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R ecognizing and R ecovering from the H idden T rauma


“Opposition to traditional Judeo-Christian values”


CompCare Publishers 2415 Annapolis Lane Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 ISBN 0-89638-258-3

Explanatory remark : As the title of the book indicates, Breaking the Circle is there to assist therapists in their treatment of persons suffering from the effects of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Because Chapters 2 and 3 are highly interesting also for people not involved in therapeutic counceling, these are reproduced here.


CHAPTER 2 : Opposition to traditional Judeo-Christian values • • • • • Rebellion against Authority Personal Power Transgenerational Cults Crime / Abuse - Variations Satanic Holidays

CHAPTER 3 : Recruitment • Influences and Attractions • Leaving the Cults


See also the article by Daniel Ryder, placed on the Internet : Satanic Ritual Abuse - The Evidence Surfaces Description: The article was based on material from Mr. Ryder’s book from 1992 : "Cover-up of the Century - Satanic Ritual Crime and Conspiracy”. The article was originally published for the newsletter of the International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma. On the issue of Satanic ritual abuse, Daniel Ryder crises-crossed the country interviewing cult researchers, ritual crime investigators, task force members, therapists, investigative reporters, cult survivors. And, the research has yielded some extremely eye-opening things.

As concerns the book itself, I here represent three reviews, which gives an idea of its larger subject.

“As a mental health clinician with several years' experience treating child survivors of Satanic ritual abuse, I can recognize the real contribution Daniel Ryder's book will provide those of us who are working in this field. It takes courage to stand up and say, ‘I believe that this type of abuse occurs.’ It takes perseverance to compile a composite of treatment approaches and treatment issues pertinent to Satanic ritual abuse. There is no doubt in my mind that many of the children ritually abused today will turn to substances to blot out their painful memories tomorrow. It is time that clinicians combine their knowledge of the psychodynamic principles of post-traumatic stress disorder with the proven methods of the Twelve Step programs. We are all working together to heal people.”
Pamela S. Hudson, M.S.S.W., A.CS.W., L.C.S.W., author of Ritual Child Abuse: Discovery, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

“Anyone working with survivors of ritual abuse will find this book to be a wealth of information. Breaking the Circle abounds with helpful insights, no matter what your opinion of Satanism is. Ryder tells you what others are doing, what works for him, and lets you decide for yourself. I recommend this book highly.”
The Reverend Dr. John L. Spangler, M.Div., D.S.T., Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“An excellent book-must reading for every psychotherapist and counselor. And if you are like me, hug your fear and read it anyway!”
Janet Hurley, MA., licensed marriage and family therapist, founder and co-director of TASK (Take a Stand for Kids), Carmel Valley, California.

Opposition to traditional Judeo-Christian values
• Rebellion against authority The heart of Satanism supposedly is to oppose all the values of Judeo-Christian tradition, in what appear to be the most horrible and twisted of ways. Colorado therapist Holly Hector, MA., specializes in working with Satanic cult ritual abuse survivors, and presents seminars nationally on the topic. Along with what seems to be an insatiable quest for personal power, Ms. Hector said Satanists have other primary goals. One is to try to completely shut the door to children ever choosing Christ as their God. Another is to try to make sure as many human souls as possible, simply put, go to hell. (Hell, to them, is construed as a desirable place to go.) In Satanic cults, children are systematically abused in order to turn them against the teachings of Jesus. They are told, said Ms. Hector, that Jesus died on the cross because he was a thief and a liar. Children may also be raped physically with crucifixes. Some of these are wooden crucifixes. Some are fashioned out of knife blades. Many have the figure of Christ on them. "This is Jesus and he is raping you!" cult members will often scream incessantly, as the child is being abused. Other times, cult members may dress as stereotypical depictions of Christ (in a white robe), said Ms. Hector, then either rape or torture the children. Children may also be given replicas of Bibles, and will receive electric shocks every time they try to open them. They may be made to watch Bibles being desecrated with blood and excrement. Ms. Hector also said some children and adults who have betrayed the cult are sometimes hung on crosses – even sacrificed on crosses – as part of the cult ceremonies. "Some children are even forced to choose who will be sacrificed," she said. Satanists find a rationale for these sacrifices beyond merely placating their sadistic impulses. As chronicled in the Old Testament, God would seem to call for animal sacrifices from his people. However, after Christ's ultimate sacrifice-death on the cross sacrifices were no longer required. However, Satanists try to discount that Christ was the fnal sacrifice by continuing to sacrifice to Satan, according to Ms. Hector. She added that the more pain and torment cult members can inflict on a victim, and the more fear they are able to instill, the more power they feel they gain internally. They also are reported to practice cannibalism, believing the "eating of flesh" adds to their personal power, because flesh is "of the world," said Ms. Hector, "and they believe Satan to be the Prince of this World. Christians, on the other hand, believe that the power comes from the spirit."

Another way Satanic philosophies become the antithesis of Judeo-Christian values is through opposition to the Ten Commandments. The overriding theme of the Ten Commandments is reasonable self-restraint. Some versions of Satanism’s "Ten Commandments" read almost exactly the opposite: the pervasive theme is self-indulgence. Some satanic doctrine can be found in the Satanic Bible, written by Anton LaVey, the organizational head of the Church of Satan. Another publicized Satanic organization is the Temple of Set. Both organizations are reported to worship openly in "churches:" And both have issued disclaimers over the years asserting that they are not in any way associated with ritual abuse of children, or in the sacrifice of animals and humans. The groups that do reportedly participate in the abuse and killing are – and this goes without saying – anything but open. Jack Roper is the director for CARIS, the Christian Apologetic and Research Information Services based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has extensively researched both Satanism and the occult. Roper has also served as a consultant to law enforcement agencies across the country on the subject and was used as a consultant on cult dynamics for "The Oprah Winfrey Show." One of the main underlying themes of Satanism is rebellion against any authority, said Roper, accounting for the reversals of the commandments, as well as killings and grave desecrations. • Personal Power Another main theme is attainment of personal power. For teens, this translates into power over parents and other authority, as well as sexual power. For adults in transgenerational cults, it's also power over authority, sexual power, and financial power. That is, a midwestern Satanist farmer may offer a sacrifice for a good crop, or a stockbroker may offer homage and sacrifice to Satan for wise investments, a business owner for the success of his enterprise. Roper said it is his opinion that one major reason the transgenerational cults haven't been exposed is because of who these cult members are in the community – from Jane Smith who owns the realty office on Main Street to John Doe who volunteers at the local church. Roper also cites the lack of tangible evidence cult survivors are able to produce once they start having memories. Roper said these cults are highly sophisticated at hiding evidence. With infant sacrifices, for instance, he talks of reports of cannibalism with the flesh of the victim, then feeding the bones to dogs, or looking for a grave that perhaps had been dug the night before, and sneaking in and burying the baby a few feet below the level that's been dug. The next day it is cemented over and the coffin is put in place. No one ever knows. • Transgenerational Cults Transgenerational cults are those perpetuated through family generations. They are not exclusive to Satanism, but may be based on other forms of religious tra-

dition. Children brought up in such environments often view cult activities as the norm. Power, heritage, and programming keep the transgenerational cults flourishing. Some of these cults engage in prayer ritual, mind control, sexual orgies, child sexual abuse, torture, murder/sacrifice. And while cult activity is hard to quantify at this point, many of the therapists, researchers, and law enforcement officials interviewed for this book indicated that it is a lot more prevalent than almost anyone would imagine. Sgt. Jon Hinchliff, a twenty-three-year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Department, is one of the people who holds this belief. Hinchliff has been actively investigating Satanic and other ritual abuse crimes over the past five years. From the data he's gathered, Hinchliff said he believes transgenerational cults are strongly rooted and may have evolved from the "old country." That is, various forms of occult practices, including Satanism, were brought to America from European countries, Africa, and Australia. Sometimes working in concert with a cult survivor's therapist, Hinchliff will advise the person to do a complete family tree, tracing back as far as possible in search of historical clues. (This is more a psychological help than anything else because if some somewhat solid connections are made, it makes the reality of the abuse much more credible to victims programmed to think they were making it up.) Within the context of most transgenerational cult beliefs, blood lineage is extremely important. Because cult members believe that, as power is acquired through practicing the rituals, the most effective way to pass it on is literally through the family blood. Again, Satanists believe power is stored in the blood. For transgenerational cult groups, this, too, translates into power over authority, power in sexual conquest, power over relationships, power that blesses them with, again, good crops, other business successes, prestige-power they feel will last eternally. In past centuries, among cult groups and cult families there was a lot of intermarrying just for the purpose of carrying on the power, said Hinchliff. Today this goes on covertly. Some cult victims, said Hinchliff, are starting to find evidence later in life that their real father or mother may actually have been a cult-involved uncle, aunt, or grandparent. Hinchliff has worked with a large number of professionals-therapists, law enforcement officials, lawyers, and social service workers, around the cult issue. He is also the cofounder of MINNARA, Minnesota Awareness of Ritual Abuse, a group that has formed to link people dealing with this issue at any level throughout the state. Also, within transgenerational cults, Hinchliff has learned that certain children are earmarked for certain roles. For in stance, if a child seems to demonstrate some psychic ability (telepathy, telekinesis, or other paranormal abilities), she or he is groomed for channeling roles (as a conduit to the 'spirit' work for instance).

Some children are groomed to be high priests or priestesses, some to be recruiters. Some are designated to be entrusted with the more sensitive secrets, such as where and how to dispose of victims' remains. The children who learn about cleaning up the remains, for instance, learn they can't make errors. There's no room. The continued existence of the cult depends on it, said Hinchliff. For even minor mistakes, victims report severe punishment, such as isolation, bondage, or being placed in cages with snakes. Like Roper, Hinchliff believes it is this attention to detail, combined with highly sophisticated mind-control techniques, and the identity facade of who the cult members appear to be, that may account for these types of cults going undetected for so long. As an example of precautions taken as a cult ceremony is going on, some cult members are designated to monitor police scanner frequencies. Others, said Hinchliff, are stationed as perimeter security, establishing one, and sometimes even two perimeters. The sergeant said that, from the reports he's gathered so far, a lot of the ceremonies take place in remote rural settings. However, a significant number of ceremonies are also reported to be in urban and suburban areas. According to Hinchliff, disposal of physical evidence is very thorough. He has heard reports of cannibalism as well. Reports of grinding the victim's bones to mix with farm animal feed. Reports of dismembered victims being cremated in homemade, stone grills and other types of "cookers." Sometimes, said Hinchliff, a victim may be buried in an isolated spot on private property in a rural setting. Hinchliff also said reports indicate the transgenerational cults are also highly organized on other levels as well. There are reports of women designated as breeders for baby sacrifices (the births never being recorded). There are also reports, said Hinchliff, of a sophisticated network for kidnapping. That is, a child may be abducted from the Midwest and taken to a cult on the West Coast for sacrifice. While this causes a stir in the town the child is abducted from, it doesn't draw any attention to the town in which the cult is located. Or, if a child from the cult's general neighborhood is killed by the cult, after the evidence is disposed of, the child can merely be reported as kidnapped. Again, Hinchliff agrees with Roper's belief that another factor in keeping the cult activity hidden is the status of cult members in society. Hinchliff said victim reports show some of the members are doctors, lawyers, respected business people, PTA mothers, regular church attendees, clergypersons, law enforcement officials. "They seem to have all the bases covered," he said. Besides their mantle, or rather facade, of respectability, by being strategically placed, these people can make highly calculated countermoves before any disclosure makes cult activity public. Say a victim starts having memories, goes to a police department, and files a complaint. If there is a cult member on the force, that information is relayed back to the cult. Shortly afterward, the cult starts to mount a harassment campaign to

scare the person and trigger the old code-of-silence programming: harassing phone calls, letters, threats of harm to the victim or family members. (In Cleveland, an informal "safe" network of police has formed for people reporting cultrelated crimes.) The victim's therapist may begin to be threatened as well. Another cult response may be to rally family members to see that the victim is incarcerated in a psychiatric unit. Because of the extreme forms of abuse victims are exposed to in the cult, these campaigns are often successful in intimidating them. Victims tend to believe nothing can be done to stop the cult. One of Hinchliff's functions is to work with victims on security issues. He advises victims to record telephone calls and save threatening letters as evidence. Because he gets calls from across the country, he advises victims to go to as many law enforcement agencies (police departments, sheriff's departments, FBI) as possible in their area to give depositions with specific lists of names, and then, if possible, to see that this information is relayed to the people doing the harassment. According to Hinchliff, the cult's biggest fears revolve around being exposed, and sometimes this is enough to get them to back off. Also, because much of the intensity of the victim's fear is based in the past, Hinchliff noted that a good therapist who is able, over time, to empower the victim psychologically can help reduce some of the fear. Another reason this has not attracted more public attention, Hinchliff believes, is the prevailing climate of the judicial system. He notes that ritual abuse is where child sexual abuse was some fifteen years ago, that is, sporadic reports in the judicial system were viewed with much skepticism. Hinchliff also said that, in a number of child sexual abuse cases that have now been prosecuted, the child will also talk about Satanic cult abuse to lawyers and social service workers; but cult abuse sometimes will be left out of the court testimony because the lawyer feels that bringing up this issue may jeopardize the rest of the case. Again, usually there is no tangible evidence. Hinchliff said it is imperative at this point for more and more professionals from different disciplines to keep coming together to share information, and to mount united efforts in starting to deal with cult abuse. • Crime / Abuse - Variations The intensity and extent of ritual abuse vary among the various Satanic cults survivors have been exposed to. This is beginning to be validated consistently by law enforcement officials and therapists. Carolyn Grame, Ph.D., is a therapist and researcher at the Menninger Founda-tion Psychiatric Hospital in Topeka, Kansas. At the time of the interview for this book, she had four patients in her case load reporting Satanic ritual abuse. Based on these patients' memory retrieval, she was seeing graduated distinction in the types of cults they had been exposed to. One patient reported being exposed to what Dr. Grame refers to as a "high orthodox" transgenerational cult, a cult that carried on ceremonies in an elabo-

rate underground tunnel system. She said that the patient reported, often witnessing human sacrifice. This patient also reported a heavy emphasis on prostitution and the production of pornography, including "snuff films." Snuff films, said to show people literally being tortured and killed, are sold though covert networks as part of the pornography industry. Another of Dr. Grame's patients was drawn into a Satanic cult comprising a mix of teens and adults. This was a relatively new group, not transgenerational. Most of this patient's memories revolve around cult members self-mutilating, generating child pornographic material, and the sale of illegal drugs. This patient had memories of this cult carrying on animal sacrifices primarily, although one human killing was witnessed. Also, a focus of this particular cult was the desecration of figures and symbols relating to Catholicism. The person left this specific cult, then became involved first with the Ku Klux Klan, later with the Neo-Nazis, and eventually with yet another Satanic cult before finally getting into therapy. • Satanic Holidays Satanists and other occult groups are reported to share certain "holidays" when there is a marked increase in ceremonial activity. Of specific note are Jan. 17 and Feb. 2 (Satanic revels); Mar. 21 (Spring Equinox); Apr. 21 – 26 (preparation for sacrifice); Apr. 26 (Grand Climax); May 1 (Beltane worship); June 21 (Summer Solstice); July 1 (demon revels); Sept. 7 (Marriage to the Beast Satan); Oct. 13 (Halloween backward); Oct. 29 – Nov. 1 (All Hallow Eve, Halloween); and Dec. 22 (Winter Solstice). Satanists often perform matching ceremonies opposite Christian "holy times," such as particular saints' days, Easter, Christmas, and Halloween (the day before All Saints' Day). There is also reportedly increased cult activity around fullmoon nights and all Friday the thirteenths.

(addition to the book with comments by Hubert Luns) The festivities usually commence at midnight of the new day. For instance, May 1 can also be rendered as the night of April 30, which actually is "Walpurgis Night” (named after Saint Walpurga) in which Christians pray against the influence of the Satanic ritual of May 1. Of course, a human sacrifice is not always performed or often not at all, because there are many covens and New Age kind of gatherings that do not practice human sacrifice, although they always engage in some form of sexual freedom. But this does not mean that these atrocities are not prevalent. Be mindful that a human sacrifice can always be exchanged with an animal sacrifice or the other way round. The Satanic Calendar below gives a cursory overview as customs may vary. One of the reasons rituals are performed within strict conventions and ceremony and in a group gathering, is that it helps to alleviate feelings of guilt.

January 7 - St Willibald day (Willibald was the bishop of Eichstätt and his sister was Walpurga): Blood rituals, dismemberment. Animal sacrifice. 17 - Satanic revels: Sexual rituals. 21 – 26: Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of a person for human sacrifice. 26 - The Da Muer ritual: Grand Climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of woman or child. February 2 - Candlemass: Mass initiation of new members and animal sacrifice. March 1 - Eichstätt Day: Blood rituals involving the drinking of human blood for strength and homage / honours to demons. 21 - Vernal / Spring Equinox: A feast day involving orgies and animal sacrifice. April Easter Week-end: Black mass / Black sabbath. To mock the death of our beloved Jesus Christ, a man is sacrificed on Good Friday. On Easter Sunday, known to Satanists as Unholy Sunday, a person is sacrificed followed by three days of fasting and chanting. 19 – 25: Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of a person for human sacrifice. 26 - Da Muer ritual: Grand climax. Sex rituals and sacrifice of a woman or young girl. May 1 - Beltane (Celtic for 'fire of Bel'), also given other names like Calendi Maggio: A fertility rite festival. One of the most important nights on the Satanic calendar. Great assembling and worship. Blood rituals and human sacrifice. 24 - Ascension day: Rituals to mock the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven. June 17 - Corpus Christi: Feast to mock the body and blood of Jesus Christ. 21 - Summer Solstice / St John's Eve: orgies and animal sacrifice. July 1 - Demon revels: Blood rituals and sexual relations with demons. 20 – 27: Sacrifice preparation: Kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice. 27 - Grand Climax: Sexual rituals and female sacrifice.

August 1 - Lammas day: Animal sacrifice. 3 - Satanic revels: Sexual ritual. September 7 - Feast of the Beast or Marriage of the Beast: A sixteen year old girl becomes the bride of Satan in a marriage ceremony. It is a microcosm of the large ceremony taking place once every 28 years (a menstrual cycle number), which celebration takes one whole year starting at the winter solstice of the previous year. The last one was in 2010. 20 - Autumnal Equinox: Midnight host. Blood ritual. Dismemberment of corpses. Cannibalism is not uncommon. 23 - Feast day and orgies, with human sacrifice. October 22 – 29: Sacrifice preparation: Kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of a person for human sacrifice. 28 – 30: High Unholy Days, related to Halloween. Human sacrifices. 31 - All hallow's Eve (Halloween / Samhain): One of the two most important nights of the year. Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed. Blood and sexual rituals. Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice. November 1 – 3: High unholy days: Related to halloween. Human sacrifice. December 22 - Winter Solstice: Animal and human sacrifices are made. 24 - Demon revels: Human sacrifice. 25 - Yuletide: Celebration of the birth of the sun in honour of the Great Goddess. Although a whole spectrum of cults exist, the common denominator is an abhorrance of the Christian message: of personal sin, the need of redemption by the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the calling to heavenly glory and a state of grace, while turning away from the old ways of sin. Paganism and an interest in the occult and the creepy are on the rise, which can be observed by just reading the papers, watching movies and listening to pop music. So why would not the extreme forms of paganism be on the rise too? To me that seems evident, but of course such a claim cannot be easily substantiated. Yet, the fact that human sacrifice is ever more prevalent has been sufficiently demonstrated by Daniel Ryder's investigative work. I think that it is much more prevalent in our modern society than people would like to admit.

This is what Mary Divine Mercy has to say of it in her message of May 30, 2011, that deals with Satanic worship ( "When I (Jesus) speak about sin I have not revealed the vile sins which are committed which, even regular sinners would find hard to fathom. The sickening practices conducted by so called sophisticated western societies behind closed doors would shock you to the core. The evil atrocities where children are ritually murdered in deference to Satan are a reality in the world today. But they are just some of the intensely evil acts which are committed by Man influenced by Satan. Go this far, my children, and you will find it impossible to come back to Me. Other acts which break my heart include the physical abuse particularly of young innocent children. Let me spell out for you the kind of sins which would greatly distress many of you were I to describe them in detail. Satan followers through their cults are savage in their treatment of the human being for whom they have no respect. Sacrifices including human sacrifices, blasphemies, cursing and acts of desecration of Me, my Eternal Father and my Beloved Mother, are regular rituals. So little shame have these Satanic worshippers that they flaunt their disrespect in public through music, the movies, TV and the arts. Those guilty of such sacrileges will face eternal damnation where they will burn in Hell for eternity.” And now follows, incredibly, a lifeline that Jesus Christ, the ever patient and loving Jesus, throws to these wicked and miserable men: "This is one of the last warnings you will receive from Me, your Saviour Jesus Christ. It is also My final request of you to save yourselves while you can. I, Jesus Christ, don’t make idle threats. I will do everything to save you. But beyond a certain point there is nothing I can do to stop you seeking out the false solace you think you will be offered by The Evil One. Unlock the Satanic shackles by which you are bound and flee to Me now. I will save you but you must ask Me to forgive you while you are alive in this life. Remember it is your choice. Heaven or Hell. You chose while you are still alive on this earth. Because you won’t be able to do this when you pass over into the next life." Yet it is not only outright Satanism that is troublesome. As Mary Divine Mercy tells us in her message of February 22, 2013: "My dearly beloved daughter, you are living in the time when many of God’s children have become pagans. Even those born as Jews and Christians have now resorted to different kinds of idolatry, as foretold. (…) The surges of new age spiritualism and a passion for all things, which relate to the calming of the mind, amount to one thing. These people are in darkness because they refuse to acknowledge Me, Jesus Christ. By blocking out the Light of God, deliberately, they leave themselves open to the darkness of the spirit of evil. Satan and his demons prey on such souls and cause, within them, a terrible stark emptiness. No matter what new age spiritual remedies they seek, they will never find comfort, for this is not the natural habitat into which they were born."

• Influences and Attractions I had a conversation with a man who unknowingly may have ventured into the early stages of Satanism in Sacramento, California. He'd known a woman at work for a couple of years. The relationship evolved into a romance. After several what could be described as regular dates, she began to confide in him things that seemed, well, somewhat bizarre, yet also somehow intriguing to him. She told him, for instance, one night, that she was Jesus reincarnated, then held out her wrists. There were no apparent cuts, yet both wrists were bleeding. Another night, reportedly through a series of chantings, she somehow telepathically sent an orgasmic type of feeling into him that he reported lasting almost twenty-four hours. Then, as quickly as it had been sent, she supposedly shut it off while in his presence. As she was doing this, he said, she flashed what appeared to be a cold very cold-sinister look. This sinister aspect of her personality he'd never seen before. And while he was concerned, the orgasmic feeling he reportedly had experienced really hooked him, and he continued to see her. One day he found a book on witchcraft in her apartment, and took it to a friend, who, at one time, had been involved in the practice of white witchcraft. After looking at the book, and hearing some of the stories, his friend advised him he was possibly being lured gradually toward Satanism, and that he should be extremely careful. Shortly after that, he ended the relationship. "The whole thing got to really scare me after a while," he said. "And what was even odder was, I had known her for almost two years and in no way suspected she was into any of this." The man is now in Twelve Step recovery for his codependency issues, and is exploring the dynamics around why he was unconsciously drawn toward this type of person in the first place. On a societal plane, there are different levels of Satanism, and different ways people are drawn into it. As a cult researcher, Jack Roper said he looks at Satanism as the "hub" of much of the occult movement. And according to Roper, there are any number of outside spin-off groups that may desensitize and then draw people toward Satanism.

Among influences that may begin to pull some young people toward Satanism, Roper cites the game "Dungeons and Dragons," which introduces them to the concept of demons and occult imagery. He also said there are any number of other fantasy roleplaying games out now that include occult imagery and terminology. As a follow-up to the interview with Roper, I went to a store in the Los Angeles area that sells these types of games. Other names of games I came across were "The Restless Dead" and "Death on the Rock." The game covers displayed demons, dragons, snakes, and, well, so much horrifying imagery that I actually felt – I don't want to say overwhelmed, but definitely uncomfortable, just being in the store with all these images staring down from the shelves. Roper said many of the games, designed to be highly interesting, actually can become addictive for a significant number of people. At the same time, they also begin to desensitize people. At a three-day seminar in Indiana on ritual abuse crime, Roper said a police officer from Albany, New York, presented a case study of a nineteen-year-old who was brutally killed by a Satanist. The officer displayed some of the murder and torture weapons confiscated from the Satanist. They included various types of daggers, guns, and electroshock equipment. All these are things, Roper noted, that magazines that report on the horror film industry don't hesitate to display prominently each month. The pornography industry also desensitizes people to Satanic practices, said Roper. This includes, along a continuum, anything from hard-core "snuff" films (actual torture and murder), to child pornography, to sadomasochistic "porn," to even more soft-core porn that depicts threesome sex scenes. (Sexual orgies are reported to be a part of some Satanic cult ceremonies.) Another influence, especially on youth, according to Roper's research, is heavy metal music. Some bands sing about hate, death, and social destruction. Some bands prominently display images and symbols that are also sometimes used in connection with Satanic cults. These may include lightning bolts, demons, swords piercing hearts, skulls, and Nazi swastikas. And there's another, more hidden, psychological dynamic to heavy metal attraction as well. If a kid has grown up in a dysfunctional family, especially in a highly dysfunctional one, he or she learns to function in – and actually is drawn to – chaos. This chaos may be represented by music that features erratic, raucous sounds and hard-pounding beats. In adulthood, the same person may be attracted to a crisis-oriented job or stormy relationships. "Heavy metal speaks to the pain I've been through," Roper said a teen he was working with once told him. The youth was trying to get out of a Satanic cult he had been drawn into. Getting pulled into a Satanic cult is often a methodical, well-calculated, and very insidious process. That is, unless you've been raised in a transgenerational cult, and already are programmed. Roper described what he views as a typical process. The first stage, said Roper, may be an invitation to a party where alcohol

and "light" drugs are being used. Invitations come from people designated by the cult as recruiters. The next step often is to introduce sex into the equation. A prospect is then "fixed up" with another cult member in a sexual liaison. Maybe this happens several times. Then, stronger drugs are often brought in, purportedly to enhance the sexual experience. Then the recruiter will start to turn the prospect on to occult literature detailing spells and other types of incantations, so the prospect, in essence, can develop the power to win over any woman/man. At this time, the prospect also is introduced to other areas of occult study. In addition, by befriending the prospect, the recruiter will have been able to determine to what degree someone has experienced life trauma, such as being from a dysfunctional family, and they will proportionately "love bomb" the prospect, as some other cults do, said Roper. This essentially entails creating a caring facade, spending a lot of "quality time" with the candidate. Eventually the prospect may be allowed into the "inner circle," where he or she is exposed to Satanism and the ceremonies. And with this, there are generally initiation rites-rites of passage, so to speak. In the cults made up mostly of younger people, prospects have to "prove their worth" through actions like animal sacrifice. Sporadically in teen cults, humans are also killed. Another initiation rite, said Roper, is grave-robbing. And initiates are often specifically instructed to take the skull, because the skull is the container for the brain, which Satanists believe contains spirit powers. Besides, the skull is also a symbol of death, and death is the ultimate victory for Satanists because in death they expect to be with their lord, Satan, for all of eternity. Again, they look at hell as desirable. In 1989, in a somewhat rural town about forty miles west of Cleveland, Ohio, three young men – two aged eighteen and one aged twenty – were indicted for breaking into a cemetery. Excerpts from the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper at the time read: "Three Norwalk area residents charged with opening two graves, beheading the corpses and stealing the skulls, were part of a cult that had recently gotten instructions on how to sacrifice babies to Satan, Norwalk police said yesterday. 'We're taking this very seriously,' he [Police Chief Gary Dewalt] said. 'They admitted sacrificing small animals to Satan. They said they smashed their heads and drank the blood. One of them has mutilated himself with a knife. These aren't just kids fooling around.'" • Leaving the Cults Some survivors get out of the cult when they move out of the house, go away to college, get married, or change locales for whatever reason. However, according to Holly Hector, the survivors who go away to school, for instance, will often become reinvolved when they come home for the summer or other vacations. And some will move back to the same town after completing college. It's important to note, said therapist Holly Hector, that it is most often some of the alter personalities in survivors with multiple personality disorder (MPD) that

get reinvolved with the cult, or a cult in another city, without the "birth person's" conscious knowledge. Survivor reports indicate victims are often programmed to come back later in life to the original cult, or to get involved with another. Sometimes the original cult may no longer be in existence, because of company transfers or cult members dying out. However, because of incomplete survivor memories, not enough data about cult evolution, including disbanding, there is little we can do other than hypothesize at this point. In recent years there have been a number of avenues created to help people break away from Satanic cults, including survivors' groups and other networks. Some referrals may include "safe houses" that have been established, as well as "safe" law enforcement officials to contact. Also, there are now some Twelve Step ritual abuse groups where victims can go for support as well, although the openness of Twelve Step meetings can make them vulnerable to infiltration by cult members.