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Animal Farm Chapter 7 Questions: 1. What was the real reason why the windmill was destroyed?

Its walls were too thin, and it was caught in the middle of a storm. 2. What was the reason which the animals believed? They thought that Snowball was responsible for the destruction of the windmill. 3. Under what conditions did the animals work at the beginning of the chapter? They had to work through a bitter winter, which had sleet, snow, and frost. 4. Why did the animals want to complete the windmill in time? They did not want humans to rejoice at their failures, and they wanted to show that they could succeed as Animal Farm. 5. How was the new windmill supposed to be like? Its walls were supposed to be three feet thick. 6. Why were the animals unable to do any work at the quarry? There were many snowdrifts. 7. How did the animals feel about the work and their condition that winter? They were less hopeful than they had felt before, and they were usually cold and hungry. 8. How did the pigs try to motivate the animals to work? Squealer made speeches on the joy of service and dignity of labour. 9. What truly inspired the animals to work? Boxers determination and his unending cry of I will work harder. 10. What happened when food fell short? The animals were told they would be given an extra ration of potatoes, but the potatoes had become rotten and could not be eaten. The animals were starving. 11. What stories about the farm did the humans spread? That animals were dying of famine and disease, and had turned to cannibalism. 12. How did the animals/Napoleon manage to deceive Whymper into thinking Animal Farm had no food shortage? He ordered the grain bins to be filled with sand, and the top to be covered with the remaining grain and meal. 13. How did Napoleon lead the animals in Chapter 7? He rarely appeared in public, but spent all his time at the farmhouse, which was guarded by fierce-looking dogs, and did not even appear on Sunday mornings at times but passed orders down through Squealer. 14. What did Napoleon order so that the farm could buy more grain and meal? The hens had to give up 400 eggs per week. 15. What was the hens reaction to Napoleons orders? There was a mini-rebellion, they lay their eggs on the rafters, which smashed to pieces on the ground so Napoleon couldnt get any eggs. 16. What was the hens punishment? They were not given any rations at all, and any animal who gave them so much as an ear of corn or grain would be put to death.

17. How many hens died in the attempt? 9 hens. 18. After how many days did the hens finally surrender? The hens capitulated after 5 days. 19. What was the story of how the hens died? They were said to have died of coccidiosis. 20. What was Napoleon trying to do with the timber? He was trying to sell it to either Frederick or Pilkington. 21. What were the rumours being spread about Snowball? He was said to frequent the farm at night, and to cause all sorts of mischief. 22. How did Napoleon tell whether Snowball had been in the farm? He would go round the farm smelling certain areas himself, while the dogs followed him around, and declare that he smelled Snowball everywhere in the area. 23. What did Squealer begin to say about Snowball? He said that Snowball was a traitor and had been helping Jones all along. 24. What was the animals reaction to Squealer saying Snowball was traitor? They felt that the wickedness was above everything that had happened so far, and some of them could not believe it, like Boxer who said that Snowball had fought bravely at the Battle of the Cowshed. 25. What did Boxer say in defense of Snowball? He said that he could not believe it, and that Snowball had fought bravely at the Battle of the Cowshed, and even if Snowball was a traitor after, he was a good comrade during the Battle. 26. What did Squealer say Napoleon had done during the Battle? Napoleon had cried death to humanity! and sank his teeth into Jones leg. 27. Why did the animals and Boxer finally believe Squealer? He had said that Napoleon was the one who said it, and Boxer said that Napoleon is always right. 28. How did Squealer react to Boxers response? He said, Thats the spirit, comrade! But gave a very ugly look. 29. How did Napoleon enforce justice on the animals who had committed crimes? The dogs ripped out their throats, and the four pigs were dragged by their ears bleeding before the pigs confessed. 30. What did the dogs do to Boxer? They tried to attack him, and three of them flung themselves upon him. 31. How did Boxer react to the dogs? 32. Who were the animals who confessed and what crimes had they committed? 33. How did the animals feel after the incident? 34. What was Clovers reaction towards what had happened? 35. What was Boxers answer to what had happened? 36. What were the ideals of animal farm which Clover thought about? 37. What did the animals sing when they felt that something was wrong? 38. What happens at the end of Chapter 7?

39. What reasons did Squealer give for not allowing Beasts of England to be sung any longer? 40. What is the new song which Squealer tells the animals they must now sing?