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Think Free DC a collaborative free.think model
“The myth that you have to be in Silicon Valley to be successful is idiotic,” says David Cohen, the founder and CEO of TechStars.


The creative economy brings together ideas about the creative industries, the cultural industries, creative cities, clusters and the creative class. -T.he Creative Colony


W.ASHINGTON D.C Industry Snapshot
Fashion Furniture and Home Furnishings Communication Digital Media Architecture and Interior Design Visual | Performing Arts

10% 19%


Creative Economy




Washington DC
C.reative E.conomy E.mployment and R.evenue

7,500: Total Jobs

A.verage Salary: 72,340

D.irect Jobs: 4,300

E.stablishments: 7400

I.ndirect Jobs: 3,200

S.elf Employed: 1200


Architecture and Design Art Galleries



Communication Art

Visual and Performing Arts






technology is the new manufacturing model
-Ronald Dixon

Washington DC is the Worlds Largest Intellectual Container.
DC is resident to over 8 private universities and 3 public Universities. Every year, DC produces a total of 35k college graduates. DC has a 85% retention Rate on Recent College Graduates. Less than 2% of the graduating population consider creating new technology based businesses. Fact: Apple Inc. currently has more USD than the U.S.A Federal Reserve.

a seamless funding mechanism for free thinkers.

Create a Creative Economy. Connect Free Thinkers to Free Funders. Collect
Granular Data from Your Free Thinkers.

Host Free Think Data on Bottomless


curriculum for generation free.think from middle school to college.


think.freedc. a society
def: a
city based 5 year plan to pronounce DC as the number one technology transfer region in the word

def: def:

a facility that operates as an enabler for free.thinkers to collaborate. a licensing and funding facilitator for free.thinkers to create technologies within the mainframe of collaboration or independence.


a formidable infrastructure that connects licensing to idea - then idea to funding -followed by branding to market for further commercialization.


: a seed funding network that will seamlessly connect freethinkers with seed money and incubation.

98% of ideas are lost due to inappropriate funding models. seed funding is the most fundamental aspect of economic growth. the average company requires 2000 hours of sweat equity for product beta launch. 5000k is a required deposit for ideation acceleration. a conceivable idea in a global economy has less than 72 hours hours to become competitive.

def: has a goal to acquire 10000k terabyte capacity over the next 5 years for hosting technology initiatives: Partnership with Google. By creating the infrastructure for localized data storage, our clients will be able to collaborate at a higher rate. Google is the largest server repository in the world 2,000.000k terabytes and counting. Google’s data center electricity use is about 0.01% of total worldwide electricity use and less than 1 percent of global data center electricity use in 2010. This result is in part a function of the ... lower electricity use per server for Google’s highly optimized servers.

fact: The average constituent utilizes 10 gigs of data per day.





is a MULTIFACETED campus to be located in Washington DC. Washington DC is PRIMED for an all in one location to facilitate, retain, and commercialize its free thinkers. Our vision is to create an all in one facility that will afford freethinkers the ability to CREATE, COLLABORATE, PRODUCE, and finally MARKET their i d e a s fo r f u n d i n g a n d eve n t u a l commercialization.




music and concerts film | video | photography websites | podcasting narration | sound branding audio/video editing | packaging graphic design | new media


radio television webscast | webinars online media mobile simulcast streaming


social media management online | print marketing advertising marketing | branding | merchandising


app dev | mobile | touch devices cloud storage | management robotics | industrial design energy | emerging markets


eBooks | smart books interactive newsletters | magazines info products | infomercials online instructional courses audio books | digital interactivity


O.pportunities A.bound


G.raphic D.esigner
Free Thinking Graphic Designer, Access to top quality software and
For a hardware is always an issue.


becomes a vital criteria point for producing quality renderings in a timely fashion. Projects that require multi-level production from Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator CSS to Large Scale Graphic Printouts are all conceivable at THE COLONY. Our facility will provide an umbrella of relevant high end software and hardware for scalable productions on multiple creative levels.

Produce | Edit | Render | Distribute | Showcase
The World We Know is now Digital. Movies, Commercials, Music Videos, Web Series, Viral Campaigns. THE COLONY is an all inclusive digitally enhanced facility for producers and digital editors. Our capabilities are on the cusp of cutting edge digital media production and rendering.

M.edia P.roducer

Post Production and rendering is all facilitated under one roof. Adequate
personnel, hardware, software and data storage are on demand.


S.ound S.tage
A State of the Art Acoustic Space COLONY THEORY: WHY LEAVE?
THE COLONY SOUND is a combination of hi-def recording studio and performance venue. Musicians requiring professional digitalaudio services have full access to an all inclusive in native facility Public | Private Performances are seamless. Extended amenities include Recording | Streaming | Realtime Social Media Interaction | Server Data Storage | Post Editing |



P.hotography V.isual A.rt M.ixed M.edia A.rt
Over the course of the last 10 years, we have witnessed the convergence of three visual disciplines: Photograph, Fine art and the newly defined Mixed Media Arts into the digital arena. Digital Media is now considered the nexus by which all media forms and disciplines are resident. Although conventional styles of reproducing images remain popular, artist are now recognizing the benefits of digital remastering allowing seamless distribution to interactive networks. The Creative Colony is a Digital Repository of Equipment, Wi-Fi Networks and Storage Space. Artist of all disciplines are able to take full advantage of our digital capabilities enhancing their creative genius.


C.REATIVE E.CONOMY work.force solutions


G.enius F.ederation

M o b i l e Te c h n o l o g y increases student retention by 30 percent or more.

The C.reative E.conomy begins with the Teacher and the Student.

def: g.enius.federation is an online programing channel providing technology ideation curriculum for students and teachers.


N.ew E.conomy
W.ork F.orce
The emerging Creative Economy offers the opportunity to develop the existing talent pool of both the K-12 public schools (DCPS and Public Charter Schools) and the Public Post Secondary. Establishing and nurturing the talents of the residents of the District, we improve Quality of Life outcomes for our citizens while expanding the city’s tax base and reducing the poverty taxes.

The Accelerator Management team will reach out to local high schools with focus on STEM like Friendship Collegiate HS and McKinley High School to create pilots that offer summer internships that focus on work place applications

The Accelerator Project holds the potential for systematically linking a range of innovation par tners to education in efforts support a workforce development agenda for the twenty first century.


M.obile P.rogramming
Mobile Device Programs are becoming powerful learning strategies in today’s schools and more and more districts are using touch devices as dynamic and engaging learning tools. These devices allow for 24/7 learning, increased collaboration, up-to-date digital textbooks, and teaching responsible digital citizenship. By combining mobile device management, content filtering, and hosted email, our program will be a comprehensive and easy-to-use way for budget and time constrained schools to manage iPad deployments large or small.



T.he C.olony A Formidable Business Venture


R.evenue S.treams and C.apabilities
Membership (Tiered or Sponsored) Virtual Currency via Membership Card Training Ground for .edu, .gov. .com, .mil (military) Subscription for monthly or quarterly use of facility White Label App Licensing  Virtual Marketplace for product / service from members Professional Studio Production / Post Production Concerts / Conference Venues / Membership Recitals / Gallery Openings Brick and Mortar store for Industrial Design Sales and Visual Art Facility Rentals R&D: Intellectual Property Exploitation 

The Colony is a Revenue G . e n e r a t i n g F a c i l i t y. O u r Business Model is anchored to our ability to maximize space, creativity, and talent. Membership Fees will be Tiered according to the amount of amenities required from the applicant. Membership will be based upon the APPLICANT’S ability to create valuable product and / or services within their respective Creative Space.

Applicants will be evaluated on: Product / Service Collaboration Potential Technology Business Viability | Sustainability Market Opportunity Licensing | IP Exploitation


C.reative C.olony Membership Privileges
Members of The Colony are issued a Colony Card. The card will allow access to numerous modules of the facility depending on their tiered subscription. The Colony will pursue partnerships with vendors within the District and at our LA an NYC venues. The Colony Card will work in-sync with our White Label Mobile App. Members will be informed when potential collaborators are at the facility and communicate with them seamlessly. The Colony Card will also allow for purchases within the facility of services a n d a d d i t i o n a l p ro d u c t s u s i n g a proprietary virtual currency.


Virtual Merchant Store
The Department of Commerce announced that the estimate of U.S. retail e-commerce sales for the second quarter of 2012 was $54.8 billion, an increase of 3.3 percent from the first quarter of 2012. Total retail sales for the second quarter of 2012 were estimated at $1,076.9 billion, The second quarter 2012 e-commerce estimate INCREASED 15.3 percent E-commerce sales in the second quarter of 2012 accounted for 5.1 percent of total sales. The Creative Colony Store is a Virtual Market Place powered by The Colony. Membership will include an account, marketing and promotion, as well as the seamless ability to mail their merchandise from the facility. Members have access to their account via their Membership Card. Seamless transfer of funds accrued are available for ATM withdraw



Training Ground .gov .mil .com


The Colony will serve as a training facility for the District’s top five sectors. We will employ technololgist and creative thinkers providing hands on training on how to use collaboration and media to your advantage for the greater good. Clients will be charged depending on the size of the class and number of instructors assigned.
‘What we need are the people to train, update, and manage the technology in classrooms, otherwise, as a teacher, I'm spending my conferring time with students as a tech trouble-shooter, as opposed to teaching them content.” DCPS Teacher

“Over the years the logical/analytical left brain has dominated business decision making. Skills that utilize intuition, inspiration, and active imagination haven’t found a home within the corporate world. Many employees have equally separated their love of creativity and the arts, and a chasm exists between their right and left brains. The arts convey stories and the opportunity to enter a place where all is possible. The major obstacles corporations currently face, such as diversity, cross-group collaboration, and work/life balance, all can be met with an increased focus on the arts.”

W.hite L.abel M.obile A.pps
The Creative Colony App is designed to increase the amount of potential collaborations from our members and beyond. Studio 202 Mobile App is an all inclusive platform allowing clients to distribute, promote, and merchandize their commodities. By creating White Label Mobile Apps, The Creative Colony will increase sustainable revenue streams from its member and members of the media sector. Subscribers will pay on a tiered system in accordance to the amount of services they require per mobile app.


S.tudio 202 App
Digital Distribution of Media is the norm. WiFi is the highway by which media is traveling directly to mobile devices. 24 Hour access to media has become a staple of consumption for the consumer. Studio 202 App is a White Label platform facilitating an all in one delivery of media from the producer to the market. We envision movie, sitcom, sound stage production, and web episode digital licensing as a foundation for modern day media consumption. Free thinkers are able to utilize our Mobile App as a mechanism to self publish while seamlessly collecting revenue. Our Colony Card will allow for immediate monetary transactions and audit capabilities.


The Colony Wall

The Colony App is tethered to multiple LCD screens throughout the facility. Once a member enters the facility via the Colony Card, additional members on campus and beyond will be updated to their location and collaborative projects. The Colony App is a data vessel. We analyze the work flow and collaboration methodology of members to increase productivity. Data is available to members in real time for immediate engagement.

[I].ndustrial [D].esign Architect Framework
The Creative Cooperative Space is modulated to
accommodate all facets of design creation. Our vision is to render a space where industrial designers have the ability to form ideations and concepts into workable, scalable models along side of architect surveyors and drafters.

Industrial Design Specs: The objective of this area is to study both function and form, and the connection
between product, the user and the environment. In this case, the only difference is Industrial Designers participate in the process that specializes in small scale design making collaboration and space more reasonable.

Creative Collaboration: Industrial designers do not
design the gears or motors that make machines move, or the circuits that control the movement (that task is usually attributed to engineers), but they can affect technical aspects through usability design and form relationships. Engineers and Marketers are normally called in for late stage commercialization.


S.ound Stage | P.roduction Facility W.HY L.EAVE
Def: The Colony Sound Stage and Production facilities is a high revenue vertical for the District. Our
vision is to provide pre and post production capabilities from music to digital pre and post pre production to resident members in addition to transplants from Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, and Boston.

Industry Specs: Hollywood has mutated from an
industry of classic huge, vertically integrated corporations into the world’s best example of a network economy. Eventually, every knowledge-intensive industry will end up in the same flattened, atomized state. Hollywood just has gotten there first.

Concerts, Conferences and Private Events are all
scalable and afforded the best amenities that entertainment has to offer. Our Motto is “Why Leave”. Within The Colony all things are possible.


S.ocial M.edia A.mplified
Def: Social Media are media for social interaction, that uses
web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Today, with the fast-growing mobile platforms, more people are logging into various socialnetworking sites to share thoughts and ideas with other people on a real time global level. Due to this popularity, mobile developers have found ways to link popular socialmedia to their products and services creating an interactive merchant based - conversation that is limitless.

The Colony App is our white label mobile application that
will incorporate social media fundamentals seamlessly into membership collaborative projects. Numerous social media mobile applications allow for designers to utilize their API (Blue-Print Code) allowing for a combination of services tethered to existing accounts. Currently, Google Places API is the engine behind SCVNGR - a highly successful mobile location application that allows for people to “check in” to locations and also set up “virtual tours”.


C.reative C.olony
R.esearch & D.evelopment T.echnology T.ransfer D.iffusion of I.nnovation Idea to Market Market to Community


C.reative C.olony Technology Transfer Value Chain
Ideation Trade Secrets Prior Art Trademark Provisional Patent Invention Licensing Product Evaluation Commercialization Funding Diffusion of Innovation

D.igital P.ublishing
The Creative Colony is a manufacturer of digital content. Currently, we have over [100 terabytes] and counting of digital medial via our flagship vessel as well as conference recordings from our DGI initiatives. By utilizing the facility for membership production, our model will allow for seamless pre production, mastering, and finally the digital distribution of media via our white label “202” app available on iTunes, Droid and Amazon – Kindle devices. The District sectors such as the Non-Profit, Government, Private, Education, and Military are currently transitioning to full blown digital frameworks. Cloud technology has now made collaboration the status quo of delivering content to clients and beyond. Our training facility will enable clients of all sizes to learn the specifics and benefits of digital publishing while also providing the equipment and expertise to ensure top quality deliverables.


R.esearch and D.evelopment
If a competitive edge is what you desire, Research and Development is required. The Colony is a firm advocate of expanding the Research and Development continuum in efforts to extend the revenue forecast of innovative concepts and business models.
R&D covers activities such as basic research, fundamental research, technology development, advanced development, concept development, new product development, process development, prototyping, R&D portfolio management, and technology transfer,

Not having a plan for the next 100 years is how an industry can be blindsided. The Colony will utilize its membership card and white label app to follow the progress of members and collaborators assuring the correct amount of resources are afforded to projects as they channel forward through the commercialization process.

T.echnology T.ransfer
Technology Transfer is defined as the process of facilitating a concept from ideation to production, then subsequently to licensing and commercialization for market evaluation. The Colony is a privatized Tech Transfer Facilitator. Our in house council of professional attorneys and draft agents are equipped with the knowledge base to secure intellectual property for members. The Patent and Trade Mark sector is the epicenter of revenue for The Colony. Members will benefit from our qualified nested team of Intellectual Property enablers - eliminating bureaucracy while increasing efficiency.


Diffusion of Innovation: Mechanism
1. Knowledge: In this stage the individual is first exposed to
an innovation but lacks information about the innovation. During this stage of the process the individual has not been inspired to find more information about the innovation.

2. Persuasion: In this stage the individual is interested in the
innovation and actively seeks information/detail about the innovation.

3. Decision: In this stage the individual takes the concept of
the change and weighs the advantages/disadvantages of using the innovation and decides whether to adopt or reject the innovation. Due to the individualistic nature of this stage Rogers notes that it is the most difficult stage to acquire empirical evidence .

4. Implementation: In this stage the individual employs the
innovation to a varying degree depending on the situation. During this stage the individual determines the usefulness of the innovation and may search for further information about it.

5. Confirmation:

Although the name of this stage may be misleading, in this stage the individual finalizes his/her decision to continue using the innovation and may end up using it to its fullest potential.


D.iffusion of I.nnovation

A.dopters C.ategory
1. Innovators:
Innovators are the first individuals to adopt an innovation. Innovators are willing to take risks, youngest in age, have the highest social class have great financial lucidity, very social and have closest contact to scientific sources and interaction with other innovators. Risk tolerance has them adopting technologies which may ultimately fail. Financial resources help absorb these failures.

2. Early Adopters:

This is the second fastest category of individuals who adopt an innovation. These individuals have the highest degree of opinion leaders among the other adopter categories. Early Adoptersare typically younger in age, have a higher social status, have more financial lucidity, advanced education, and are more socially forward than late adopters. More discrete in adoption choices than innovators. They judicious choice of adoption will help them maintain central communication position

3. Early Majority: Individuals in this category adopt an
innovation after a varying degree of time. This time of adoption is significantly longer than the innovators and early adopters. Early Majority tend to be slower in the adoption process, have above average social status, contact with early adopters, and seldom hold positions of opinion leadership in a system

4. Late Majority:

Individuals in this category will adopt an innovation after the average member of the society. These individuals approach an innovation with a high degree of skepticism and after the majority of society has adopted the innovation. Late Majority are typically skeptical about an innovation, have below average social status, very little financial lucidity, in contact with others in late majority and early majority, very little opinion leadership.

5. Laggards:

Individuals in this category are the last to adopt an innovation. Unlike some of the previous categories, individuals in this category show little to no opinion leadership. These individuals typically have an aversion to change-agents and tend to be advanced in age. Laggards typically tend to be focused on "traditions", likely to have lowest social status, lowest financial fluidity, be oldest of all other adopters, in contact with only family and close friends.




Top 12 National Accelerator Groups in U.S.A.
Y  Combinator   TechStars KickLabs   i/o  Ventures   Excelerate  Labs   AngelPad   Boston  Launchpad   LA  500  Startups   DreamIt  Ventures   NYC  SeedStart   Entrepreneurs  Roundtable  Accelerator The  Brandery


Accelerators are Ranked Based Upon 6 Criteria Points
Qualified Financial Activity Qualified Exits Reputation with Leading Venture Capitalist Alumni Network Equity Taken


Qualified Financial Activity
Qualified Financing Activity occurs when a portfolio company raises an aggregate of at least $350k within 12 months of graduating the accelerator program. We believe that a company raising a significant amount of money in the year following the accelerator program is an early indicator of its potential long term success. The $350K threshold represents a sum of money that exceeds the guaranteed investment capital typically made available to any particular accelerator’s graduates through convertible notes. The ranking utilizes the percentage of program alumni companies that have had a qualified financing activity.


Qualified Exits
Qualified Exit occurs when a portfolio company either issues an IPO or is acquired for an amount such that the founders earn at least $1M. A qualified exit indicates that the company has matured to the point where the entrepreneur and other investors can cash out if they wish. The $1M threshold represents a sum of money that would materially affect an entrepreneur’s life. The ranking utilizes the percentage of program alumni companies that had a qualified exit.


Reputation with Leading Venture Capitalist
Reputation with VCs is determined by systematically coding interviews with VCs. For each VC participating, the coding scheme assessed and scored the accelerator based on the level of VC awareness regarding the program and the VC’s assessment of aspects of the program such as the quality of mentorship or usefulness of alumni network. Multiple VCs across the US were interviewed in order for this portion of the ranking, as well as to understand their perspective of what makes for a successful accelerator program.


Alumni Network
Alumni Network is the number of companies that have graduated from the program; A strong alumni network serves as a significant asset and offers an important base of contacts and resources for future business development. In this study, we evaluated accelerators that had a minimum of 10 alumni by the end of 2011.


Equity Taken
Equity Taken by the accelerator is the percentage of company equity that the startup gives to the accelerator in return for the stipend and program participation.


Stipend is the dollar amount of cash provided by the accelerator to the entrepreneurs to support their activities and living expenses during the program.


Y Combinator program stands out as having the highest reputation and quality among the accelerators, with a number of our interviewees viewing them as being in a league of their own. Y Combinator also has the largest alumni network among the accelerators ranked in this study. Founded in 2005, Y Combinator has nearly three times the number of alumni of all four Tech Stars locations put together as of year-end of 2011. Each cycle culminates in Demo Day, when the startups present to a large audience of investors.

artup funding. Twice a year we invest a small of startups (currently 82).


Y Combinator: Investment
Since 2005 yCombinator has funded over 460 startups, including Loopt, Reddit, Clustrix, Wufoo, Scribd, Xobni, Omgpop, Weebly, Songkick, Disqus, Dropbox, ZumoDrive,, Heroku, A  Thinking Ape, Machine Zone, Posterous, Airbnb, Heyzap, Cloudkick, DailyBooth, WePay, Bump, Stripe, CarWoo, MixPanel, Cardpool, Optimizely, AeroFS, E la Carte, and Hipmunk. Top Venture Raisers: Scribd  ($25.8 million),  Disqus  ($10.5 million), and Posterous ($10.1 million) This is the latest eye-popping number from Y Combinator, following Forbes’ report in April that Y Combinator companies were worth a total of $7.78 billion.


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