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CITY ORDlNANCI: NO.7 Series of 2013
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AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING BANKS. PAwNsHOPS. MONEY EXCHANGE SHOPs/CENTERS. CONVENIENCE STORES. GASOLINE STATIONS. MONEY TRANSFER CENTERS, BILLS PAYMENT OR "BAYAD" CENTERS AND SUPERMARKETS IN THE CITY OF SAN JUAN. METRO MANILA TO INSTAlL, OPERATE AND MAINTAIN APPROPRIATE VIDEO SURVEllLANCE AND MONITORING SYSTEMS INSIDE AND IN THE IMMEDlATE VICINITY OF TIIEIR AREAS OF OPERAllON AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS TIlEREOF. Spoosored by: CoUDcilon Rolando M. Bernardo, Anae10 E. Aacaoili. Andoni Mipel L. CarbaUo. Leonardo G Celles, JmnahA. Ejercito. William C. Go. Marie O'neal S. Mendoza. Vmcent Rainier M. Pacheco. Richard F. Peralta, Edgardo V. Soriano, FerdinandA. Velasco, Jose:Warren P. Villa. Allen Christopher M. Silvana and Channiane Charlene B. Gonzales WHEREAS, Section 458. (a) lub-paragraph (1) of the Local Government Code of 1991ltate that the Sangaunianl Panhmgsod, as the legislattve body of the city, .hall enact ordinances. approve resolutions and appropriate fund. for the lenCl'al welfare of the city and its inhabitanu pursuant to Section 16 of this Code and in the proper exercise of the corporate powen of the city provided for under Section 22 of this Code, and shall


"(ii) Maintain peace and order by enacting measures to prevent and suppress lawlessness, disorders, riot, violence, rebellion or sedition and impose penalties for the violation of said ordinances." WHEREAS, incidents of robberies and burglaries have recently been huggins the headline Dews and has even resulted to the 108s of innocent lives. WHEREAS, crimes of this nature could be somehow prevented and deterred when appropriate surveillance and monitoring cameras are installed inside and outside the premises or in the immediate vicinity of financial institutions and business establishments, making it easy for the police to monitor on-going events to deter and prevent the commission of crimes, and as an aid (or investigaton to know how the crime wu committed and help identify, capture and prosecute the crime. WHEREAS, the City government of San Juan is resolute in maintaining the high confidence of the business lector in the City and will exhaust all means to prevent heinous crimes from happening within its jurisdiction.

their areas of operation. Metro Manila" are hereby required to install.) VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AND MONITORING SYSTEMS refer not only to video cameras for electronic motion picture acquisition. tilt and zoom" as operated by monitoring personnel. The business establishments referred to in this Ordinance must give the duly authorized local and/or police authorities access to the recordings or video tapes/ footages. bills payment or "bayad" centers and supermarkets. sides of buildings. black and white tooolor md provide night vision. Deflnition 0/1_""18 a.s. herein after referred to as "business establishments in the City of San Juan. It shall be unlawful for any penon to allow the unauthorized and/or unofficial use or viewing of any lived or archived video recording and the unauthorized disclosure or identification of the identity of any person/s seen in the video. Within six (6) months from the effectivity of this Ordinance. bills payment or "bayad" centers.. convenience stores. and with proaiammable alert systems (iflbe emblishment does not have these modern c apabilitiel yet) within one (I) year from the effectivity of this Ordinance. b. occurrences and people within and immediately outside the premises can be visually monitored. SECTION 5. Only the City Mayor. AU covered businell eltabHsbmenta are mandated to provide for modern surveillance systeml. The daily video recordings must be stored and preserved for a minimum period of at least thirty (30) days for review purposes and reference UNLESS its preservation is required by a court order. As such. via approved resolution or Chief of Police shall designate in writing wbo are authorize to use or view the footages taken in the video recording •. money or foreign currency exchange and transfer ceaters.AU baob. but includes the necessary transmission on a real-rime basis (live broadcast of events immediate observation) to local and remote video mmitorina statiom and saeem. Metro Manila. by the police. SECTION 3. all covered business establishments may also complete wireless video interconnections with central . SECTION 1. initially developed by the television industry but now common in computers and telecommunications. money 01 foreign currency exchange centers. walls. money transfer centers. sending of alarms in cue of progr3IIIDICd . gasoline stations. Sangguniang Panlungsod. audio and data.Iertl and violations of security rules. This is to ensure that the prevention and invesrigative capabilities bued OD the video recording' are advanced and ready for City-wide inteIYaled surveillance and monitoring ·Yltems. and supennar:ket. in a session duly assembled that: SECTION I. in this Ordinance shan refer to banks (and their branches andATM stations) pawnshops. Ba30line aatioos. or the City Mayor SECTION 4. convenience stores.) BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS. these cameras must have the capability to "pan. SECTION 2. pawnshops. posts and other structures and connected to local (within the establishment) television monitors or remote (far from the establishment) from where activities. that ii. be it ordained as it is he. utilizing video images. operate and maintain appropriate video surveillance and monitoring systems inside and within and in the immediate vicinity of. and its recording for further processing and/or archiving for at least thirty (30) days The video cameras may be fixed or installed on ceilings. to shif] from analog to digital video capabilities. SECTION 6.NOW ordained by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of San Juan.

SECTION 13. corporation.OO ) plus a one-month suipension of the business permit ~d license to operate. the other proviJioDS not aft'ected thereby shall remain valid and subsistin8. The COUDCils may aDo eaaaF the servica ofnoa-lOvmunClll olJanizatioullld tile private leCtor or tie-up with other baraDp. Ordinance .The San Juan l.. at the discretion of the Court.FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (pS.lked to Uliat IDcllUpport the local aovenu:nent in enfOn:iDg the ptovisiona of thil Ordinance. the Public Order and Safety Office (POSO) and the Business Permit and Licensml Office (BPLO) are hereby tasked to implement this Ordinance.· i • for the SBC'l10N I.. SECTION 12. SECTION 14. . trustee.In cue any violatioD of this Ordinance is committed by a partnership.tiOD or any juridical eatity.sare the .OO) six or month. assOCi.OO) nd security a remedial .. City Ordinances.CII1inar for the establishment oWner or manl«. bu. SECTION IS."alty claus« . all concerned law enforcers and the trial courts in the City of San Juan. Corpondo •. If any erring busine •• establishment refuses to pay the imposed fines within fifteen caJeDdardays from receipt of the violation notice or citatioo ticket. administrator.onment. Third offense .Any violation of thi. J:tJectlvity Cla •• e: This Ordinance shall take effect ODehundred eighty (180) days after in publication in three newspapers of national circulation. the provisjOG' ol thil Onfinance.OOO.trict compliance by the establishment. Pint otJe~ .OOO.FIVE rnOUSAND PESOS (PS. president. SeparablUty CI •• se -If any provision of this Ordinance is held invalid or unconstitutional.Utf •• . permit and liCCDH to operate . the partner.OOO. or both. especially to mOllitor and en. """y SECTION 9. of this Ordinance are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.w ••• _ moaitoriq ay.1I be IUtpeDded until the penalty is settled. Second offense . The Twenty One bumPY' of SID Juan City.. manager. 9b.Crlmblal Ll8blllty olOfllcen ofParblenlafps. SECTION 11. Any penon who will violate the provision of Sections 3. concerned. in the C01IIMof implementiD.han be imposed with the (01lowin8 fiDes ud penalties. SECTION 10. or officer who consents 10 or mowinaly tolerates IUch violation shall be held liable.••Auodatlo •• or Ot. 9a.rtdkal J:. Copies ofthi. the Task Force Disiplina.OO and Revocation of ) BUliness Permit and License for the current year.FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P'. P. all harangay councils. orders and Resolutions that are inconsistent with the provision. 4 and S shall pay a fine of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P5. Ordinance shall be distributed to all concerned busmets establishments as defined in Section 2a.OOO. These units and offices must coordinate with the office of the City mayor to implement the provision of Section 8.temI that may be atablishecl by the city loverDJDt)nt and ita baraqays local police ud fire clittricts . Metro Manila are allO t.h. director. All existin.

•~ .:::.0r 80 CHECO e Malaya . RI ~~P.~. s" cre .February 25. SILVANO uncilor CHARMIAN~ ~ENE City Councilor ~ B.~~ Ci V. :ONZALES " WILI. M jority Floor Leader City Councilor ~ARC:~ Majority F1~ ~~s City Councilor I HEREBY CERTIFY THAT THIS ORDINANCE HAS BEEN DULY APPROVED BYTHE SANGGUNlANO PANLUNGSOD ON FEBRUARY U. -PADILLA City Council VINCE to-Tem ER9.PIlER M.• .iAM C.Arms Councilor JAN~~CITO Minonty Floor Leader City Councilor 0 M BERNARDO Alst..lOU. GO City Councilor RI FE.2013 . SORIANO t-at.u .