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Civica’s EDM & Workflow solution helps local authorities and their partners to access, organise, control and distribute increasing volumes of information securely across different systems while providing demonstrable legislative compliance and best practice.


Civica EDM & Workflow Solutions
Transform the way you work. Used by almost 1 in 3 local authorities, including more than a third of London’s boroughs and many social housing groups, Civica is the UK’s foremost provider of EDM & Workflow.
Our service programmes are delivering significant savings for our customers, including Eastbourne Borough Council, Powys County Council, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and Wandsworth Council. Civica is helping local authorities through a suite of EDM & Workflow products, comprising a complete business management solution, for both corporate and departmental programmes. Cases, tasks, documents and data are handled efficiently across the organisation, passing between staff and integrating with back office systems to achieve responsiveness as well as savings in time and space.

Typical savings of up to £5m depending on type of authority and breadth of implementation.
£900,000 £800,000 £700,000 £600,000 £500,000 £400,000 £300,000 £200,000 £100,000 £0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Annual cost saving from EDM Annual other cost savings Annual space saving costs

Annual cost saving from workflow

The Civica team has been brilliant to work with. They’ve been part of the team all the way. We’ll consider Civica a partner, moving beyond the supplier-customer relationship.
Chris Higgins, IT Systems and Projects Officer, Eastbourne Council

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A partner in transformation
Civica is helping customers to transform the way they work through our unique combination of technology, people and business process expertise.
Through experienced people who understand service delivery we apply application software, managed services and outsourcing to streamline and enhance service delivery, and deliver a measurable return on investment. The company is committed to working in partnership with its customers to meet their objectives in a timely manner and according to budget.

Specialist business process services

We are a market-leader in helping customers achieve successful and cost effective ways of working.

Managed & cloud-based services

Software & systems

Integration Drawing on the experience gained in working with more than 95% of UK local authorities, Civica has the knowledge and expertise to help authorities achieve efficiency savings by streamlining service delivery and automating core processes through front and back office integration. Our extensive toolkit provides standard and bespoke integration to any 3rd party application using XML and web services, pre-configured API’s and other cost effective integration technologies.

Contact Management Civica’s Contact Management Solution helps organisations manage multi-channel customer engagement. It can be integrated with your website and back office systems to enable requests to be automatically progressed and deliver instant responses to customers. Managing any type of contact, the solution provides a full 360º view of the customer’s history and profile.

Workflow Civica Workflow enables information to be created, captured and managed through its lifecycle and be retained securely and disposed of compliantly. Held in an electronic format and recorded against key business references, including addresses and case file numbers, case files are effectively and transparently managed through the workflow process. The solution includes integrated multi-media EDM functionality so users can quickly and easily find relevant documentation.


EDRMS Civica provides a complete EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System), to provide service and productivity improvements and increased information assurance. Prompting, guiding and enforcing the correct filing of records compliant with national and international standards, the system provides an adaptable means to capture and retrieve records within a corporate file plan. Citizen Self Service Civica’s Citizen Self Service solution enables self-service transaction solutions over the web, whether this is to enable transactions to be presented on-line, or more enterprise solutions to promote corporate channel shift strategies and the actual take up of on-line services.

We have supported our customers in reducing average costs from approx £3 to as little as 50p per transaction. Supported by our document management solution, processes are not only made easier for the customer but for front line and back office staff too. Electronic Mailroom Civica’s Electronic Mailroom Solution can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and gain efficiencies by managing all incoming personal mail and non-case based correspondence received by your authority. We can work with you to assess your existing processes and recommend the right solution to meet your needs. By electronically scanning and indexing incoming mail our solution will automatically distribute documents to the appropriate individual, team or department.

Mobile working Civica offers a comprehensive range of mobile applications, from handheld PDAs and tablet PCs for neighbourhood teams to rugged computers complete with integrated printers and cameras. Solutions are device and network independent, releasing front line and back office staff from mundane data entry. Reporting Powerful reporting tools ensure a consistent and informed approach enabling authorities to deliver comprehensive reporting together with effective management information. Users can easily and securely record, manipulate and analyse data and the tools can be used as a primary data source when measuring performance against government indicators.

Departmental Solutions:
> Revenues & benefits > Social care > Finance > Development control > Environmental health / services > Licensing & regulatory services > Car parking / parking services > Highways > Traffic & transport > Corporate administration > Human resources / payroll > Education & learning > Housing > Pensions.

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Delivering better results

Eastbourne Borough Council Eastbourne Borough Council has successfully changed its delivery of services to 90,000 residents through flexible working drive and property rationalisation. They have achieved their goals with expert input from Civica Specialists, re-engineering and streamlining core departmental processes. These changes, facilitated by Civica’s integration of its EDM and Workflow platform into key back office and service operations, are set to save Eastbourne £3 million in all and help their staff work more flexibly and productively as time goes on. Civica has enabled Eastbourne to make cost savings across the nine departments and move from the underutilised Grove Road site on schedule. The total savings will be £3 million over ten years. By replacing a majority of administrative processes with electronic document handling, Civica’s EDM and workflow platform is delivering 10% process efficiency savings. Moreover, staff have more time to plan and improve delivery of front line services.

Wandsworth Council Wandsworth Council is one of the UK’s top-performing councils, having consistently achieved the country’s highest resident satisfaction rating for its services. Wandsworth first implemented Civica’s EDM & Workflow for Revenues and Benefits solution in 2007 and soon realised the cost and efficiency savings it was providing. As a result the solution was extended to other town hall services, and following further successes, it began to be rolled out corporately in May 2011. Having the lowest council tax bills in the country, Wandsworth Council is renowned for efficiency and cost savings and Civica’s EDM & Workflow solution has not only played its part in achieving this success to date, but will help the council achieve its value for money goals in the future.

Powys County Council Powys County Council aimed to reduce the cost of maintaining its operations through innovations such as mobile working and paperless business systems. Civica has helped the authority achieve these objectives, driving productivity by implementing the EDM and Workflow platforms across all its departmental operations. Civica’s EDM and Workflow software modules were installed at a corporate level, providing the foundation for re-designed departmental services, faster processing, and easier information access across the council. The system delivers documents to the 3,000 staff users as easily from a remote connection as from an office, resulting in more employees working at home and bringing operational efficiencies. By implementing Civica’s EDM and Workflow software, Powys County Council is achieving significant cashable savings and enhancing efficiency and staff productivity throughout the council. This uprated staff efficiency will help the authority to maintain its proud record of high quality services to citizens right across its community.

> Deliver savings in core business processes and administration > Improvements in performance, quality and compliance > Supports accommodation reviews and flexible working > Paperless working > Alleviate staff from routine processing > Increase agile working across departments and multi-agency working > Increase customer satisfaction > Ensure regulatory compliance > Full 360º view of a customer’s history and profile > Transform processes.


We are now able to obtain a holistic view of the entire organisation, understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring that all information is centrally stored. This has not only reduced costs, in terms of time spent on administration-intensive processes, but also improved responsiveness, cut costs of physically storing paperwork and allowed us to truly grasp our customer’s needs. Civica’s EDM and workflow technology has been integral to this process and will continue to support the business.
Peter Large, Service Improvement Officer and Tina Bailey, Head of Customer Contact Norwich City Council.


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