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Wireless Surveillance for Outdoor Environments

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border control. the security industry is overcoming these obstacles. law enforcement. and other existing infrastructure that make trenching for cable impractical and expensive Remote locations such as oil & gas well sites. It includes recommendations for routers. oil & gas well sites. antennas. This guide illustrates different configurations for distances and coverage areas. . and limits based on integration with old hardware. concrete. But now.2 Construction sites. high costs. as wireless router strength and speeds have advanced. large equipment installations. and cameras for a complete solution. or remote gates. parks & rec. where access to cabled internet or a network is not readily available Temporary locations such as construction sites or seasonal businesses where the camera will need to be moved to new locations Situations that require surveillance cameras to be installed quickly and moved often such as public events. and Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) has emerged. 4G cellular service areas have grown. gas tanks. gas pumps… Wireless surveillance systems are convenient for any application but can be especially helpful for the following special needs. © 2012 eLine eLineTechnology. or police surveillance Initial forays into long-distance wireless security cameras were cumbersome with disappointing distance ranges. Asphalt.

and can affect the speed of video transmission.3 4G Wireless with Cloud Cameras 4G wireless systems work in conjunction with a third-party cellular service provider to transmit video and audio to the internet. 4G video streaming requires a strong signal. Most major cellular companies use mutual authentication. a weaker signal could mean a temporary reduction in the number of users that can simutaneously access the camera. Con iguration A Within 4G Service Area . Security is provided by the cellular data plan provider. eLine recommends the use of Sniper Cloud Cameras with 4G modems because video is stored inside the camera (reducing the chance of lost footage) and video is streamed on demand (less data plan usage than contant streaming systems). At times of cell tower congestion. 128 bit encryption and airlinkciphering to protect your data transmissions. There are also no cloud hosting costs since video is not stored in the cloud.

4 WiFi Wireless with Cloud Cameras WiFi wireless systems transmit secure. encryted digital video and audio over high frequency signals. Con igurations B Up To 200 feet G D C 2 Camera Options E H Up To 5 Miles E D G C 2 Camera Options F Up To 15 Miles F E D G E H © 2012 eLine eLineTechnology. There are also no cloud hosting costs since video is not stored in the cloud. eLine recommends the use of Sniper Cloud Cameras with WiFi because video is stored inside the camera (reducing the chance of lost footage) and video is streamed on demand (less bandwidth usage than contant streaming systems).com . Digital WiFi systems have a wide transmission range allowing for high quality images.

will shorten the transmission range. video games. Analog wireless signals are not encrypted. The wireless camera has a wide transmission range with distances up to 500 feet or more when not obstructed (Line of Sight).5 Analog Wireless An Analog wireless system uses radio frequencies to transmit video and audio signals from a camera to a receiver connected to a DVR. and therefore are not secure. The signals can experience interference from cell phones. etc. Obstructions such as windows. Con iguration J Up To 500 feet J . microwave ovens. Analog cameras traditionally offer lower resolutions than digital cameras but in turn cost less. trees. etc. walls.

This makes expanding your system easy . You connect directly with the camera through a cloud portal on the internet.3~12mm Varifocal Lens 1.3 or 6mm Lens ► . 6. or 12mm Lens VGA or 1. ► ► ► ► Built-in WiFi up to 200 ft. All cameras can be managed through the same portal. 8.3MP Resolution IR with 20 meter range Connect to WiFi Outdoor Bullet ELI-SNI-B13-6IR ► 6mm Lens ► 1.simply add an additional camera.3MP Resolution ► IR with 30 meter range C 2 Camera Options Outdoor Dome ELI-SNI-VD13-[lens]IR ► 4. WiFi B Outdoor Bullet with Built-in WiFi ELI-SNI-BVGA-[lens]-WIR ELI-SNI-B13-[lens]-WIR There’s no need for a DVR/NVR.3MP Resolution IR with 20 meter range IP Cameras with Edge Storage (internal SD Card) & Free Cloud Portal SNIPER cameras are selfcontained video recording and storage systems.3MP Resolution ► IR with 15 meter range © 2012 eLine eLineTechnology.Recommended Components Outdoor Cameras Rated IP66 for Dust and Water Ingress Protection 6 4G A Outdoor Bullet with Built-in 4G Modem ELI-SNI-B13-[lens]-4GIR ► ► ► ► Built-in 4G Modem 6mm or 3.

It eliminates bottlenecks in transferring speed between megabit wired and 11n wireless connections. this router provides more powerful data processing abilities and unleashes the full potential of the N-abled routers. this router provides powerful data processing and unleashes the full potential of the N-abled wireless routers. Use with TL-WA5210G for range up to 15 miles.4GHz 15dBi Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna F Pigtail Cable TL-ANT24PT TL-ANT2415D ► 15dBi omni-directional operation highly extends wireless range.4GHz High Power Wireless Outdoor Antenna TL-WA5210G ► Outdoor weatherproof and lightning/ESD protection design ► 12dBi dual-polarized antenna with up to 5 mile range (up to 15 mile range with E added booster antenna) ► Passive Power over Ethernet for flexible deployment With a built-in Gigabit Ethernet DVR/NVR needed Most USB storage drives are supported after custom configuration © 2012 eLine eLineTechnology. It eliminates bottlenecks in transferring speed between megabit wired and 11n wireless . ► N female connector is compatible with most wireless equipment ► Weather proof design suitable for all weather conditions ► Provided mounting kits make for easy installation in various environments Optional USB Storage Drive CUSTOM CONFIGURATION G ► ► ► ► Extends on-site video storage beyond what is available at individual cameras Up to 1TB supported Connects to router .Recommended Components Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router TL-WR1043ND 7 ► 300Mbps Wireless speed and Gigabit Ethernet ports are Ideal for multiple HD video streaming D ► Three antennas with SST technology increase the wireless performance and stability ► USB port for external HDD video storage With a built-in Gigabit Ethernet Switch. 2. 2. Everything you do will be faster and more efficient.

and long-distance wireless systems that transmit video up to 15 miles between the camera and the router. full body. technology for Cloud Video Management using a camera’s internal video storage with a cloud portal.S. and PTZ models with VGA or MegaPixel resolutions. The e-Line cloud portal is free with the purchase of a SNIPER camera. They have pioneered the U. . Visit the eLine website at eLineTechnology. bullet.8 Optional 5-port Switch For Camera Clusters H TL-SG1005D ► Green Ethernet for a list of distributors. eLine partners with TP-Link routers and antennas to provide expanded local storage at the router. The SNIPER line of Cloud IP Cameras has dome.6mm Lens About e-Line eLine is a manufacturer of equipment and technology for the electronics and security industries. and hardwire or wireless options. saves power and cost ► 5 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports (Auto-MDI/MDIX) Analog Wireless Kit with IR Bullet ELI-EEBC-70-4WIR J ► ► ► ► ► Built-in FM modulator with 500ft Open Air Range IP66 Weather Resistant Housing IR LED with 25M Range 700 TVL Resolution 3.