Sarah Peterson WRIT 3562W Feasibility Study Project Questionnaire 1. What is the purpose of the project?

What question do you want to answer or problem do you want to solve? Who will benefit from a report that offers a solution or answer? The purpose of this project is to look at different data and information to make the best possible decision. The question that I would like to solve is whether it is better to go to graduate school or find a full time job after graduating college in this economy. I will be conducting an economic feasibility study by weighing the cost and benefits of going to graduate school or having a full time job. This study will benefit anyone that is graduating college and considering going onto graduate school, specifically graduate school to get a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). 2. Will the research needed to answer the question or solve the problem warrant your conducting at least three interviews and using one other research method? Explain. (If the answer is no, the project isn’t complex enough, so you’ll have to go back to the drawing board). Yes research will be need. I have to look into a lot of financial data such as cost to attend graduate school, the cost of giving up a full time job, living expenses, etc. I would be able to interview at least three people I plan on speaking with an economics professor to see their perspective of the economy and the job situation and also speaking with different graduate schools. 3. Can you do enough research to answer the question and make recommendations during this semester? ( If the answer is no, you have probably identified a project too large or complex to be completed on time. If it is too large, can you modify it? If you can’t, then you probably need to reconsider your project.) I would be able to complete all my research throughout and the semester and find a reasonable recommendation. Within the next month I will be going to Minnesota State University, Mankato and St. Cloud State University and meeting with faculty to discuss there MBA degrees. I will research different tuition prices around the state of Minnesota, the costs of full time positions, different scholarships and graduate assistants positions, and much more. 4. Who is the person (decision maker) who will receive your report and recommendations with your suggested answer to the question? A decision maker is a person with the responsibility, authority and resources to accept or reject your recommendations. a. What is that person’s position or role?

There are going to be two people that are going to review my report, my two roommates who are graduating this spring with a business degree. They both are considering graduate school but are also looking for full time jobs. They are considering the economy and are wondering if it is better for them to go to graduate school right away instead of having a full time job. b. What is your relationship with the decision maker? They are my roommates and my friends from high school. 5. What kinds of information will you need to gather? Information I will need to gather: -MBA schools in Minnesota -Tuition costs -Economic status -Average costs of entry level full time positions -Financial aid, graduate assistants programs, etc. 6. What would be the best methods for gathering that information? The best methods to gather this information is speaking with different schools, using different websites, and gathering information from people that did go to graduate school after college and get their opinion. 7. You will need to conduct at least three interviews as you complete your research. Who could you talk to? How will they help you answer the question and make recommendations? I could talk to representatives from different colleges and economic professors. Different colleges will be able to give me information about tuition, financial aid, graduate assistants programs, possible part time job, etc. Economic professors would be able to give me information about the current state of the economy and what the future looks like for the job market. These people would be able to give me almost all of the information needed to make a reasonable recommendation. 8. Do you have any questions about the feasibility study? No, but if I find that I have questions throughout the semester I will definitely ask.

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