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Five Types of Edits in Filmmaking
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In the past. this only occurs when one cameraperson is filming a music or theater performance that unfolds in order. This gives the viewer . While no physical cutting takes place these days. A cameraperson shoots film scenes in an order convenient to the director. and the film editor then edits the shots together to create a full scene. In a neutral cut. film editors physically chopped and spliced bits of film. Usually. Cut edits are barely perceivable and cause minimal disruption to the film itself. the word "cut" remains because editors are still cutting into the filmed order of scenes to reorder them. ◦ Cut Derived from a time when motion picture editors would literally cut rolls of film to reorder shots. 1. several camerapersons shoot from several angles. the film will jump from a shot of something moving across the screen to a shot of it moving either toward or away from the screen.
 2. It is extremely rare for a cameraperson to shoot a film in sequence on one camera. ◦ Neutral Cut A film editor uses a neutral cut within a scene to show movement that the viewer is required to follow. the cut is the form of editing that film editors use the most. so they make sense for a viewer. rather than in any sort of narratorial sequence.

Hearing the man's words from the previous scene bleeding into the next scene gives the film a cohesion and allows filmmakers to link two concepts whose connections viewers may not have noticed.
 4. until she imagines herself diving into its sea. a scene involving a man talking in a monologue may cut to black with the man still talking. A cameraperson will shoot a scene focusing on one character and reshoot it with a reverse of the original shot. while infrequently used. both images are on screen at the same time. ◦ Split Edit In a split edit. then cut to a shot of the sunrise the next day.
 3. Dissolves. The painting begins to fade before the viewer's eyes in a point-of-view shot. ◦ Reverse Shot Film editors use reverse shots to establish the viewpoints of two characters in the same scene. but focusing on the other . then the viewer is going to become quickly confused. the film editor cuts either the sound or the visual track first. often in the context of a conversation. can be an extremely effective way of conveying an almost ethereal change. For example.a reference point of where the object is going and how far it has traveled." in which a young woman stares at Brueghel's "Fall of Icarus" painting. An example of a dissolve is in "The Stendhal Syndrome. leaving the other to lead into the next scene. gradually merging with a real life shot of the surface of the sea. For a moment.
 5. If several cuts all show the object moving in different lateral directions across the screen. ◦ Dissolve Film editors can also achieve cohesion by blending two shots together in what is known as a dissolve.

. within.
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