student/graduate work experience 2009-2013) o Enterprise website ‘Bridging Site’ solution 2011. Assorted multimedia and website work (examples) o Netfarms – a Wordpress multi-site initiative for students and SME clients http://www. Camden. 2013 (video) o Baby Saatchi. (reused several times) o Vimeo: o BSc assessed work showcase for Faculty of Computing show 2011 (example of work standard achieved by students) http://londonmet. Academic Papers o Evaluating Smart City Learning.

B. practice and uses of technology in creativity. industry and the higher education community. and Posterity. Learning and Awareness.. I also have a small collection of favourite current academic reading in relation to future thinking and related issues and trends. (2008). F. & Coppens. Educause.educause. Cutting the Trees of Knowledge: Social Software. S. USA. May 2007: 94–114 Online Sources ! The next web ! Vimeo videoschool ! Educause ! Readwrite ! AE. M. R.. The Tower. P.. PSD Tuts ! Edudemic ! Techcrunch ! Webdesign Tuts ! Technology for Teachers ! Smashing Magazine ! LevelUp Tuts ! Inside Higher Education ! Noupe ! Creative Cow ! University of the People ! Specky Boy ! A List Apart ! Facebook in Education ! Expression Engine ! Wired ! Personal social networks community ! New Media Consortium ! Abduzeedo ! EdReformer/Getting Smart Technology platforms currently of interest or use regularly ! Edmodo ! Evernote ! Paperli ! Slack ! Google Apps ! Zapier ! Hootsuite ! Blurb ! IFTTT ! Instagram ! Trello ! Gephi ! Speakerdeck ! Aurasma ! nVivo ! Soundcloud ! 7Scenes ! WordPress visual plugins ! Vimeo ! Blippar ! RSS tools/scripts ! Cacoo ! Medium Pen Lister MSc MA MBCS FHEA | Digital Portfolio 2017 | page 2 . Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything. Semantic Studios. H. (2000). & Gandel. and Their Epistemic Consequences. and-cloud ! Marton. Current Key Texts ! Barnett. Information Architecture. Philadelphia PA USA.N.. R. thinking. Realizing the University in an age of supercomplexity. Number 89. (1997). Laurence Erlbaum Associates ! Morville. Ann Arbour. (2014). Retrieved from https://www. Thesis Eleven. F. N. Open University Press ! Katz. the Cloud. & Booth. In Katz.. R. Truyen.Schiltz. The Tower and The Cloud. (Ed)..Pen Lister: Digital Portfolio Resources and Reading I use a significant amount of online resources to keep up with ideas. (2007).

BEd – most undergraduate programmes in the UK are three years ! Post Graduate MA or MSc programmes – either one year f/t or two year p/t masters programmes Course Taught Period EQF Level MA Media and Communications 2013-2014 7 MSc Multimedia 2007-2009 7 MA Digital Media 2009-2010 7 MSc ICT Consultancy 2009-2010 7 MSc Computer Animation 2006-2011 7 BSc Multimedia 2006-2011 6 BSc Technology and Multimedia Applications 2006-2010 6 BSc Games 2006-2010 6 BSc Computer Animation 2006-2010 6 BA Digital Media 2009-2012 6 BA Media Studies 2009-2012 6 BSc Media and Communications 2013/2014 6 BEd Education 2007-2008 6 Extended Degree Computer Science 2006-2010 5/6 FDSc Creative Technologies 2006-2009 5 HND Computing 2009-2010 5 World of Work Agency.A two year f/t foundation Science degree programme to enter final year of BSc ! ‘Year Zero’ – for students who do not have formal entry qualifications (e. BSc. It serves as an immersive foundation year ! Undergraduate BA. usually a two year full time course ! FDSc . London Metropolitan University is available on request.g.Pen Lister: Teaching History 2006-2014 A full list of all modules taught for Faculty (now School) of Computing and Faculty of Social Sciences & | page 1 . working with students and graduates on commercial web and Professional 2009-2013 media projects level work Pen Lister MSc MA MBCS FHEA | Teaching History 2006-2014 | penlister@penworks. A levels or BTEC) to gain entry to the four year Extended Degree Computer Science. ! HND – Higher National Diploma.