KENNEDY NEVER APPROVED AIRSTRIKE Gun Running to Cuba LHO/Ferrie/Ruby On 20 Dec 1997 19:55:22 GMT, thp... (Thpa2d) wrote: >This is a new line of research so there is no need to attack the >topic......but discussion is welcomed. I'll decide what needs to be attacked on my own, thank you... >To validate actions of several people as part of "some type of conspiracy" >links have to be established that can be verified in some manner. I don't have any idea what you mean by "To validate actions of several people...", however you can establish your "links" until the cows come home and unless you have evidence showing that the "Linked Ones" actually carried out the murder of JFK you have accomplished nothing. >The history of individuals have to be compared to find those links, so >some point of known history has to become the starting point. There >has to be links in the individuals history that correspond to the events >and there has to be a valid inter-connection. No sausage links? How about the mystery of the Chinese Linking Rings?

>The "Cuban Aspect" of this case is one area of consideration that is >connected to all involved in the death of JFK so it is a good place >to start.....since it also concerns the Mafia, Right Wing efforts of >Gen Walker, Ferrie, Shaw, Ruby, Oil interests, MIC, Soviets, Left >Wing Groups, Castro, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missle Crisis, Nixon/JFK >debates,SWP,Carlos Marcello, Banister, exhile groups, RFK/JFK, >CIA/FBI/ONI/other intell operations, facists, KGB, Che, Teamsters, >KKK, CAP and LHO. Perhaps all of them also enjoyed going to the movies. Perhaps we should begin studying film history in order to establish the "links."

>Problems in the past was in establishing a group (bad guys) No, there is an abundance of "bad guys" (i.e. those with a motive to kill JFK) discussed in the literature, the problem has always been to demonstrate with persuasive evidence that any of them killed JFK. > that provided a foundation for research...that problem has now been solved. HALLELUJAH! Thanks to your genius the solution to this 34 year old mystery is probably only days away! Gee, the "Cuban Aspect", eh? What a discovery on your part! Too bad no one ever considered this mysterious CA before. You must feel as a veritable Columbus revealing a new continent to the world....

>Here is a list of individuals that are being "investigated" at this time: I see you were smart enough to put quotes around "investigated"... >Anthony Milano >Frank Milano >Jerry Milano >John Milano >Peter Milano >John Scalish >John Nardi (Giovonni Narochione) >Moe Dalitz >Bill Presser >Leo Dixon >Maishe (Milton) Rockman >Domiinick Bartone (head of operations ?) >Kenneth Burnstein (pilot killed ?) >Mitchell WerBell III (CIA operative) > >These individuals can be linked to Ferrie/ Ruby's history, Cuban gun >running and various mob related actions during a period starting prior >to 1951 and continuing up to the deaths of both. This group of individuals >are all inter connected and cover operations all over the US/Latin America. >Mayfield Rd..Cleveland, Ohio however is the center of operations and >control. Let me guess; you're from Ohio, right? Ahh, the old Copernican theory of the JFK assassination.... Everything revolves around Cleveland! >This is only the basic outline of individuals connected and all further >research into this possible connection will be offered for discussion. This possible connection to what? select few are actual. Many things are possible but only a

>It is a new chapter to the study of the individuals connected to the >death of JFK. So far its a rather boring chapter, a mere laundry list of orgs and names with zero evidence to tie any of them to the JFK assassination. Where do you expect your "investigation" (using your own quotes) to lead? Do you expect to interview any of those still alive and obtain a confession? Do you expect to find a memo from one of these guys to another saying "Hit JFK in Dallas" in the Cleveland Municipal Archives? What do you plan to achieve besides showing that the mob was into Cuba, and wanted to get their casinos back, etc. etc. which has been proven a hundred times over already

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