The Bluetooth technology was named after the 10th century Danish King who unified Denmark. What is his first name? a. Dennis b. Harold c. Michael d. George 2. Bluetooth works in the range of 2.4 GHz frequency band commonly called the ISM band. ISM means a. Information Systems Management b. Information Standard Meter c. Industrial Scientific Medical d. Industrial Standard Medical Bluetooth is a wireless proximity communication standard that has been under development for a few years, which promises to connect the electronic devices of all horizons, without wires, without infrared, only by a. Audio frequencies b. Radio frequencies c. Light frequencies d. Microwave frequencies The protocol used by Bluetooth for carrying data over low power radio transmission. a. TCP/IP b. WAP c. PIP d. PPP The following are characteristics of Bluetooth except a. Small b. Low power c. Wireless d. Long range The range covered by Bluetooth technology a. 10 m b. 10 mi c. 10 km d. 10 in One of the following statements about Bluetooth is false: a. Bluetooth doesn’t require an LOS connection in order to communicate b. Bluetooth is designed to operate in a noisy radio frequency environment c. Bluetooth is a global de facto standard for wireless connectivity. d. Bluetooth doesn’t use frequency hopping A Bluetooth network with one master and one or more slaves. a. Point to point b. Point to multipoint c. Piconet d. Scatternet The maximum number of devices in a piconet. a. 12 b. 7 c. 8 d. 10 b. c. d. Global Packet Radio Service General Packet Radio Service Global Positioning Radio System


One of the following GPRS statements is false. a. GPRS uses, store and forward b. GPRS facilitates instant connections whereby information can be sent and received immediately as the need arises. c. GPRS fully enables mobile internet functionally d. GPRS has limited cell capacity for all users.


15. The following are applications of GPRS except a. Chat b. Textual and visual information c. Still and moving images d. BISDN 16. 10Base2 and 10Base5 use BNC “T” connectors as media attachment units. BNC means a. Bayonet Neill Concelman type b. Blonet connector c. BIOS Network Connector d. Bias Network Connector 17. An application environment and set o communication protocols for wireless devices designed to enable manufacturer, vendor and technology independent access to the internet and advanced telephony services. a. TCP/IP b. WAP c. PIP d. PPP 18. An intermediary between the internet and the mobile network. It converts WAP request into a Web request when we send information from a mobile phone to the internet and vice versa. a. WAP gateway b. WAP interface c. WTP d. HTTP interface 19. The following are limitations of mobile phones for internet access except a. Narrowband access b. Small display c. Limited memory d. Network standard dependent 20. The WAP gateway transport layer that sends and receives messages via any available bearer network a. WTLS b. WDP c. WTP d. WSP 21. A new technology which offers both internet access and interactive television programming. a. Interactive TV b. Web TV c. Satellite TV d. Both a and b 22. A packet switched data network protocol which defines an international recommendation for the exchange of data as well as control information between a user device and a network node. a. X.21 b. X.24 c. X.25 d. X.2 23. Used to create pages that can be delivered using WAP a. WAE b. WSL c. WML d. WTLS 24. An X.25 network layer protocol which manages packet exchange between DTE devices across virtual circuits. a. LAPB b. LAP c. LAPD d. PLP 25. One of the following is not a distinct mode operated by the PLP (Packet Layer Protocol).







10. When two piconets are so close, they have overlapping coverage areas. This scenario is called a. Interference b. Crosstalk c. Distortion d. Scatternet 11. A new non-voice value added service that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. It supplements today’s circuit switched data and short message service. a. GPS b. GPRS c. WAP d. FTP 12. The following are key user features of GPRS except a. Speed b. Immediacy c. No store and forward d. Service access 13. GPRS means a. General Packet Radio System


a. a. The following are Wireless LAN technologies except a. IN b. HFC 32.MITRC REFRESHER COURSE Latest Technology a. data networking and other services to business and home users. Link Access Protocol Balanced d. d. Access point d. 128 d. The TIA specification which is the basis of TDMA PCS air interface technology a. IP telephony 29. Link Access Protocol B. Directory services b. PPP d. Link Access Procedure Balanced b. d. NIC c. Service Independent Group d. Mobility b. Gateway d. Site to site VPN d. a. The following are methods of making calls via VOIP except a. cell oriented switching and multiplexing technology that utilizes fixed length packets to carry different types of traffic. BISDN b. b. private communications tunnel between 2 or more devices across a public network. The following are VOIP methods except a. Narrowband b. PCI card b. 133 36. a. CCS7 c. Virtual Path d. Use of an extension point d. PVC b. Introduce new service rapidly b. Client and access point c. 2 c. A secure. 1 b. BISDN c. VOIP b. X. Special Interest Group b. Gateway d. Provide service customization d. it receives buffers and transmits data between the wireless LAN and the wired network infrastructure. Create open interface 42. Service Investment Group c. Network c. Peer to peer b. sending and delivering voice over the Internet with a suitable quality of service. it connects to the wired network from a fixed location using standard cabling. Directory c. A method of transmitting. a. The ATM layer which defines the cell format. The following are benefits from IN except 27. Point to point b. 48 b. A high performance.25 b. Bluetooth devices with maximum output power of 100 mw are classified as Class a. VOIP b. IS-54 49. Both a and b 46. Scalability d. Satellite Internet Access d. c. IEEE 802. ATM 41. LABP in X. Virtual Channel 37. Call set-up Data transfer Idle Checksum c. a. ISDN c. WAP b. UNI NNI ICI DXI 40. television. A flexible data communications system implemented as an alternative to r as an extension to a wired LAN. A public digital telecommunication standard that is designed to offer high end multimedia. Bus 38. A service independent telecommunications network wherein intelligence is taken out of the switch and placed in computer nodes that are distributed throughout the network. a. TCP/IP c. Remote Access VPN b. Refers to communication services such as voice. 4 48. Interoperability 34. Direc PC 30. Flexibility c. One of the following is not a Wireless LAN Configuration a. IEEE 802. a. SIG means a. Server Investigation Group 47. BISDN d. VPDN c. A user-to-LAN connection used by a company that has employees who need to connect to the private network from various remote locations. ATM d. The ATM interface between ATM connection points of the different carrier networks. It uses RF technology to transmit and receive data over the air.11 d. a. Wireless LAN c. Web TV c. 53 c. Infrared d. The basic unit in ATM which carries a single stream of cells in order from user to user.25 means a. IS-136 b. Frame Relay c. ISDN ADSL 26. Adaptation d. VOIP 45. minimizing the need for wired connection. Wireless LAN d. Extension point 33. Link Access Procedure B channel c. BISDN 35. CIR c. Application 39. facsimile or voice messaging applications transmitted via the internet a. In a typical wireless LAN configuration. Router 44. ATM 2 . VPN d. SLIP 28. Establish vendor independence c. how cells are transported and how congestion is handled. Wireless LAN b. BISDN 43.15 c. The following are advantages of Wireless LAN except a. Provides high speed internet access over existing copper telephone lines a. 3 d. CD quality music. An ATM cell has _____ bytes. a. like the Internet a. Spread spectrum c. ISDN b. The bluetooth specification was first developed by Ericsson and was later formalized by the Bluetooth SIG. virtual circuit creation and termination. Point to point c. Physical b. DSL d. Wideband 31. At a minimum.

The European or CCITT equivalent of SONET 59. Point to multipoint c. MPEG c. 24 bits/pixels a. The following are DVD formats except a. MPEG4 56.MITRC REFRESHER COURSE ANSWER KEY Latest Technologies 50. The other image format widely used on the net which can only store 8 bits / pixel. DM 66. Hub network d. MPEG2 c. Voice mail places a number of calls even if the phone is unanswered c. It is one of the most important considerations in digital transmission. PCM d. MPEG3 d. MPEG standard for multimedia applications. Video cameras are usually most sensitive in the green channel d. MPEG1 b. 1. JPEG b. Regenerator c. MPEG1 b. Computer Generation d. a. Bluetooth radio modules use _____ for modulation a. GMSK b. Chiariglione b. Multiplexing 73. Blatand d. Both a and b 67. CRT d. MPEG1 b. A content representation standard for information search. Mapping b. The founder of the MPEG group a. LCD b. An emissive flat panel display where light is created by phosphors excited by a plasma discharge between two flat panels of glass. JPEG b. Terminal multiplexer b. Sync b. Compression standard used by VCD to store the video and audio a. A SONET network configuration with survivability or redundancy as its main advantage a. a. MPEG4 57. MPEG3 d. The following are SONET network elements except a. A SONET process used when tributaries are adapted into Virtual Tributaries by adding justification bits and path overhead information a. HDTV d. a.78:1 c. It is using a series of repetitive pulses to keep the bit rate of data constant and to indicate where the ones and zeroes are located in a data stream a. DVD-8 c. BMP d. CDR 52. MPEG2 c. MPEG c. DVD-9 d. LD 55. MPEG3 d. Gozon c. DVD-5 b. The system can answer your phone when you cannot or when you are on the phone and engaged with another call Answering machine Voice mail Call waiting PABX 75. a. Aligning d. Voice mail provides an open telephone line b. Compression standard used by DVD to store the video and audio a. Bluescreen b. JPEG b. a. a. PRC d. real world scenes using 20:1 compression. The first optical disc storage media Laser Disc CD VCD DVD 65. Matte painting is popularly known as a. The following statements about voice mail are true except a. BMP d. 16:9 b. GFSK c. a. Character Generation 68. Translates the pixel integer values into an 8-bit unsigned information that is used for further processing of the picture data. Sniff mode b. Point to point b. BISDN d. ATM c. Green spill is usually objectionable and obvious even in small amounts 69. The following are advantages of Greenscreen over Bluescreen except a. a. DVR d. GIF 61. A technology for carrying may signals of different capabilities through a synchronous. The three low power modes of Bluetooth to conserve battery life. MPEG2 c. MPEG2 c. Clocking c. flexible optical hierarchy a. 4:3 d. DVR d. Green paint has greater reflectance b. WMV 53. MPEG c. Is designed for compressing full-color or gray scale images of natural. ADM d. MPEG1 b. GIF 62. Hold Mode c. MPEG4 60. DVD-10 58. The aspect ratio of HDTV a. MPEG1 b. HFC 70. Ring 74. A generic term for a device that is similar to a VCR but records TV data in digital format a. MPEG7 63. DAB c. Run Mode 51. DCT c. Plasma Display c. GMT 71. Stuffing c. A nickname given to a family of international standards used for coding audio visual information in a digital compressed format. Compression and encoding scheme used by HDTV. Quantizer b. PRC 72. Green screen takes less light to light it c. SONET b. Park Mode d. Roentgen 54. Greenscreen c. VTR b. MPEG7 64. DCT d. MPEG4 d. Voice mail service is expensive 76. MPEG2 c. MPEG4 3 . A computerized system that provides non-simultaneous communication 24 hours a day. Voice mail offers 24 hours service a day d.

NTE b. CCU b. Web TV d. HFC b. analyze stock performance of create a home budget. D c. Digital loop carrier c. a. ATM d. Upload c. Home check-ups could be possible with an interactive network. Download b. CATV service 97. TA c. 144 kbps d. STM means a. Modem A BISDN access network which transports high bit rate information on the existing copper pair telephone requiring no changes to the PSTN. H21 Speed of the BRI a. NVOD d. International Correspondence Courses c. BISDN 95. Video On Demand c. PDH c. 80. Twisted pair copper based technology b. IN b. Section Terminating Module d. Telebanking c. Access point c. H0 b. a. Add/drop multiplexer 102. Hybrid d. 256 kbps PRI for US a. A BISDN equipment which provides the interface between an HFC transmission system and local and remote TCP/IP networks. a. a. a. IN b. 78. FTTB c. 2. Consulting face to face with a doctor would be as easy as placing a telephone call. ADM b. 128 kbps c. a. a. 4 . Transformer ISDN channel used to carry signaling and supervisory information to the network. A service requiring transmission channels capable of supporting rates greater than the primary rate. IN b. Standard Transport Mechanism d. high speed _____ internet solution to corporate users. 23B + D c. Virtual ATM 100. Cybersurfr modem 92. B b. Telemarketing b. Access device d. Hybrid d. a. SCC b. 30B + D d. 2B + D b. 128 kbps d. Interactive services that enables students from around the country to participate in virtual classrooms. a. A cable service that allows viewers to purchase movies r special events on a feature basis. TV Ads 96. 83. Synchronous c. Service control point d. Asynchronous b. Pay Per View b. a. 85. The new name of CCITT a. Synchronous Transfer Mode c. Transformer The device that allows a non-ISDN equipment to be connected to the ISDN line. Terminal Unit c. ADSL A BISDN equipment located at the subscriber premises which bridges the cable and separates the telephony from video signals on the downstream and injects signals on the upstream. 86. Web TV d. STS The device responsible for converting the 2-wire line from the local system into a 4-wire line to couple with the ISDN equipment. Home Shopping c. BISDN c. 88. Telemedicine c. 82. 84. Synchronous Transport Module b. WLAN d. a.048 Mbps Satellite Internet Access is a satellite delivered internet service which can provide a cost effective. VOIP 93. MAU b. H d. WIN c. BISDN Speed of the D-channel for a PRI. 64 kbps c. 89. HFC b. Cable Router d. Telecheck-up d. A flexible data communications system implemented as an extension to or as an alternative for a wired local area network within a building or campus. H12 d. Distance Learning b. SDH d. 87. 90. Synchronous Transfer Mechanism c. Internet Classroom Assistance 98. DECT c. Fiber optic technology c. ADSL The following are typical SDH network equipment except a. Service Transport Mode A network within the SDH which allows the monitoring of the performance of the network detection and analysis of faults and the setting up and clearing down of links between customer locations a. Financial transactions may be conducted at home. CCU b. ITU-T 77. Mesochronous 101. Home Banking b. H11 c. Smart Shopping d. a. PDH c. Hybrid fiber coax technology d. a. TMN d. BISDN c.52 Mbps. SCP The fundamental signal of SDH is STM 1 with a fundamental rate of 155. CAU c. Switch interface b. Synchronous Transport Module b. users could authorize electronic fund transfers to pay bills. 32 kbps H channel composed of 30 B channels a. Interactive Classroom d. a. CAU c. Two digital signals whose transmission occur at almost the same rate are a. Cable Router d. STM b. TA c. 81. Beyond monitoring account balances. a. VOIP 94.MITRC REFRESHER COURSE Latest Technology a. Mail transfer A transceiver device used to connect the PC to a typical WLAN a. DXC d. STM means a. 64 kbps b. Cybersurfr modem 91. 16 bps b. NTE b. Virtual Doctor 99. SONET systems are a. Which of the following is not a basic SONET element? a. File transfer d. Plesiochronous d. Wireless technology 103. A service independent telecommunications network where intelligence is taken out of the switch and placed in computer nodes that are distributed throughout the network. Physical Examinations b. 79. Radio access d. Synchronous Transfer Mode 104. A DISDN service by which consumers purchase goods and services from TV channels dedicated to selling products or from on-line computer service providers. a.

Client & access point c.MITRC REFRESHER COURSE ANSWER KEY Latest Technologies d. Ring 5 . Peer to peer b. The following are Wireless LAN configurations except a. Multiple access points & roaming d. ANSI 105.

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