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Code Course Title Instructor Office Hours 2012-2013 Fall PREP Academic Study Skills Academic Study Skills Demet GÜL, Ph.D.

OBJECTIVE(S) OF THE COURSE This course mainly aims at developing the academic thinking abilities of the students and equip students with the basic academic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

WEEKLY TOPICS DATE 14/09/12 21/09/12 28/09/12 5/0192012 12/10/12 19/10/12 2/1012012 9/11/2012 16/11/12 23/11/12 30/11/12 7/12/2012 14/12/12 21/12/2012 TOPIC Introduction Study Skills Diagnostics (Anxiety Test, Dealing with academic and Exam anxiety) Goal setting Attitudes: Learning Styles Time management Concentration Memory: Remembering what you learnt Memory: Remembering what you learnt 1st MIDTERM Notetaking Textbooks: Getting more out of reading Test Preperation Test Taking, Responding Effectively in Exams Test Taking, Responding Effectively in Exams 2nd MIDTERM Congos, Section 1 Congos, Section 2 Congos, Section 3 Congos, Section 4 Congos, Section 5 Congos, Section 5 1st MIDTERM Congos, Section 6 Congos, Section 7 Congos, Section 8 Congos, Section 9 Congos, Section 9 2nd MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT/READING

R. . 2011.09. Web Address: http://www2. plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.) Preparation GRADING Mid-Term 15 % % 15 30 Total STUDENT REQUIREMENTS       It is the student’s responsibility to record and follow his own attendance. Assignments submitted later than the indicated dates are not accepted. Study Skills Handouts (University of Florida Student Academic Resource Center) Access Date: 30.09. New York: Learning Express.08.2011. Access Date: 02. Web Address: Academic writing/study skills resources: Study Advice Service at University of Hull. Study Skills for Successful Students.2011. Assignments must be prepared in accordance with the Department’s Assignment. or set to vibration during the class.sdes. G.H.REFERENCES Textbook(s) Congos. Research Paper and Thesis (A.2011. F.htm Hodgson.ucf. Supplementary Reading(s) Gillett.uefap. Access Date: Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education. 2000.sarc.aspx Orr. NSW: Allen & Unwin. S. Camera. How to Study. Students must not enter the classroom after the first 10 minutes. Stick to the deadlines. You must attend the 60% of the courses to pass the class at least.hull. Web Address: http://www. 1992. Wood. 2001. tape or video recording are not allowed if not stated otherwise. 2011. D. Cell phones must be turned off.