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Rate Card 2012

Get your brand in the hands of 3 million consumers per month!



passengers flew in 2011






105 aircraft
Low Cost Airline for 3
Consecutive Years

flown by

daily flights including...


....Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

World’s Best

No.1 e-commerce site in Asia No.1 social media fan following in Asia Largest travel website in Asia

Our fares may be low, but AirAsia customers are young, educated, upwardly mobile and affluent.

English Speaking

68% 48% 52%
graduated from university
fly for both business and leisure

fly for leisure

Air travel is affordable and targets the higher earning households globally.


of AirAsia passengers are employed as Managers, Senior Officials or Professionals




Key audience segment age

79% a city live within
*Source: AC Nielsen Media Index LCC Profile

AirAsia passengers earn above the mean average salary*

engaging features and a potential readership of.000 copies Publication Deadline: 1st of each month Booking Dateline: 8 weeks before publication Copy Dateline: 6 weeks before publication Full Page Print Bleed: 220mm (w) x 285mm (h) Trimmed: 210mm (w) x 275mm (h) Text: 190mm (w) x 255mm (h) read a consumer magazine (elsewhere). 91% of passengers acted upon the information they read in inflight magazine 86% of passengers read the inflight magazine more closely than they would 68% have written down information taken from the inflight magazine Publication Details/ Dimensions Frequency: Monthly Language: English Print Order: 45.. Drive brand awareness though full page. 6 and 12-month options. 3. reverse gatefold and cover wraps. Build brand and new product awareness through advertorials and product sponsorship. Health. or keep your brand in the skies with 3.Travel 3SIXTYO Magazine Our lively and colourful Travel 3Sixty˚ magazine has top-end content. Tech Talk. Sleep-Inns and many more. • • • Did you know surveys show*… Available on-board every aircraft. Travel 3Sixty˚ is a monthly magazine that enables you to book advertisments on a one-off basis. because they were in an aircraft *Source: Craig Waller..000. inside/ outside covers. 2006 . World Airline Entertainment Association.000 per issue. Get integrated content with editorial sponsorship in magazine sections such as Books.

Thai. Bahasa Indonesia. Cantonese.Online & New Media Number1 travel website in Asia 200m 300m monthly page views • • • • country homepages in different languages: Over English. Korean. Traditional Chinese.6m smartphone application downloads Over 8 minutes average per use WAP visitors a month 3m 8m 4m monthly visits opt-in email subscribers Advertising on AirAsia. Vietnamese. Simplified Chinese. Bahasa is the easiest way to guarantee millions of eyes on your advertisement: Build brand awareness with homepage and run of site skyscraper advertising Route targeting available on online confirmation pages. PDF itineraries and boarding passes Engage directly with your consumers via targeted AirAsia’s substantial email database Target mobile phone users with WAP advertising . Japanese. Farsi sellable impressions a year 2.

ambient and new media." +65 6827 5624 Malaysia Indran. we strive to offer to offer you +66 2645 2004 .Kwan@pharpartnerships. For more information about these exciting advertising opportunities and +603 7966 8515 Sen. origin or destination and demographic profile with a variety of impactful.Mohan@pharpartnerships. cost effective solutions that deliver excellent ROI and target your desired customer base.Ambient Media you can target different passengers based on their travel route. an airline that flies over 30 million passengers a year across the world.R@pharpartnerships. Responsible for all media sales across print.Reardon@pharpartnerships. please contact a member of our sales +603 7966 8514 Indonesia Thailand +65 6827 5674 Paragorn. CEO AirAsia PHAR Partnerships is the exclusive media sales vendor of AirAsia.Tony Fernandes. With over 15 years of experience in the world of media and sponsorship. route specific advertising options Over passengers flew with AirAsia in 2011 30m flyering. "Phar's experience and expertise in media and sponsorship sales makes them ideally placed to enable AirAsia to increase their ancillary income whilst we concentrate on delivering a first-class airline. +65 6827 9764 Diana. East Asia and Australia M. Singapore. PHAR Partnerships enables brands to connect and engage with the 600 million population of the ASEAN region.