MIS Chapter 9 Exercises

Holmes, Nicholas, and Walker Associates

April 8th, 2008

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Wentworth Institute of Technology

Table of Contents Case Study Second Time Around Movie Rentals… Page 3 Application Exercise Priceline.com Financial Analysis… Internet Skills Exercise Online Shopping Comparison… Page 6 Page 8 Page | 2 .

The service offers varying levels of membership. Therefore they have requested that a series of detailed reports and database changes be implemented in order to better assess the clientele with which they are dealing. and totals it by state. These numbers will allow Second Time to see how they can best advertise to each of their markets.To: From: Date: Re: Taylor and Berkley Daniels Holmes. location. by state. 2008 Customer Information Database Alterations Company Background The Daniel’s twins have created an offshoot of their grandmother’s movie rental chain. but are looking to expand. an online video membership group.This report serves to show. and hold on to them for a certain period of time. Nicholas. how the customers are hearing about the service. and Walker Associates April 8th.1. before returning them by mail. and various demographics we will be able to give the business a better picture of where they need to focus their business efforts. Through the collection of data about publicity. The rental service allows members in several states to select the titles they want. Count by State Initial Contact Description Another Web Site Another Web Site Another Web Site Another Web Site Friend Friend Friend Friend Magazine Magazine Magazine Newspaper Newspaper Other Other Other Radio Radio Radio Radio Search Engine Search Engine Sta te AR KS LA TX AR LA OK TX KS LA TX OK TX AR KS OK AR KS OK TX AR KS Total State 5 5 5 5 12 12 12 12 5 5 5 3 3 4 4 4 7 7 7 7 3 3 Page | 3 . Case Objective The owner’s are satisfied with their current set up. Information Alterations and Reports Figure 1. each allowing its own maximum set of rentals.

com kowalski10@hotmail.com mrwutoyou@home.co m onthego@hotmail.co m lookatme@hotmail. Newspaper Recipients Last Name Kelly Michaels Randolph Viaze Wu Lavender Sharman Hsieh Kopochesk y Brady Wolfe Ewing Naron Morimota Chinyere Kyoko Peter First Name Val Baylee Danette Joan Tan Omar Debra Katie Paul Paul Dean Bryce Mike Yosheto Vadnais Kokotan Kowalski Email imafriend@hotmail.2.co m kxy97@home.com kyoko@home.Count by State Initial Contact Description Television Television Television Sta te KS OK TX Total State 6 6 6 Figure 1. com Figure 1.com dshrmand@juniper.3.This report will assist Second time in determining who among their users is currently subscribing to their newspapers.This chart shows the distribution of tastes among the various plans offered by Second Time Around Movies.com mikeguy22@home.com mrkopochesky@aol.c om pbrady@aol.com bweing@aol. This will allow them to go back to those publishers and give them feedback about the customers level of satisfaction with their product.co m osharif@hotmail.com chinyere@home.co m jviaze@motorco.or g khsieh1234@aol. Page | 4 . as divided by percentages among the whole of the user base.com iamnice@coxnet.

com Lavender KS Burgerman OK Parish McMann Wallace Burma Peter KS LA TX TX OK 3. Those are the two most frequently used by the customers. The twin’s best approach would be to approach both Visa and Mastercard. This report shows conveniently which customers are using hotmail accounts.co m onthego@hotmail.com fredsred@hotmail. 2. and both is used across state boundaries in enough frequency to warrant involvement in both. Page | 5 .Customer Demographic Data 1. Hotmail Users Last Sta Name te Kelly Michaels Randolph TX AR TX Email imafriend@hotmail.c om lparish@hotmail.co m lookatme@hotmail.com kowalski10@hotmail. This report lists all the members in Texas towns.co m terman@hotmail.co m osharif@hotmail.co m callwally@hotmail.com kx874474@hotmail.

The main challenge in this case was merely keeping the information organized. so as to access it in an efficient way. Page | 6 . and forms. Reports were simple to create thanks to thorough tables.Texas Members City College Station Commerce Dallas Midland Midland Midland Sherman Sherman Sherman Silver Waco Stat e TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX TX Case Summary This case was a very straightforward exercise in creating tables. The information was readily accessible to us. and it was easy to read. Overall it was a simple database exercise. reports.

If Priceline wanted to increase its success.To: Professor Cindy Stevens From: Holmes. On the attached page is a detailed spreadsheet which helps to prove this indefinitely. By focusing more into customer service and decreasing prices. and is lower in 2007 than it was in 2005. it would also be able to turn a higher profit. It is a success because its gross profits have increased over the past three years. it could potentially expand its offered services. The margins it works in have also increased. Page | 7 . Though the net income for stockholders has shifted. I still feel the company is still a success. 2008 Re: Application Exercise Priceline.com Success or Failure? After looking at the income statements of Priceline Com Inc. It could also diversify and create smaller businesses to increase total profits across the board. but that should be expected with any growing business. Nicholas. and Walker Associates Date: April 8. the company is a success.

409.0 revenues 0 Gross profit $639.0 $267.409 . 00 $3.68 $1.702.00 Long-term obligations.059.0 0 $348.863. .00 $ $1.0 0 Net income applicable to common stockholders $155.420.0 (3) 0 Total stockholders’ $579.828.Year End (Value in Thousands.082.0 $61.004.0 0 $313.00 $749.00 Equity in income (loss) of investees and minority interests $5.997. 0 00 $401.729.099.103 $962.42 Total assets $1.00 $4.00 0 $3.0 expenses 0 Operating $137. 00 $656.00 Net income (1) $157.539.466.0 equity 0 Except Shares) 2006 2005 $1.884.797. 0 00 $339.113.105. 00 $347.713.13 Net income applicable to common stockholders per diluted share (1) $3.00 $74.0 income 0 Total other income (expense) $12.477. 00 $1.00 00 $722. 00 $72.660.648 .875.554. 00 Page | 8 .136.00 (181 $156.00 Total costs of $769.556.979.0 $694.646.0 0 Total operating $501.123.00 $12.412.0 $231.388. 0 00 $35.986.107.350.0 (2) 0 Total liabilities $754.21 $754.88 $4.028.935.00 $192.088.856 . 2007 Total revenues $1. minority interest and redeemable preferred stock $646.0 0 $721.00 Income tax benefit (1) $12.0 (1) 0 Net income applicable to common stockholders per basic common share (1) $4.277. 00 $369.

IM. I like yahoo because its user friendly and it makes my job easier finding the products and learning how to set my business up online more sufficient. Freemerchant. Freemerchant. and Walker Associates April 7. Page | 9 . For me though I like yahoo because it has a better reputation and I know how to use it because I have been using yahoo ever since dot coms came into the internet.com is easier sometimes because they do not have all the other things like yahoo has for example email. Freemerchant. 2008 Building Internet Skills Yahoo! Store has a good backing of people and allows you to communicate with other people to find the cheapest product possible that you need.com is a company that many people do not know about but they have products on there that you can find it just takes you a little bit longer to find because not many people use it like they do with yahoo.com just deals with things that you could buy in a mail or a local retail store. Nicholas.To: From: Date: Re: Cindy Stevens Holmes. games and auto store. Yahoo has been around for a long time and the technology they have on their site makes it easier to use.

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