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Jenbacher gas engines Technical Specification

JMS 616 GS-N.L
Natural gas 2.433kW el.

GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG A-6200 Jenbach, Austria

Tel. +43 5244 600-0 Fax +43 5244 63255

8 Ratings at p. wet Max. (intercooler) Max.f. press.0 Engine data: Engine type Configuration No. = 0.200 mbar (Lower gas pressures upon inquiry) Prechamber gas pressure: 3.2% 126 kW el.admissible exhaust back pressure after engine Exhaust gas temperature at full load Combustion air mass flow rate Combustion air volume Max.0 Ratings at p. of cylinders Bore Stroke Piston displacement Nominal speed Mean piston speed Mean effe.555 V 60° 16 190 220 99. . CO-GEN Module data: Electrical output Recoverable thermal output (120 °C) Energy input Fuel Consumption based on a LHV of 9.f. = 0. 30° off engin Exhaust gas mass flow rate.8% 86.480 40 10 70 90 103.433kW el. at stand.606 Additional information: Sound pressure level (engine. spe Compression ratio ISO standard fuel stop power ICFN Spec.00 11.410 50 690 IP 23 H 1. methane numb mm mm lit rpm m/s bar Epsilon kW kWh/kWh g/kWh kg lit MZ J 616 GS-E01 Alternator: Manufacturer Type Type rating kVA STAMFORD LVSI 804 W 3.500 11 20.0 2495 2. variation in gas pressure: ±10% All data are based on engine full load at specified media temperatures and are subject to change.f.f. fuel consumption of engine Specific lube oil consumption Weight dry Filling capacity lube oil Based on methane number|Min. = 1. power and nom. the reduction of engine power is determined for each project.0 Efficiency at p.547 10. pressure drop in front of intake-air filter Return temperature Forward temperature Hot water flow rate dB(A) dB(A) kg/h Nm³/h mbar °C [8] kg/h Nm³/h °C mbar °C °C m³/h 101 119 13.399 5.500 6.25 0.4% 42.Jenbacher gas engines Technical Specification JMS 616 GS-N.5% 96. = 1.5 kWh/Nm³ Electrical efficiency Thermal efficiency Total efficiency Heat to be dissipated (LT-Circuit) Emission values: NOx < 500 mg/Nm³ (5% O2) Nm³/h % % % kW 590 43.000 530 94|80 Efficiency at p.0 bar Max. average value 1m) Sound pressure level exhaust gas (1m. Gas quality: according to TA 1000-0300 Gas flow pressure: 80 .L Natural gas 2.8 Frequency Voltage Protection Class Insulation class Speed Mass rpm kg % % kW kW Hz V 97.30 10.752 Technical parameters: Applicable standards: Based on DIN-ISO 3046 Based on VDE 0530 REM with specified tolerance Standard conditions: Air pressure: Air temperature: Relative Humidity: 1000 mbar or 100 m above sea level 25°C or 298 K 30% Engine output derating: for plants installed at > 500m above see level and/or intake temperature > 30°C. wet Exhaust gas volume. inlet cooling water temp. The technical Instruction TA 1100-0110 "PARAMETER FOR GE Jenbacher GAS ENGINES" must be strictly observed.433 2.6% 2.0-4.433 2.80 1.950 11.001 60 418 13. kW kW 2.

. Exhaust gas manifold *Viscous damper *Knock sensors Module equipment: *Base frame for gas engine.. p.L Identical to Genset except that heat recovery is included.0 *Flexible coupling. protection IP 41 outside. 0.L Basic engine equipment: *Exhaust gas turbocharger. *Multi-transducer *Lockable operation mode selector switch Positions: "OFF". two solenoid valves. painting. controller display. IP 10 inside. according to VDE-standards Control equipment: *Engine-Management-System dia. wired to terminals and ready to (Dialog Network) **Visualisation (industry PC-10'' color graphics display): Operation data. fuel gas filter. lubricating oil and jacket water pipe work on engine *Flywheel for alternator operation.etc. "MANUAL".Generator electr.JMS 616 GS-N. connection. gas temp. "AUTOMATIC" *Demand switch Supplied loose: Gas train according to DIN-DVGW consisting of: *Manual stop valve. testing in Jenbach/Austria >>> Scope of supply module . Lubricating oil heat exchanger *Jacket water pump *Fuel-. **Central engine. jacket water pressure.Jenbacher gas engines Technical Specification >>> Scope of supply genset . LEANOX-Control and knock control. bell housing *Anti-vibration mounts *Air filter *Automatic lube oil replenishing with level control *Wiring of components to module interface panel *Crankcase breather *Jacket water electric preheating Engine accessories: *Electric starter motor *Electronic speed governor *Electronic speed monitoring device including starting and overspeed control *Transducers and switches for oil pressure.Exh. alternator and heat exchangers *Internal pole alternator with excitation alternator and with automatic voltage regulator. *jacket water heat exchanger mounted on module frame *exhaust gas heat exchanger mounted as separate heat recovery module *all heat exchangers with complete pipework *Heat exchangers and all inherent auxiliaries Scope of Supply & Design Subject to Local Regulations and product development . charge pressure and mixture temperature *One thermocouple per cylinder Module control panel: *Totally enclosed .8 lagging to 1. jacket water temp. single door cubicle. etc.and module control: Speed-.JGS 616 GS-N. Power output-.f. Intercooler *Motorized carburator for LEANOX control *Electronic contactless high performance ignition system *Lubricating oil pump (gear driven) *Lubricating oil filters in main circuit *Lubricating oil sump. gas pressure regulator Prechamber Gas Train Documentation: *Operating and maintenance manual *Spare parts manual *Drawings Assembly. Leakage control device.

200 23. Jul 2006 .300 Connections (at genset) Jacket water inlet and outlet Exhaust gas outlet Fuel gas (at gas train) Intercooler water connection: Low Temperature Circuit DN/PN 65/10 DN/PN DN/PN DN/PN 100/10 600/10 100/16 Module Main dimensions and weights (approximate value) Length L Width B Height H Weight empty Weight filled mm mm mm kg kg 8.600 5.Jenbacher gas engines Technical Specification Genset Main dimensions and weights (approximate value) Length L Width B Height H Weight empty Weight filled mm mm mm kg kg 8.300 24.800 23.300 2.962 4.jenbacher. Austria Tel.200 2. +43 5244 600-0 Fax +43 5244 63255 http://information.300 2.800 Connections (at module) Hot water inlet and outlet Exhaust gas outlet Fuel gas (at gas train) Intercooler water connection: Intercooler water-Inlet/Outlet 2nd stage DN/PN 65/10 DN/PN DN/PN DN/PN 100/10 600/10 100/16 Heat recovery module Main dimensions and weights (approximate value) Width B Height H Length L mm mm mm 04.800 jenbacher.800 Connections (on heat recovery module) Hot water inlet and outlet Exhaust gas outlet Condensate drain Drain line DN/PN DN/PN DN/PN ½'' 100/10 600/10 65/10 ½'' GE Jenbacher GmbH & Co OHG A-6200 Jenbach.