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Melanie Torres Bisbal Title: Do Your Own Project in a easy way.

Arduino can help you Abstract Context: What would you think if I told you that you could do your own electronic things? Sure that most people would say that it is too difficult to do it. But this is not true, Arduino is the response for that. With that open-source platform you will have the tools to do your own inventions. Another important property is that Arduino is cheaper than the previous products to do electronic projects. It is oriented to people that want to learn. Main Aspects: Arduino was created in 2005 in Ivrea, Italy. The project started when Massimo Banzi and David Cuartielles met and thought about a product for their students to learn that could also be cheap. Arduino is a platform of open-source hardware based on a simple microcontroller board and a development environment. The language that it uses to program is Processing but it could also be Java, C, PureData, Python, etc. A few examples of projects based in Arduino are Photoduino (sensors to make photos), 3D printer, a food dispenser that opens only for a particular cat and interactive clothes with light and music. Implications: This way, making our own electronic gadgets allows us to understand how its components work. Open-source gives us the chance to share information and cooperate with other people.

Article: Context History of the first steps of Arduino Arduino is a project that started in the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea1 in 2005, but it has based in other projects that people of this Institute made it. The creators of Arduino wanted to make a tool for their students that was more modern that what available on the market and cheaper, since it costs around 76 €2. Also at the Institute they worked on the language Processing, because one of the founders of that language was teaching class. So they thought “Why don’t we try to make processing for hardware?”3, and one of their students made a thesis of that and they went to a Wiring platform4.

he was a big help. Massimo Banzi was the first person that began this entire project. This microcontroller is used to be an Atmel AVR7. and he helped him. in the middle of that he met David Cuartielles. the Arduino processes this information. Apart from Processing it could use languages like Matlab9. robotics and whatever else. The software of Arduino is based on development environment that implements Processing language and a boot loader. then Tom Igoe as an adviser and finally Giancula Martino as the person that could produce the boards. designed for wearable and e-textiles and you can sew in it. It also has devices of Input/Output. this means that the microcontroller has simple instructions and it can be faster than other microcontrollers. the pins of input can read information in an analog way or in a digital way. its different components and examples that we could make with it The Hardware of Arduino is a microcontroller. with that tool we can take photos automatically. and they together made the first hardware of Arduino. one student. After that. joined to the group to write the software. David Mellis. Arduino Micro14 and Arduino Mini15. They also feared the school would close and they would be forced to drop the project. Other Arduinos are smaller than the originals. etc. Photoduino18 is a camera controller based on Arduino. The latest board is Arduino UNO11 its name is “UNO” (“one” in italian) because it is the version 1. One board that is especially beautiful is LilyPad Arduino17. PureData.After that they began to think “How could we make the all platform even simpler even cheaper and ever easier to use?”5 and they started to implement all as an open source project. Java. sensors. Flash. SuperCollider. This controller works using the inputs of Arduino and passes all the signals from the exterior. this is a simple program that is designed for prepare all the things that needs to execute in the Operating System (OS). communications. Arduino has different types of boards depending on our needs. Depending on the mode of the program you can take a . Python. math. the kernel of the board. this is a microcontroller the type of Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)8.0 and that would be the reference version. Other boards are oriented to a wireless connection like Arduino Fio16. Based in those sensors that are in the exterior of the platform. Making the project open source was a good solution to that problem. like Arduino Nano13. they thought about open source project because they wanted to the people to be able to contribute and help building it. Main Aspects6 How it works. Also it could use libraries10 for different topics like music. but it should be connected to the Alternating Current (AC) or with our computers. Now we are going to explain different examples of projects based in Arduino. Arduino Ethernet12 differs from the others in the fact that it does not have a USB port but an Ethernet Port.

because one of them was ill. It also has flashes. For that we think that one main implication is that the future of learning it will be based in things like Arduino. We can also interact with common things like our clothes. impact sensor and a laser. in general aspects 3D printers are printers that can make your ideas in three-dimensional way. and also examples of people that interact with their clothes and if they press a determinate part of their clothes they do a specific note24. The main difference between them and the previous machines is that these printed use additive process against subtractive process. we do not spend the time that we could need to understand and appreciate the things. We also think that the school and universities need tools because now we do not have equal access rights. Nowadays with projects like Arduino people can see your designs and improve them. So we think that other implications it is that the start up ventures will have an easier way to do the things that they have in their minds. And you can sell your own things provided that you respect the credits and the things that the authors want to keep in them. and for that if we have open tools like Arduino. you can take all you want and do whatever you want but you must to do the same thing that the people did before. there was one boy that wanted to give a specific food to one of his cats21. Implications Seeing Arduino in a way to learn and think Arduino is the first open source hardware. Those are cheaper that other devices and we could learn by doing things that are useful. Another example that is very useful. In our life electronics are in everywhere and if we understand what is inside the objects we can understand the world better. you have to release your project again so that the people can do whatever they want. The main working of this device is that the cat has Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID)22 in its collar and the device has a sensor that can recognize it and open the CD player when the specific cat is close to the food. The ideal way is that we will be able to access to the things that we need in the moment we need them. 3D printers are other example of implementation of Arduino. His solution was to create with an old CD player one mechanism that allows to the cat to eat its when one noise is over the threshold that you put. The most common names of that type are MakerBot19 and RepRap20. . and with it we could transform the way we understand our daily lives. only the person that controls the robot learns about it. there are examples of people that put LED lights to their clothes23. It is a way to learn about electronics.

Special mention to the Arduino’s team to make possible that concept of open hardware makes sense. they will make new hardware. Our main conclusion it is that Arduino is a very fun way to learn electronics.“Arduino is a physical representation of the great things that you have in the opensource software but now in hardware”25 said Phillip Torrone. We can control physical objects and manipulate them as we want without fear of opening them and see what it is inside. and to learn to do things with a computer is a powerful tool. http://interactionivrea. http://vimeo. http://arduino. (Seen on 16th of November) [4] Previous stage of (Seen on 16th of November) [6] Definition of Arduino. it will be mostly social. http://es. It is another way to consume For that they need that the people give a feedback to improve all the things. creative director of Adafruit26 (one place for learning electronics and buying products) in the documentary of Arduino. to learn to (Seen on 17th of November) [12] Definition of Arduino (Seen on 17th of November) .org/wiki/Arduino (Seen on 17th of November) [7] Definition of Also at all the community that share their projects and their ideas for that other people can understand and learn about it. to be able to control them again. http://es.html (Seen on 17th of November) [10] Libraries of Arduino. http://arduino. to learn to work in teams because people like to share their experiences.wikipedia. http://arduino. (Seen on 17th of November) [11] Definition of Arduino UNO.asp (Seen on 17th of November) [2] [3] Said in “Arduino The Documentary”. open-hardware allows us to do it in a way that is permitted and (Seen on 17th of November) [5] Said in “Arduino The Documentary”.org/wiki/RISC (Seen on 10th of October) [9] Software to implement Matlab on Arduino. http://vimeo. it makes us different type of consumers also (Seen on 16th of November) [8] Definition of RISC. References [1] Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. In order to the Arduino’s team to be able to stay in the (Seen on 17th of November) [13] Definition of Arduino Nano. The future will not be technology. people that want to share their projects and help other with theirs. http://wiring. http://es.

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