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306, Devavrata, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703, INDIA.

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Snapshot of Satyajit Chemicals Private Limited

Background: Satyajit Chemicals was formally incorporated in the Year of 1979 while the activities had started way back since 1975 conceptualizing the First Ever Liquid Fertilizer in India. Along with this, possibly the concept of Fertigation took its birth in India. Visualizing the need of Nutrition in the Crop Production sector and the Vital role that MIcronutrients played in the process of up-taking and utilization of MAcronutrients, Satyajit Chemicals concentrated its resources in Developing the Micronutrient Segment and launched the concept of Micro Nutrients Integrated Soil and Plant Nutrition System (MICROSPNS). Since then, the Company has marched forward with the sole aim to Improve the Standard of Farming System providing better quality Nutrition and other associated value added Agri-Inputs and thus helping the Farmers to grow better Crops. Philosophy: The guiding philosophy of the Company is its commitment to provide total satisfaction through highest standards of services and superior quality of products. The strength of the organization lies in its relentless pursuit for excellence upholding safety standards and keeping balanced perspective of environment and ecological concern. Mission : Since its inception, Satyajit has served the Farmer community with the sole aim of : Economic development Nutritional Security Environmental conservation Activities: In pursuance of the above mission, Satyajit Chemicals Private Limited endeavours to make available the following category of Specialty products to the farming community of India through various channels -The Department of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Growers Associations, Farmer Groups.

306, Devavrata, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703, INDIA. Tel# +91-22-61331900, 27801134/39 Fax# +91-22-61331999 Email :

Vision We at Satyajit, would like to associate with Partners in Growth having the capability to reach wider range of Farmers across India helping the latter to reap a better harvest using our products. Specialty Products A. MetaClaw Series EDTA Chelated Micronutrients It is advisable that, instead of Sulphate of Micronutrients, Chelated Micronutrients be used. As these can be applied as a foliar spray, the Micronutrient can be immediately absorbed by the leaves where all activities take place at cellular level. Satyajit offers single micronutrient chelates as well as State Grades of chelated micronutrient mixtures. B. PolyCarb Series - Lignosulphonate Chelated Micronutrients In India, we are the only company to supply this Eco-friendly group of products. Unlike EDTA chelated micronutrients, the chelating group in PolyCarb is of organic origin which presents several benefits a. Better spread over the crop canopy no need for secondary adjuvants or spreaders b. Faster assimilation into plant body and translocation from there on. c. The crop is able to use both the chelating agent as well as the micronutrient carried by the product this provides a ready source of metabolites for the plant. The most important advantage is that on the basis of Metal io n Delivery, the marketer will save on an average 50% in buying Lignosuphonate Chelated Micronutrients. Value Added Agri-Input: A. DRIPCLEAN: Irrigation Line Cleaner As the name implies, this is a unique organic product which can be used for cleaning the Irrigation lines and as a bonus, it also acts as soil conditioner and source of nourishment to crops. Unlike conventional cleaning agents, the product can be applied during the normal operation of the system, can be easily incorporated with the usual fertilizer mix. The efficacy of the product is such that it helps in generation of white roots thereby increasing the absorption capacity of the plant.

306, Devavrata, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703, INDIA. Tel# +91-22-61331900, 27801134/39 Fax# +91-22-61331999 Email :

B. POLYSORB: Soil Water Retainer This is a water retainer and slow release polymer. The product has a capacity to absorb water 200-250 times of its weight and slowly release it during the water scarcity. This product delays the Wilting point and the interval between two consecutive irrigations can be widened. C. POLYMINO GOLD: For Better Yield PolyminoGold is a biochemical product based on biologically active L-amino acids, secondary and micro-nutrients obtained from organic sources. It is a proprietary formulation that can be used to enhance crop growth and yield levels. The product can be used at critical stages of plant growth to ensure optimum expression of genetic potential of the crop on which it is used. In general, PolyMinoTMGold improves plant metabolism, root development and tolerance to internal and external stress conditions. Ultimately, the overall activity of PolyMinoTMGold is evident as a healthy crop leading to higher yields of superior quality. D. KRYPTONITE: The First Humic Acid which remains active over a wide pH range This product has astonishing capability of enhancing the yield and Quality of the Agriproduce and can be used in the widest pH range from 2 to 12. The product is 100% soluble in water. E. OMRI Listed Humic Acid This is an OMRI-Listed Humic Acid which is designed to be used in ORGANIC CULTIVATION. Satyajit is the only company offering an Unique Humic Acid containing 15% Humate contents hence this is totally a different substance as of now in the market for the same segment. Thanking You & With Warm Regards, Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya (Ph.D In Agriculture )

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