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Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia

Message from Hon’ble Chief Minister Welcome to Karnataka, the Knowledge Hub of Asia. It gives me immense pleasure and pride to showcase Karnataka’s potential at The Global Investors Meet 2010. The State’s entrepreneurial spirit in innovations and R&D has given us recognition world over Our over. rich natural resources, proactive government policies, talented workforce and a strong economy have propelled the State to become a preferred investment destination. I have a dream, a vision for this one State with many opportunities. Vision 2020 for Karnataka seeks to propel a holistic growth by promoting equitable development of p p g y p g q p sectors and districts, by providing employment to all sections of people and regions of the State. It will also focus on ensuring excellent infrastructure, quality education, decent living conditions and life security for all our citizens. This vision, combined with our passion for excellence will drive the economy to greater heights. Karnataka i a S We have witnessed rapid and unparalleled growth across K k is State of action. W h f i i d id d ll l d h our knowledge-based sectors. Each of our 30 districts is unique in its own right, offering investment potential like no other state in the country. Over 700 MNCs are already reaping the advantages of making Karnataka their home. One new global company moves into our State every week and a new industrial unit is approved every day. Supported by rich natural resources and progressive policies the State presents to its policies, investors the right blend of strengths and opportunities. We would like to assure all investors that the State Government would extend fullest cooperation and support for the timely implementation of their projects. I would like to congratulate the investors for choosing our State and wish them a grand success in their ventures. With best wishes, B. S. Yeddyurappa B S Y dd Chief Minister of Karnataka

Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia

Machine Tools. The State Government has always provided an investor-friendly administration. and Research & Development. The SEZ Policy provides smooth flow of investments for projects in Special Economic Zones.000 acres of land across 5 Industrial Corridors. A special thrust to infrastructure is being provided to cater to the needs of growing economy. Murugesh R Nirani Minister for Large & Medium Industries Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Medical tourism and wellness centres are being supported b G t d by Government accreditation norms t ensure quality care. I have no doubt that Karnataka will exceed every investor’s expectations as the ideal investment destination On behalf of the State of Karnataka I invite all of you to explore destination. Biotechnology. Pioneering sector-specific policies such as the IT Policy. opportunities of mutual growth and invest in our State. With best wishes. Karnataka has forged ahead from its global technology leadership to being the knowledge hub.Message from Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium Industries It is indeed with great pride that I take this opportunity to present to you the Global Investors Meet 2010 under the theme of Advantage Karnataka – The Knowledge Hub of Asia. green power. Karnataka i one of I di ’ f Ai K k is f India’s fastest growing states with a strong i d i ih industrial b i l base and d a vibrant economy. land bank g g p j g and single-window clearances. The State Industrial Policy 2009-14 is facilitating investment in large projects through fiscal concessions. Th S t dit ti to lit The Smart G id t Grid pilot project will be the first of its kind in the country leading the way for efficient. Biotech Millennium Policy. The Government is acquiring 60. The State is making rapid strides in the areas of Information Technology. Aerospace. the Government has undertaken several progressive policies to propel balanced regional growth across the State. In recent times. To fulfil the Vision 2020 for Karnataka. Semiconductor Policy. Karnataka. and Renewable Energy Policy are also being implemented.

W bes wishes. All the districts of the State have Small Scale Industries base that provide employment. Venkatramanappa Minister for Small Scale Industries Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . The State invites all the entrepreneurs to realize their dreams in Karnataka and wishes them a bright future. investors and business experts from all over the world to showcase the opportunities in Karnataka. with special support to MSMEs and access to key raw materials create a favourable ground for small entrepreneurs to thrive. Business-friendly climate. With best w s es. The Global Investors Meet 2010 has been designed to bring together leading entrepreneurs. encourages entrepreneurship and sustain the heritage of the rural and cottage industries. growth-oriented policies of the State. The State is proud to present the Karnataka Industrial Policy 2009-14 with special p thrust for the development of Small Scale Industries. The Small Scale Industries have played a critical g p g role in ensuring balanced economic development in all the regions of the State.Message from Hon’ble Minister for Small Scale Industries A very warm welcome to all the investors who have shown interest in the State of Karnataka – The Knowledge Hub of Asia. These industries have encouraged self employment which has boosted the overall industrial growth of the State.

Industrial Locations 4. Introduction 2.AN OVERVIEW 1. Tourism Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Infrastructure 5. Economy and Industry 3.

Dharwad a d ub a e t e ost u ba and Hubli are the most urban part of the district. Consists of 5 taluks – Dharwad. Hubli. INTRODUCTION It is the second most advanced district in the state.Dharwad district is located in the Western sector of the northern half of Karnataka State. Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Kalghatagi. g g Kundagol & Navalgund. Dharwad is a very important business ce te in Karnataka. bus ess center a ata a.

236 sqkm Dharwad 5 16.87% (2001 Census) Rivers Area District Headquarters Talukas Population P l ti D it Population Density Literacy Rate Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .FACT FILE Geographic Location Temperature Rainfall 15 02’ and 15 51’ North latitude 73 43’ and 75 35’ East longitude 45 C (Max) 22 C (Min) 772 mm Bennihalla (Krishna basin).04 lakh (2001 Census) 348 per sqkm k 71. Bedthi & Shalmala (west flowing rivers) Sh l l ( fl i i ) 4.

cotton ginning & b idi i lt l industries h i kl tt i i pressing Focus Sectors g g g • Food Processing and Agro Processing • Information Technology • Automobile Components • Textiles • Aerospace C A Components Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . electrical. food products • IT Park Hubli is situated in the heart of the City and is promoted by the Government of Karnataka IT Department and KEONICS • Th There are many subsidiary agricultural i d t i such as pickles. steel furniture. state sell their produce here • District has many industrial sectors of engineering items.ECONOMY & INDUSTRIAL PROFILE • Hubli is an important industrial centre with more than 3. machine tools industries. Industrial Valves.000 small & medium industries • Hubli is the main trading centre for agriculture produce Farmers from all over the produce. Electrical goods and agricultural implements.

Sapota and Bananas as horticultural produce • Important market for Red Chillies. Soya Bean. Maize & Sunflower S fl Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Chilli. Onions.AGRICULTURE • Major crops produced : Food Crops – Jowar. Maize and Cotton • Grows mangoes. Pulses – Bengal Gram & Tur • Commercial crops – Ground nut. Cotton and Jowar. Wheat. Onions. Guava.

INDUSTRY Industries • There are 19 Large and Medium industries in the district with an investment of Rs. Ltd •Mullangi Spintex P Ltd Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Ltd •BDK Alloys •Mahalingashetty & Co. Limited •Sh R El t t P t Li it d •Shri Prabhulingeshwar Sugars & Chemicals Ltd •TINNA Agro Industries Limited •MM Industrial Controls Pvt. 754.38 Medi m ind stries ith in estment Rs 754 38 crores • There are 345 Factories in the district as on 31-03-2009 Prominent Players • Tata Marcopolo •Telcon •T l •Bharat NRE Coke Limited •Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited •Gujarat NRE Coke Limited •Joja Chemicals P Limited •Kuntal Granites (P) Ltd •Lambodhara Granites P Limited •Shree Bhagyalaxmi Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Ltd •Shree Ram Electrocast Pvt.

crore 1600 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 1439 866 Investment in  Rs.crore R SHLCC (10) SHLCC (10) SLSWCC (57) SLSWCC (57) Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .INDUSTRIES APPROVED OVER LAST 5 YEARS 2005-06 TO 2009-10 Investment in Rs.

675 5.829 2 829 2.834 6. Lakh) 2.676 Employment 3.138 2.626 Small Scale Industries with an investment of Rs.543 6.869 4. Years 2004-05 2004 05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Units 762 595 630 623 747 836 Investment (Rs.40.039 1.598 Lakh with employment for 1.070 3 070 2.328 4.000 persons.SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES There are 16. 49.541 4.629 Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .

No.4.2014 Envisioned to build prosperous Karnataka Taluks in the state have been divided into four zones for incentives. 28.02. Navalgund 3 Dh d Hubli. O. Dharwad district has been divided: – Zone 2:Kalghatagi – Z Zone 3:Dharwad.2009 Effective from 1. H bli Kundagol.KARNATAKA INDUSTRIAL POLICY 2009-14 • • • • Announced vide G. K d l N l d Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . CI 233 SPI 2008 dt.2009 up to 31.3.

100 lakh Anchor unit subsidy: Rs. 100 lakh Interest subsidy for micro units: 3 to 5 y y years Exemption from electricity Duty: 3 to 5 years Subsidy for Technology Upgradation & Quality Certification Interest free loan on VAT for Large & mega p j g g projects: 5 to 12 years depending on y p g investments and employment Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .INCENTIVES & CONCESSIONS • • • • • • • • • • Investment promotion subsidy for MSME – 10 to 25% of VFA Exemption from stamp duty & waiver of conversion fine – 100% in Zone 1 & 2. 75% in Zone 3 Exemption from Entry Tax: 3 to 5 years Exemption of APMC Cess: 3 to 5 years p y Subsidy for setting up ETPs: upto Rs.

INFRASTRUCTURE Land Bank Taluk Dharwad Hubli Total  Total Land (Acres) ( ) 6754 1784 8538 • • • There is an Industrial growth centre. IT/BT Zone and Power Generation Zone covering the District Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . 8 Industrial Areas and 2 Industrial Estates 3 Industrial Areas are proposed in the district of Dharwad Suvarna Karnataka Development Corridor envisages the creation of an Apparel Zone.

NH63 & NH 218 pass through the district • Dharwad has 21 Railway stations.CONNECTIVITY • NH 4. with a route length of 211km ROAD RAIL •N Nearest ports to the t t t th district are Goa Port and Karwar PORT AIR • H bli has an existing Hubli h i ti airport and the airport is currently being expanded. expanded Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .

L. Kalyan Nagar. colleges and universities.E. Medical and Dental Sciences B V B College of Engineering & Technology K.E. There are 9 polytechnics – 8 in Hubli and 1 in Dharwad p y There are 2 medical colleges . Dharwad Karnataka Law University commencing operations in 2010 Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .1 each in Dharwad and Hubli There are 3 Engineering colleges 2 in Hubli and 1 in Dharwad List of Prominent educational institutions Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) SDM college of Engineering. Society's Institute of Management Studies & Research Universities Karnataka University y g University of Agricultural Sciences .L. Society's Polytechnic Nettur Technical Training Foundation Kousali Institute of Management International Institute for Advanced Studies.EDUCATION • • • • Dharwad has been a renowned centre of learning with many famous high schools. Dharwad K.

Chandramouleshwara Shiva temple and Unkal lake. Unkal Lake is a pictorial water spot with a magnificent sunset view. the birth place of Sawai Gandharwa who was the Guru of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Gangubai Hangal in Hindustani music music.TOURISM • • • • • • • Chandramouleshwara Temple. this beautiful temple is famous for Historical Western Chalukya period. recreational facilities for the children. Siddharoodha Matt located at near outskirts of Hubli is an eminent religious institution. Nrupatunga Hill is located on the North-Eastern fringe of Hubli and offers a pleasing panoramic view of the Hubli city city. a centre of Advaita philosophy as preached by Swami Siddharoodha. Kundgol. Temple Amargol is famous for the Shankarlinga and Banashankari Temple. etc. Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Annigeri has many historical temples including the Kalyani Chalukya period and is about 30 km from Hubli. with a green garden. Kundgol is also famous for Shambhulinga temple. boating facilities. located at Unkal.

NOTES • ………………………………… • ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… ………………………………… Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia .

in Visit us at: www. Khanija Bhavan.in Visit us at : www.vsnl.in Visit us at : www.kumbangalore.karnatakaindustry. Race Course Road. India Ph : 91-80-2221 53 83 Fax : 91-80-2221 7702 83.4th Floor. Ind stries Rayapura. Khanija Bhavan. 2238 1232 Fax: +91 80 2226 6063 Email: md@kumbangalore.CONTACT • DIRECTORATE OF INDUSTRIES & COMMERCE Government of Karnataka 2nd Floor. Race Course Road. India Bangalore-560 Ph: 91-80-2225 8131-133 Fax : 91-80-2225 5740 Email : ksiidc@blr. Bangalore 560 001. India.com Visit us at : www.kiadb.Fax Email: kiadb@mail.in Karnataka: The Knowledge Hub of Asia . Bangalore-560 001. Rashtrothana Parishat Building Nrupathunga Road. Bangalore 560 001.in Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (A Govt. Phone: +91 80 2238 6796 Fax: +91 80 2238 9909 Email: commissioner@karnatakaindustry. of Karnataka Undertaking #14/3.gov.ksiidc.com g Karnataka State Industrial Investment & Development Corporation Limited #49. (East wing) Race Course Road.gov. Phone: +91 80 2228 2392.nic. India. Dharwad – 580 009 Ph: 0836-2322986/ 2322627 Fax: 0836-2322627 Email: jd-dharwad@karnatakaindustry.in • KARNATAKA UDYOG MITRA A Government of Karnataka Organisation 3rd Floor.gov. South Block.com • • The Joint Director District Industries Centre Director. Bangalore 560 001.net.

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