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1. The value of (A) 2. 3 7 (7)0.25 × (49)0.075 × (343)0.2 (B) 7 3 (243)0.13 × (243)0.07 is _________. (C) 1 3 7 (D) 2 2 7

X and Y are two cylinders of the same height. The base of X has diameter that is half the diameter of the base of Y. If the height of X is doubled, the volume of X becomes _______. (A) Equal to the volume of Y (B) Double the volume of Y (C) Half the volume of Y (D) Thrice the volume of Y


Shreya spent a total of ` 2000 from January to April. The percentage of the money spent is shown in the pie chart. What is the ratio of the money spent in March to the total amount of money spent ? (A) 2 : 25 (B) 1 : 8 (C) 1 : 10 (D) 25 : 2
April 23% March 8% January 31%

February 38%


If a = 0.1039, then the value of 4a 2 − 4a + 1 + 3a is _____. (A) 0.1039 (B) 0.2078 (C) 1.1039 The highest score in an inning was

(D) 2.1039


3 3 of the total and the next highest was of the remainder. 11 11 If the scores differed by 9, the total score was ______. (A) 110 (B) 121 (C) 132 (D) 143 A sum of money lent at compound interest for 2 years at 20% per annum would fetch ` 482 more, if the interest was payable half-yearly than if it was payable annually. The sum is ______. (A) ` 10,000 (B) ` 20,000 (C) ` 40,000 (D) ` 50,000



What will the solid look like if viewed from the top ?






A man runs round a circular field of radius 50 m at the speed of 12 km/hr. What is the time taken by the man to take twenty rounds of the field? (A) 30 min. (B) 32 min. (C) 34 min. (D) None of these


In the figure (not drawn to scale), ABCD is a trapezium with AD parallel to BC. JDK, GHCI, EABF are straight and parallel lines. Find x and y. (A) 130°, 72° (B) 114°, 66° (C) 105°, 34° (D) 120°, 52°

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10. If 6 workers earn ` 10,800 in 20 days, how much will 20 workers earn in 8 days? (A) ` 15900 (B) ` 14000 (C) ` 8100 (D) ` 14400

11. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word EXECUTIoN each of which has as many letters between them in the word as they have between them in the English alphabet ? (A) Five (B) Four (C) Two (D) Three 12. If in a certain code 'no request will be entertained' is written as 'will no be request entertained', how will 'resorting to copy is prohibited' be written in that code ? (A) copy is resorting to prohibited (C) resorting copy is to prohibited (B) copy resorting to is prohibited (D) copy resorting is to prohibited

13. If in the diagram, the triangle stands for graduates, square stands for membership of professional organisations and the circle stands for membership of social organisations, then number of graduates in social organisations is _________.
3 7 5 6 4 2 1

(A) 1

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 5 and 6

14. Find the missing number (?) in the given below number pattern.
93 63 3 A 27 79 37 4 B 38 67 42 ? C 16

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 8

(D) 9

15. Pravin walked 30 metres towards East, took a right turn and walked 20 metres, again took a right turn and walked 30 metres. How far was he from the starting point ? (A) 30 metres (B) 80 metres (C) 50 metres (D) 20 metres

16. There is a definite relationship between figures I and II. Establish a similar relationship between figures III and IV by selecting a suitable figure from the options that would replace the question mark (?) in fig. (III).





3 17. The minimum number of line segments required to make the given figure is _____.

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(A) 12

(B) 13

(C) 14

(D) 15

18. Choose the correct mirror-image of the Fig. (X) from amongst the options when the mirror is placed to the right of Fig.(X).





19. Select a figure from amongst the four options, which when placed in the blank space of Fig.(X) would complete the pattern.





20. Find out which of the options completes the figure matrix.





21. The MS Word 2007 shortcut (A) (B) (C) (D) Deletes Deletes Deletes Deletes __________.

the previous character of the cursor characters from the current cursor to the beginning of the current line complete word before the cursor the entire sentence containing the cursor

22. In MS Word 2007, Shadow, Reflection, Glow and Bevel are types of __________. (A) Picture Shapes (B) Picture Effects (C) WordArt Styles (D) SmartArt

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23. To Insert an MS Excel Worksheet into an MS Word document, choose _________. (A) Insert → Text group → Object (B) Insert → Illustrations group → Chart (C) Insert → Text group → Quick Parts (D) Insert → Links group → Cross-reference 24. In MS Excel 2007, if you want to modify text so that only the first letter is capitalized, use the ____ function. (A) UPPER (B) LOWER (C) PROPER (D) SUBSTITUTE

25. The function of the given tool in MS PowerPoint 2007 is to ______. (A) Draw a line through the middle of text (C) Increase the font size (B) Adjust the spacing between characters (D) Clear all the formatting from the selection

26. Which HTML tags will you use if you need a list like the one given below? 1. New York 2. Chicago 3. Washington 4. San Francisco (A) <ol> and <li> (B) <ul> and <li> (C) <ol> and <span> (D) <div>, <span> and <br> 27. Which of the following can be used for changing the bullet style to square in HTML? (A) <ul face =”square”> (B) <ul style =”square”> (C) <ul name =”square”> (D) <ul type =”square”> 28. In MS Word 2007, the drop-down menu shown in the adjacent image can be accessed by clicking the ____________ command. (A) Shape Outline (B) Shape Effects (C) Shape Fill (D) Quick Styles 29. What is the use of <div> tag in HTML? (A) It adds one column to the HTML table. (B) It divides the HTML page into frames and sub-frames. (C) It is used to add charts in an HTML document. (D) It defines parts or sections in an HTML document. 30. Which of the following attribute of "Start" in custom animation, is NoT applicable to the individual animated objects of MS PowerPoint 2007 slides? (A) On Click (B) With Previous (C) After Previous (D) Before Previous

31. While giving presentation using MS PowerPoint 2007, to highlight or to emphasize something during the discussion on the slides using the pen cursor, one should use ________ options. (A) Pointer (B) Show/hide ink marker (C) On screen marker (D) On screen color 32. To restrict how people can access the MS PowerPoint 2007 presentation, one can apply all of the following options except _________. (A) Unrestricted Access (B) Restricted Access (C) Manage Credentials (D) Restrict editing


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33. To get more images, clip arts, animations and templates on various categories like academics, animals, etc. online from Microsoft's website using MS Word 2007, which of the following is used? (A) Quick Parts (B) Field (C) Illustrations (D) Get pictures on Office 34. To compare the two parts of MS Word 2007 document in the same window, such that the top half of the window shows one part of the document and the bottom half another. This can be obtained by using _____ control. (A) New window (B) Split (C) Break (D) Arrange

35. By using which of the following tag of HTML one can make sure that MIME type and character set for an English-based HTML document is set? (A) <base> (B) <meta> (C) <script> (D) <style>

36. The inline element <em> indicates emphasized text, which many browser display as ____ text. (A) Italics (B) Bold (C) Bold, Italics (D) Bold, Italics and Underline 37. A data transmission mode in which one node is in send mode and the other in receive mode is called ______. (A) Simplex (B) Half duplex (C) Full duplex (D) Triplex

38. Which of the following topology is employed in banks for keeping centralized record in an online branch office environment? (A) Star (B) Bus (C) Mesh (D) Ring

39. Which of the following is the function of "Aero Shake" a mouse gesture in Windows 7 that makes work with certain windows easy, without being distracted by the clutter of others? (A) Restore, minimize and maximize window (B) To split the screen space between two windows for easy side-by-side editing or comparison (C) To minimize all the windows except the one, a person wants to use (D) To obtain maximum window height without making text lines too long to read 40. Depending upon computer network, window firewall does not maintain a separate profile for which of the following network location type? (A) Domain (B) Public (C) Private (D) Protected

41. To display the value of any number of cells in a handy window, that is always visible in MS Excel 2007 _________ is used. (A) Evaluating selection (B) Trace Precedents (C) Evaluating cells (D) Watch Window

42. The cells or the range of cells that affects the active cell's value in MS Excel 2007 as shown can be traced by using which of the following option?

(A) Trace Dependents

(B) Trace Precedents

(C) Trace Instance

(D) Trace Subordinate

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43. This icon in MS Excel 2007 is used for checking common errors that occur in formulas. (A) (B) (C) (D)

44. A global brand of printers partly owned by Chinese group Siene Technology, associated with rashi peripherals, entered Indian market is _______. (A) PANTUM Printers (C) Star Micronics Printers (B) KYOCERA Printers (D) TEAC Printers

45. A smartdrive launched by which Indian Telecom in September 2012, provides voice based navigation and giving real time information updates on traffic situation on road arounds. (A) Aircel (B) Vodafone (C) Airtel (D) BSNL 46. To check the record Source for a selected form or a report, information about it in MS Access 2007 using one can quickly gather _______. (A) Object Dependencies (B) Database documents (C) Source property (D) Indexes

47. optical disks are an ideal storage medium for reading large block of sequential data such as audio or video due to __________. (A) Compact size and light weight (C) Presence of single spiral track (B) Absence of mechanical read/write head (D) Less lost per bit of storage

48. For allowing those persons who cannot speak, to communicate effectively by typing the text on a device that converts it into spoken text ________ is used. (A) Speech analyser (B) Speech amalgam (C) Speech synthesizer (D) Speech converter

49. Which of the following standard keyboard key is used in Flash CS3, while dragging the oval tool to ensure that circle is perfectly round? (A) Ctrl (B) Alt (C) Shift (D) Arrow keys

50. Which of the following Brush mode in Flash CS3 with their examples is NoT correctly matched? (A) Paint Fills (C) Paint Selection (B) Paint Behind (D) Paint Normal
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