THE NEW WORLD ORDER Definition: The term "New World Order" is recent coinage.

It is an ambiguous term and its meanings have different version for different people. One section considers New World Order as a new form for the domination of the world by the United States of America. Another section, especially the Pakistani clergy, considers the New World Order as a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. So let us see this New World Order in its true context. George Bush (Senior), the former president of USA coined the phrase "New World Order" to outline in principle the guidelines for US foreign policy in the changed world On January 29, 1991, he explained the term; while addressing the congress he said, "What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world orderwhere diverse nations are dra\vn together in a common cause, to achieve the universal aspiration of mankind, the peace and security, freedom and rule of law. Such world is worthy of our struggle and our children's future". U.S. President George Bush again told the US audience on April 13, 1991 that "A new world order really describes, in regards to the US, new international responsibilities imposed by our success. It refers to new ways of working with other nations to deter aggression and achieve stability, prosperity and above all, peace". New World Order is primarily aimed at future formulation of US policies with the objective of future shape of the world, as US needed. Thus it is the sum and substance of structural features of the post cold war era politics with special reference to US approach. As old threats recede, new threats emerce. i he quest for a new world order is, in part, a challenge to me USA and the international community to tind ways <•<[ keeping the clangers of disorder at bay. 10 o N O «5 6 jj to /I438 for Prospective Teachers

Finally, it can be said that New World Order is the territorial re-adjustment of the world states according to the wishes, desires or interests of USA, so that she may obtain her unipolar status in the political system of the world. At its core, the concept of New World Order is chained with three different processes interplaying simultaneously in the new world: i) Shaping of things after the demise of USSR, ii) Structural or territorial changes for this transitional phase leading to New World Order, In) of history. President Bush emphasized the need for "The UN to become a forum for achieving international consensus and maintaining effective influence as an instrument for international peace keeping". Bush wanted to see UN to be a vehicle for promotion of US interests in execution of her foreign policy objectives. In the Gulf war of 1991, US manipulated the apparatus of UN for forging consensus to legitimate the use of its armed forces against Iraq. ORIGIN New World Order is a charisma of unipolar world. Since the World War-II upto 1990, the world was divided into two blocs, one led by the USA and the other by the exUSSR. There was balance of power and the weaker could be protected either by USA or USSR. The ex-USSR grew economically weaker after its attack on Afghanistan. So it started withdrawing its forces in 1988. In 1990-91, the collapse of USSR started and it no more remained a super power. All its states declared their independence and WARSAW PACT was dissolved, thus leaving USA as a single super power. In 1990-91, Iraq invaded Kuwait and claimed its territory. Within no time UN passed "mother of all resolutions" on the behest of America authorizing the USA 439 The Study of Education forces to attack Iraq and save Kuwait. Iraq thought that Russia would come to its support to revenge its defeat in Afghanistan but it did not happen as Russia no longer possessed sufficient power and resources to do so. Iraq had to lick the dust. This war proved that there was only one super power in the world and that was USA. Recent attacks of America on Afghanistan and Iraq and toppling town their regimes without the prior sanctions of Security Council I^JNO) further strengthened the above statement. Though the origin of New World Order can be traced back in 80s but after the collapse of the USSR and the Gulf War, the term New World Order started making its full expression internationally. Dominant US role during this emergent phase

There are three assumptions to the interpretation of the concept of New World Order as follows:, i) The world will be brought to a system of collective security under the United Nations. Due share will be contributed by other regional and international organizations, ii) The world will be Condominium of U.S.A. and The New World Order will be

Russia, each acting in union with each other, In) affected through a Pan-American. In this context, U.S.A. will play very dominating role by using UN as its instrument in collaboration with other powers like, European

Community, Britain, Japan and Germany. NEW WORLD ORDER TEXT i) Increasing role of UN

ii) New partnership of nations based on consultation, cooperation and collective action. In) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) Increasing democracy. Increasing prosperity. Increasing peace and reducing arms. 440 f<»' Prospective Teacht^ Territorial integrity. Self- determination. Peaceful engagement. Human right,-, Grand facilitator. FOUR REAL BASIS OF NEW WORLD ORDER

i) To get hold on oil resources of Middle East !\, USA ihroimh its agent Israel .in this region. iij To support India in South Asian policy for tackling Chinese Communism and strengthening hold on Islamic countries of the region.

In) To create schism among the Muslim countries and then taking military actions against them declaring them fundamentalist states. To stop non-nuclear states from getting nuclear weapons. *****

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