FEMALE EDUCATION 1 he role of woman in building a nation is undeniable. As a mother, sister or wife, a woman performs different functions.

Her prime duty is to bring up her children in such away to make them useful citizens of the country. Napoleon's remark about the education of woman has become a famous quotation. "Give me a good woman and I will give you a good nation." Hence her role as a nation-builder demands that she should be properly trained and educated. Educating a man means educating* an individual while educating a woman is like educating the whole family. She dreams of an enlightened family which cannot be cherished without the existence of an educated woman. Woman becomes fifty percent (50%) of our population and it is in no way justified if he keeps such a heavy proportion in ignorance and abeyance. It is an historical fact that the progress of a country has always cherished with the emancipation and empowerment of woman while empowerment in turn is impossible without education. In England and many other European countries the era of industrial development coincided with the feminist movement^ Japan's economic progress is just because of its ninety percent literacy rate attained by the372 The Study of Education fair sex in that country. The example of Turkey is also before us which concentrated on the female education only after 1st great war and now we see that Turkey woman in no way is lagged behind her European counterpart. If we consider the socio-economic structure of Pakistan we find it a bit difficult to provide our woman with such an environment where she can freely and easily develop her faculties. In our male dominated society most of the people disapprove the education of our female sex. It is argued that the proper place for a woman is the home and not a business spot, a law chamber or a legislative assembly where men and woman scramble for personal gains and benefits. They confine their duty to the four walls of their houses and upbringing their children with their own way arid style. This is an orthodox view which is an obstacle in the way of progress and prosperity. Islam does not deprive woman of getting proper education in a suitable and conducive environment. God says in the Holy Quran, "Men shall have the benefit of what they achieve and acquire and woman shall have the benefit of that which they similarly achieve and acquire". The Prophet (PBUH) has also emphasized the need of education by saying that education is mandatory for every Muslim man and woman. It is true that Quran has underlined the sex difference but at the same time insisted upon equal rights for women, "And they,(women) have rights similar to those against them in a just manner and the men are a degree above them. (11:228) In view of the Islamic injunctions it is obligatory upon us to provide the facility of good education to our women. We should educate them to become good mother as well as good citizen.

In modern age women in developed countries of the world in general and European countries particular have equally shared with their men the war and worries of practical life. In politics, business, trades, commerce, 373 The Study of Education sports, theatre or film industry she is able to freely play her role in an indiscriminate manner. It is not minded by people whether a taxi driver is male or female and the person at the helm of power is man or woman. Our case is slightly different. Our moral values, ethics, social norms and mores do not permit our women to indulge herself in each and every kind of physical activity. Therefore, the same type of education is not suitable for both sexes. Women should be able to stand by men in the abnormal situation but in ordinary circumstance she should concentrate on her duty as a good and enlightened mother. Her involvement in games \ike gymnastics film industry etc is not sanctioned by the society not because that religion and faith demands so but because these activities are detrimental to her health and mind with physical and moral point of view. The question arises that if certain kinds of activities are not allowed to women then how she can play her role in the development of a country. The answer is that there are so many professions which are not only honourable but also suit their physique. Education, health, nursing, law department and in many other institutions women can carry on their activities. She can make a good doctor, a good teacher lawyer, nurse or personal assistant in an office. Education by all means is the basic right of every man and woman. But while talking of female education on should not overlook the fundamental difference existing between both sexes. Advocates of feminism though contend that both should realize and undertake the same kinds of responsibilities. It is neither rational nor reasonable. A man can wash clothes, learn cooking but he is impossible to bear a child. Similarly a woman can drive an engine and handle a machine-gun but she is no match to Churchill or Napoleon. Opposing to nature is just to bring destruction and devastation. The fact should be understood374 The Study of Education and give her such type of education in order to enable her in earning the due reverence as a mother sister or wife. STUDENTS AND POLITICS

1 he importance to learn and engage in politics in practical life cannot be overlooked. So for the involvement of students in politics is concerned it has been a topic of great controversy amongst the intellectuals. The question is whether the students be allowed to take part in politics or not. There are different kinds of opinions. Some people say that the students under no circumstances be permitted to engage in political activities and so ruin their academic career. While others are of the opinion that the students must take active part in the politics so that to receive tl necessary training which is required for practical struggle in future. The following schools of thought have their separate view-point regarding the issue. The orthodox approached the issue with the contention that politics is the last resort of a scoundrel. It corrupts the student's mind and degrades his moral character. It engenders in him a love for mundane life and debases his noble thought. By diverting his attention towards politics he forgets his actual duty of moral development and intellectual uplift to which he is pledged

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