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Anneans Gazette

The Official Newsletter of SACSC

Vienn Nicole D.C. Ocampo Catherine Joy Calvo EDITORS IN CHIEF Nicole Mae B. Ayuban Ayalyn P. Chiquillo Mark Nowell Eleuterio ASSOCIATE EDITORS John Gabriel Rafael Sybannah Claey Mauhay John Zyrus Mauhay Mariela Anesco FEATURE/LITERARY EDITORS Angelino Joseph Quijencio MANAGING EDITORS Michael Angelo T. Deocadez Edmar Tierra LAYOUT ARTISTS Andrei Areno Paolo Orapa PHOTOJOURNALISTS Jhereene Hazell Pablo CARTOONISTS Eddiene Paula Agustin Mary Grace Lungsod Cristine Acosta Mary Richella Biteng Daneza Buenaflor REPORTERS/ ENCODERS Jhet Scott Cruz Rikki Mae S. Bolisay CONTRIBUTORS Mr. Delfin N. Vitug Jr. Mr. Daniel Charles M. Caudill MODERATORS Mr. Julius T. Estamo ASST. PRINCIPAL Mrs. Leticia A. Bautista PRINCIPAL


I believe in the profession of journalism. I believe that the public journal is a public trust, that all connected with it are to the full measure of their responsibility, trustees for the public, that acceptance of a lesser service than the public service is betrayal of this trust. I believe that the clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to the good journalism. I believe that the journalist should write only what he holds in his heart to be true. I believe that the suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible. I believe that no one should write as a journalist what he would not say as a gentlemen, that bribery by ones own pocketbook is as much to be avoided as bribery by the pocketbook of another; that individual responsibility may not be escaped by pleading anothers dividends. I believe that advertising, news and editorial columns should alike serve the best interests of readers; that a single standard of helpful truth and cleanliness should prevail for all; that the supreme test of good journalism is the measure of its public service. I believe that the journalism which succeeds best and best deserves success fears God and honors man; is stoutly independent, unmoved by pride of opinion or greed power; constructive, tolerant but never careless; self-controlled, patient, always respectful of its readers but always unafraid; is quickly indignant at injustice; is unswayed by the appeal of privilege or the clamor of the mob; seeks to give every man a chance, and as far as a law and honest wage and recognition of brotherhood can make it so, an equal chance; is profoundly patriotic while sincerely promoting international goodwill and cementing world comradeship; is a journalism of humanity of and for todays world.

SACS NEWSLETTER CORE VALUES A good newsletter should be guided in the publication of all materials by a concern for truth, the hallmark of freedom; by a concern for human decency and human betterment; and by respect for the accepted standards of its own community. We are guided by the following CORE VALUES; a. INTEGRITY - Maintain vigorous standards of honesty and fair play in the selection and editing of its content as well as in all its relation with news sources and the public. b. ACCURACY - Exert maximum effort to print the truth in all news situations. c. RESPONSIBILITY - Use mature and considered judgment in the public interest at all times. d. SERVICE - Act with courage in serving the public. CODES OF ETHICS 1. To cooperate at all times with the faculty in the improvement and the betterment of the school and to give only constructive criticisms in regard to any school undertaking. 2. To reflect good sportsmanship in writing by disregarding personal grudge and enmity. 3. To avoid ironic personal jokes. 4. To exclude from publication articles about the school that may draw wrong and unpleasant conclusions from those unaware of the real situation. 5. To extend full credit to the author of any borrowed article. 6. To be accurate and truthful in newspaper reporting. 7. To correct errors brought to the attention of the staff. 8. To strive hard for the best way of expression. 9. To practice teamwork and discard individualism. 10. To adopt new ideas and make changes whenever such will mean progress and advancement.

POLICIES 1. Support all school projects and to give only constructive criticism of such projects. 2. Maintain a high standard of sportsmanship by avoiding personal enmity and jealousy both within the school and in inter-school relations. 3. Refrain from publishing articles that convey wrong impressions against the school. 4. Avoid unkind personal jokes, criticisms, and caricatures.

STAFFS and their OBLIGATIONS A. MODERATOR adviser; one who moderates the management of the newsletter. B. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 1. Supervises the editorial staff of the paper. 2. Writes the editorials of the organ after consultation with the members of the editorial staff. 3. Edits all articles preparatory to submission of the same to the moderator for final editing and approval for publication. 4. Causes the accomplishment of all the assignments properly and on time. 6. Acts as a liaison officer between the editorial staff and the moderator. 7. Calls meetings of the staff in consultation with the adviser. C. ASSOCIATE EDITOR 1. Edits the articles in association with the editor in chief. 2. Writes editorials of the organ when requested. 3. Prepares assignments of section editors in consultation with the editor in chief. 4. Cooperates in the preparation of the layout of the paper and paging of the same with the editor in chief.

D. SECTION EDITORS 1. NEWS EDITOR a. Assigns reporters to cover events relevant to the school activities. b. Writes news on assignment from the editor in chief or through his own initiative in consultation with the latter. c. Edits all news articles received preparatory to submission of the same to the editor in chief then to the moderator. 2. LAYOUT ARTIST a. Assigns or causes the assignment of the newsletter official photographer to take pictures on schools activities for the month. b. Prepares pictorial articles of the organ in consultation with the managing editor and editor in chief. c. Writes the caption of the pictures utilized by the paper in cooperation with the editor and editor in chief. d. Takes charge of the design of the magazine cover. e. Labels or properly identifies all pictures made available for the publication. f. Helps in the preparation of the layout of the pictorial stories. E. CARTOONIST/ RECREATIONIST 1. Makes illustrations for feature articles; editorials and news. 2. Makes comics strip in line with the school codes of ethics. 3. Makes trivia, games and puzzles ( ex. word finder, crossword, Sudoku etc.. ) F. REPORTERS/ PHOTOJOURNALIST 1. Secures the cold and raw facts of an assigned event and writes an article or take photos out of the same. 2. Receives assignments from the section editors and board of editors and accomplishes the same properly and on time.